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Apple TV hackers called to create open source set-top

Marcel Aissac

It works! firmware is updated weekly sometimes

Great story. My hat's off to El REG for publishing it.

I have owned the OSD for about a year and it went from barely usable alpha to a nice working unit, almost "ready to be released", with the latest firmware.

To me, the OSD is a great video recorder, I can plug one of those 8GB microdrives or my 4GB SD card, whatever I have handy. And if I don't have anything handy, I tell it to record to my shared SimpleShare networked hard disk.

A piece of cake!!.

It works as a digital video recorder, digital video player, mp3 player, What else do you want? "oh it looks ugly" (because it's black? spray paint it white you Apple zealot snobs!). I'm sick and tired of the Mac Zealotry attitude. OSD runs circles around anything Mac. Why? Because it runs Linux. Anybody with a Linux PC can create add-ons or tinker with it, extending its functionality, whereas on AppletTV you have to wait for the Church of Cupertino to vacuum your bank account every year first, before getting the "next OS".

Get a grip.



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