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Ofcom checks up on mobile coverage


UMA (Orange only)

if you got no signal but have access to at least 128kb internet or higher (think it only needs about 32kb or 3KB/s bandwidth when in phone call, but make sure your not uploading or downloading at Full speed on an computer at the time when in call or it get choppy voice)

if you got BT broadband it works 99% of the time (if the below is done), it may work with your band of router at all wifi will connect but UMA will not switch on (not with my edimax cable router but i can See the 3g tower from my window so coverage is not an issue for me at my house)

switch the wifi off and on the phone if it does not connect to UMA (my BB 8520 was quite reliable at UMA, not so much 9870 ok once you get the UMA connection working aka switching the wifi off/on from the phone menu),

set wifi to channel say 1, 6 or 11 and Set wifi mode to b\g Only, that is best compatibility mode(other option to set to WPA2 only if all your devices support it but make sure you copy the key down and paste it back in, if you do change the WPA2 password change the SSID as well so it forces you to reconnect all your devices or you have issues with other devices)

wifi b\g\n mode on the BT home hubs are bit flaky (and some other routers as well) and does not work very well with blackberry phones or laptops or iphones (or most wifi products even BT disable it when they connect to it) as it can drop the connection or have packet loss every 10-30 secs

as i had one customer who was on three and they let him cancel his contract for free even thought he was inside the 24 month part (only did 7 months) got an orange blackberry same one i had with me that i tested on his hub he can now walk into the house and it just switches form GPRS to UMA on the fly when he gets close to his house,when he comes out it switches back to GPRS, (this is also in an phone call as well but does not always work)

The phone Has to Be Orange Branded blackberry (any with wifi) or android (that supports it) to have the UMA, if its an unlocked blackberry phone that was not on orange UMA will be disabled on the phone

the UMA is not perfect, if the voice keeps on repeating or you get call failed after 5 seconds your router is not allowing packets throw correctly (like the edimax 6574n) or the ISP your using is lame (Sky routers)

London rioters should 'loose all benefits'



there baby making 18 year old's(that are now maybe 30 ish) could lose all benefits like child benefits as well

the problem is that the system is setup in an way that you get Child benefits so the poorer end of the people make baby's so they get the benefits, the government need to fix this issue but not sure how

AT&T: 'Eat too much data and we'll strangle you'



at least its better then T-mobile as they cap you to GPRS speeds (3KB/s or 32kb/s) once you hit your 1GB an month limit (i am guessing USA T-mobile do the same thing)

Virgin Media sees 36,000 cable customers scarper in Q2


it is there but it depends on your area usage

it depends where you are and how much it has been *abused* if VM call it that, on the area where you are

50MB where i am Newsgroups deferentially get traffic shaped from 5pm to midnight some times(to around 5-10mb ish), using VPN does bypass it completely (the free VPN that giganews provide works)

again it depends on the total amount used by your main node(CMS? forgot what its called now) for your area where main bandwidth comes in

i agree i would never leave VM because i can only get 1mb ADSL service here, even with FTTC that will provide 30-40mb speeds {i seen the first house with it he was Right next to the FTTC cab so he got the full 40mb speeds very nice} to bad that not been rolled out here even thought we have 33-40k of buildings here at least 12-15k of them need FTTC as they only get 0.2 - 2mb speeds on ADSL, i have not really had any issue with VM service (apart from packet loss issues that now seem to have been resolved)

users who say i am happy with my 15-20mb ADSL connection your lucky to be within the first mile of the exchange not every one is lucky to got an house that sits right next to the exchange

Verizon Wireless ends unlimited data plans


and i thought the UK was bad for Mobile data

$15 for 200mb LOL

norm £5 for 500MB or 1GB depending on mobile provider (what's lame amount any way) and

what's interesting is Three UK mobile has just made an Unlimited data package now (or should i say the One plane now is unlimited) that's £35 an month with 2000 mins any mobile network/landline, 5000 txt, 5000 mins between Three UK mobile phones {it does not use the 2000 mins it has its own 5000 mins} and that's with just about any phone on 24 month contract that they offer,

only down side with Three UK is its like T-mobile in the USA hardly works where you want it to as its an new network compared to T-mobile/orange (everything anywhere merging towers so technically the most coverage in the uk now) and Vodafone and o2 that's been around for long time so 2g coverage is mostly every where for all 4 networks in the UK (3g mostly around now but still patchy in some spots)


when contract has ran out

upgrade when contract has ran out or you pay up stupid amount of money to end the contract sooner to get an upgrade on an phone



i would not pay more then £5 for an data plan on an mobile phone 200MB is really pushing it for $15 (that's like £7-£9 here) for that i would expect 2GB or more for that

mobile broadband dongles £20 max but only if the limit was high like 10GB or more (uk still lame as only Three UK mobile offer 15GB plans for £17 an month all other networks rip off for 2GB normally)

$150 you got to be kidding no one in there right mind would pay that

4G auctions - illegal and immoral?


three is 3g only no currant 2g network to back it up

yes but three network only supports 3g or hsdpa, three has no 2g network (apart from 2g roaming onto orange when there is no coverage at all) what stupid it seems three is dismantling some of there network as well (2 farm owners i know had three uk towers and they pull them down resulting in an big hole where three no longer works correctly any more even if there is orange coverage the phone will prefer home network over roaming network soon as it gets an wiff of the home network even if the single is less then 10% that 3g or hsdpa are poor under)

all that three uk have got going for them is that there data plans are very good when you have got coverage that it (again citys mainly), i know 5 users and 1 company soon as there contract is up they be leaving as they never work where they need it to


i agree

2g i find works well for me as well

just wish orange and t-mobile would upgrade there 2g GPRS network to EDGE (sure its just an software upgrade) as there basic 2g network is rock solid and does not flatten my battery so fast (more so HSDPA does 3g/umts basic seems ok as my htc hd1 works well when i turned off hsdpa option)

Student suspended for posting random satire on YouTube


against the law to induce an epileptic fit

warning to you as it's against the law to induce an epileptic fit and can result in an fine or jail time (same warning will goto the youtube poster as well to put an box on the video when it plays to show an warning or i get google to remove it)

you have 1 day to add an warning that the Youtube video has flashing in it, before i send it to the related authorities

California set to impose 'Amazon Tax'



its all VAT/tax if you call it we had VAT go up 5% now (was 17.5 went down to 15% no retailers lowered prices due to the cost it cost them to adjust all there systems they did up the prices when it went back to 17.5 and they did again when it went to 20% and now Fuel prices more like 30% now)

i just be happy it was 5% my self, the Flaw in the way the USA do it is that they are reliant on the customer to report what they have pay'ed for and pay the TAX on it that most do not

do understand cross state is an issue in the USA but TBO it should only pertain to that state where the item was payed for any way, they get the money so if home state A costs more then B state, state A needs to be more competitive so more buy stuff from there own state

Ofcom awards fastest 3G mobe-data crown to O2


mite get HSDPA does not mean i get much speed

on avg my orange HSDPA+ device (3.75g) never really goes any faster then 2mb (256KB/s) it should be like to do up to 7mb but thats unlikely (expected 3-5 really)

the problem with mobile broadband or smartphones devices (both should get around same speeds) is that 1 tower can only provide so much bandwidth Total for every one (Voice gets higher priority over data so if the tower that is in use has a lot of users talking on it data can be quite poor)

even with LTE 4g coming with crappy 1-2GB an month plans just means you hit that limit far faster (Three UK offer best data plans but network coverage sucks and t-mobile data amount sucks but you can still use it after you burned the 1gb up but at 2g speeds)

Google Web Store quietly purged of nosy apps


i want the old store back

the old chrome store was better as it did tell you what the app requested before it installs the app store that it uses right now press install no question asked it does it (i think it should always ask as it opens it up for exploitation{think that's the correct word} for auto installs)

(side note some systems i have installed chrome on is giving me the old store {that i think is easier to use any way} that does ask when installing add-ons )

Timing attack threatens private keys on SSL servers



thats funny posted first time then Anonymous (you not want to post your name)

still he still does have an point ()

Opera embraces Google's open source JPEG killer



never seen opera hang in an Very long time, i have 80+ tabs open in my browser and the speed it opens on first start up is very fast considering i have so many tabs open when it fires up (SSD mite help in this case but i have it on 4 other systems 2 of them are laptops with 20 tabs open and it fires up quite fast)

Make sure ,Load plug-ins on demand, is ticked as that has an Massive ram and performance boost to opera (pref>content) as that stops flash from loading unless you click on them (puts an play button on them, Wish there was an option to exclude certain web sites from the block like youtube as thats the only site i can think off that would need auto alow plugins)

Disable superfetch on vista systems

make sure java and Flash is up to date

AdBlock Plus man disputes Mozilla add-on tests



with opera i have never had issues with disk hammering i must have like 80 tabs open in opera and it works fine

ram use is high but 800MB for 80+ tabs is very good and my HDD does not go nuts doing it (make sure the have the load plugins on demand tick under Pref > Content as that will disable Flash unless you click on them, chrome its flashblock, firefox unknown as i do not use it) you try do that on firefox 3.6 it thinks for an bit or Chrome is even worse the more tabs you have as Each Tab on chrome is an extra disk i/o (each tab can add 4-10 i/o per tab)

only thing i have firefox setup for is TOR (that I rarely use)

Windows Home Server 2011 signed off


no DE

it is an Pointless WHS 2011 with no DE (funny as i was at an Microsoft event and he was talking about DE in WHS 2011 and foundation version had DE, but the news was very new at the time so i did not bring the very bad info he was giving out same goes for saying vista or 7 has no backup on home versions that is also incorrect)

i could do with setting up an WHS 2003

Microsoft: IE9 not yet 'broadly' available



Safari only ended up on windows pcs due to the auto updater that should of only been installing updates for itunes and quicktime, but it also ticked Safari as well and then made it default and is most likely the most insecure browser out of any currently been made

IE9 currently is not been offered on windows update (last time i checked any way)

i could only recommend Opera or google chrome (not sure about firefox yet see if they have fixed the performance issues with it on lower end systems)

Speed-cam stats to be published, indicates gov



ANPR is for the number plates not speeding, if you get cough with one of them its due to no Tax, Insurance or MOT on the car (that would be your own fault then speeding or not)

they are used Often With Avg speed cams but they are norm not hidden and are only used on motaways


it not be 140mph hit not how physics works

myth-busters revisited Head on crash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GuqiAHGGT4


with oncoming traffic at a closing speed of 140+mph

second half of that test (mod edit my other post to include this as well, as part 2 only viewable in USA below link works everywhere)



lern how to drive correctly

my understanding is that speed cams are not affective at all, its like speed cam is there every one slows down for it then goes back to the norm speed for the road (be it 40 in an 30 if the road permits it and 20-10 around schools i do agree with even to the point 10mph that i norm do well norm only can do as most have full road speed bumps not the square ones)

learn how to drive correctly meaning,

dual or 3 lane motorways do not hang in the out side lane the second and 3rd line is overtaking if some one is behind you move into the first lane or second lane, if overtaking do not hold back and make problems behind you

the best one i find that's annoying is drivers who think that due to them needing to turn right 2-5 miles up the road they need to stay in the second lane on an dual carriage way (and not doing the road speed) and some times the driver in the first lane does not help by matching the speed of the driver of the second lane in doing so making an rolling block (i have had to indicate and move my car over to force the car in the first lane driver to move so i could get ahead of the lane hogger in the second lane something i should not have to do)

I know some drivers that drive slower the Trucks that are limited to 64mph that's just asking for problems or driving past next to trucks not overtaking in good time or just driving next to them in an blind spot just asking to be side swiped

there are also drivers that just cant complete movements correctly

switching lanes with out signalling, pulling out onto an main road when plenty of time is there, i think i can make an quite an long list about but OAP should be looked at far more often as small number of them are quite unsafe to drive (they are not all bad)

to an agree about police more around that ant going to happen due to officers fired or been planned to officers (do not think they should be on motorways thought as they just make 2-4 mile long tailbacks at low speeds on them due to every one slowing down even slower then 60 in some cases)

Standard smartphone charger to dominate in two years



i think nokia are the only company that are not using Mini USB for charging that is

annoyed me when i plugged my USB charger into the USB Mini port, come back 1 hr later to find out it did bugger all you can not charge an nokia phone with USB mini, it has that Very poor 2mm round charge connector that bends and brakes Very easy, dono why they did not stick with the 5-6mm connector they have been using for an Very long time or fully switch to USB power why waste second port, for power do what Sony X10 has done (Not HTC with there Poky powerpack it points directly out not downwards like an norm charger do) as both have the option for power and pc

BT fibre-up-your-exchange poll in 6-way Mugabe style pileup


be nice if warrington be upgraded :)

wish i pushed this bit more where i am the Warrington exchange has 34,000 home and bis, but it only had 342 votes before it ended today what's very disappointing as seems no one understood what the bt infinity advert was about (thing is around me BT is doing fibre upgrades to smaller exchanges)

as i am an cable user i did not care about BT (not an option around here as you get 2mb at best) but i do fix computers at houses, only really twigged that i should of pressed the matter a lot more (computer shops and supermarkets and so on) so i guess its going to take 5-10 years before BT bother to upgrade to fibre (then again i predicted Linux would of been light years ahead 5 years ago but they they have done is made it pretty and bit easer to install but still easy broken with updates, so could be 2025 before bt has upgraded every exchange)

China announces Skype ban to protect telco revenues



stupid users who even rated you down with out even commenting

again just use VPN link or tunnel to your China to your UK office server to bypass the filtering of Skype or any thing else, if your doing programming you should know how to bypass this

you only need 1 pc at the location to keep China gov happy to run the monitoring software on that system (you most likely need to isolate that system guessing China gov is paranoid and most likely scans for other pcs on the network so wifi pc in isolation mode seems the simplest way)

Anti-virus skulduggery - upgrade licence clock shock slammed



you must be thinking of norton 2008 or older products or norton 360 2.0 or older that was very bad on the system speed (they rebuilt the code form ground up in 2009 and 360 3.0 is basically 2009 and 4.0 is 2010 code)

i use Norton NAV on all of my customer pcs its install time is less then 20-30 secs and it does not annoy the user unless the system needs an reboot mem use is low and it works in Low end systems with little ram, also more so i can renew it my self after the year ends as i service there pc at the same time, so it benefits me as well if i used AVG or MSE i mite not see them for years (unless they got an virus that MSE or AVG or even norton in some cases mite of missed)

probably get down-rated but used AVG for years every version that comes out uses more ram then the last (currently around 200-250mb take note that when AVG is installed 100mb jump on the system process under task manager that is norm less then 2mb) i use what works and does not bug users and little impact to system speed (avg can peg the cpu out when files are been accessed norton norm uses little cpu) the Worst one is kaspersky that really requires your to have an dual or tri core or higher as it tends to max an cpu core out when files are been accessed, very bad on single core systems

Herts cops 'ate the evidence' at scene of crime, court told

Gates Horns

then they goto the pizza place directly

then they goto the pizza place directly to get the pizza order (most likely domino pizzas) as it will have the order on there systems for a long time (they still have my name and last order on there system for quite some time, when i reorder just tell them get the last one)

Opera Mobile for Android: it's no Fatfox



i use Opera all the time on my phone (HTC desire) apart from One bug that could do with fixing (you press next page it loads the same page back up takes 2-3 goes) it works very well for the size of the install and it has turbo as well so makes 2g like 3g when loading pages

you can go back up to 3-5 pages (think its depends on the amount of ram in the phone) on googles own browser on the phone every page you go back or forward to has to be reloaded

opera mini also has opera link as well (sync bookmarks and other stuff)

Windows Phone 7: handsets, operators compared



if they have messed up the calendar i stick with my HTC HD1 (mite get the HD2 as the HD1 is an bit under powered) as it works Very well (when HTC touch flow is off Both phones) as i use that one for Purely business use (phone and calendar)

also interested if it still has Microsoft exchange as well (so i can use m.google.com sync)

I have an HTC desire as my backup phone so that's my fun phone but i hate the calendar on it the day does not update as you move the wheel when adding one (Blackberry's do but google sync bit iffy with it), (business emails and google email, internet {Opera}, video , games and so on) so i do not really need an win7 phone unless it does better

Virgin Media introduces P2P throttling



depends if your in an congested area



quite sure BT hidden Monthly cap is around 100GB (if you do it over 2-3 months) very sure on BT option 3 as my friend was getting billed for going over 100GB an month on an 2-3mb connection lol

do consider you can do around 50-100GB an Day on virgin and not get shafted as much (not that i am asking you lot to do that thought as i like my 50MB fast as it is) yes you do have day limits but not that bad all they are doing is lowering the speeds for users that send to much (50MB) and slowing speeds down for 10mb and 20mb depending on download amount

bout time they uped the upload speed for 10mb users (256KB upload before cut back) as when that was nocked back 75% it was like 96kb {8-9KB/s} to slow for torrent's to work correctly and other services at the same time (like using the internet) as they need 128kb (or 10-15KB/s} to work (not an issue if your on 20mb as upload cut back was to around 200kb {20-25KB/s} so most users do not notice it)

if you are an VM user do note

they have Set the limits so they are download cap trigger takes aprox 15-20 mins to happen if your downloading at Full speed (not 50mb),

if your Uploading data at Full speed for aprox 30mins (it may be 1hr or longer now as they put the upload cap not far off the download cap limits guess they did this for legit P2P TV apps) that will also set the second trigger off unless the first one has all ready happened, if upload or download cap has been hit it affects Both upload and download speed for 5hrs from when it happened and can only ever be triggered once as it lasts for 5hrs (it can be twice if you did the morning trigger as well but that takes 2x longer to hit them caps aprox 30mins down @ Full rate)

(50mb not sure what happens to download speed, they better make sure it only affects the upload speed)

still there is no monthly cap on virgin services just daily limits that lower the speed (still think 75% is a lot thought on 10mb it is any way still you can still keep on downloading about 50gb an day even with that limit in place)


bt be funny if they do an 100gb cap on an 24-100mb service (when they say its unlimited again when its not)

BT Inifinity will be usable for Most of the UK as its FTTC (cab) not FTTD (Door or House) once its rolled out in your area's (1-5 years) if your Exchange is enabled for 21CN more likely to get it sooner then later (as the cables and fibre has been upgraded at that Exchange to support FTTC later on, as 21cn makes bugger all dif for ADSL1 or 2 users, FTTC is what its used for)

fibre to the cabs (or DP) in this case that's norm Only between 100yards (40-100mb users VDSL) or less then 500 yards away (up to 24mb ADSL2 tech avg most likely 15-20mb) from you all them poles goto an Point that norm Close to the streets they all merge up to that then goto the main Exchange the Fiber box going to be fitted next to the DP box where your ADSL or VDSL will be servied form if you take BT inifinity


VM limits

also users who are complaining on here VM has had Traffic Management for the last 4-5 years (about 6 months after VM taken over )

so stop bitching they have now Given you 1mb upload for 10mb and 20mb services (was 256kb and 756kb upload before and an massive 5mb upload on the 50mb DW thats Faster then Most ADSL connections Download speed that i ever see when i service PCs) that will benefit more then 10mb users as the connection was buggered due to the limited upload speed you got when Traffic Management came into play on the upload speed

and on top of that they have 2x the upload cap on the day limit before it was quite low and would only take 20-30 mins to take affect (setting off the upload trigger sets the download limit as well or vis versa)

id say 98% is not legit traffic for the heavy downloaders :) 90% seem not very realistic to me


download amount

download amount is the answer and its Globe download from everything Not just from newsgroups



50mb service is going from 1.5mb upload to 5mb with an 65% cut back if you upload 6GB (between 3pm-8pm) that still is 1.75mb upload (if you really need to upload 6GB of data)

still want to know if there is an download limiter in play but i guessing VM would not do that on the XXL service (the link does have N/A on it so i assume its upload lowering only)

and also this title is Very miss leading from the register as well as its NOT P2P throttling if it was there be No daly cap it be like Tiscali and there lame 4KB/s bit torrent speeds at peak times (something like 1pm to midnight lol)

the title should say VM is updating the Traffic Management for Faster Upload Traffic Management as they have affect now given 2x more data before the traffic man kicks in


post of the day

they do not they are just going of the amount of traffic that is going tho (Uploading and Downloading happens when you use browsers, p2p, chat programs, games what ever just because its Not an file does not mean its not an download or upload)



why as your upload is going from 1.5mb (that i am on now) to 5mb even with 65% cut back after you have done 6GB of upload would only be droping to 1.75mb for that short time that in no way would affect download speed unless you was trying to send more 1mb/s (100KB/s) of data when trying to download at full speed (need about 60KB/s upload for overhead when downloading at 50mb {5MB/s})

personally less users who use 50MB better for me as my service will be better (lower ping more stable connection, but i am in an none congested area so none issue for me any way)

set utorrent set to 50KB when downloading {10-20MB users set it to 11KB when downloading} (download should not be affected that still run at 50mb {that info Needs checking thought as it does not state if the download is also affected })

Microsoft adopts invisible mobile pitch



nice how reg say "We’re sorry you didn’t like this post." when you vote down some stupid posts (that i guess is going to happen to me :) )

just hope they get the Bat life sorted out with this phone (like make it last maybe 2 days Not 4-7 hrs{iphone} ) also hope the Bluetooth works correctly as blackberry's BT sucks an little (fails to reconnect it if have wandered out of range and back in only 30% successful and even then it mite not work correctly then)

my main phone has always been an widnows phone as i used it for business use (C500, M600, HTC HD1 touch {with the Buggy touch Flow off} was currant phone BB 8520 testing), the google phone is not an option for business use as appointments takes to long to enter and does not show the calender same as an windows phone when adding an new appointment using an Wheel to Find the day is Pure annoying as it does not update the Day as you are moving the date around (at least the blackberry does this)

i got an BB 8520 as an Test at the moment (only £100 so not braking the bank) use wise i find it ok (apart form the Bluetooth been bit flaky but ok as long as i sat with with phone) i am used to the windows phone moving to the date i have Moved an appointment to, on the BB i have to move to the date or day after i have moved an appointment around, also the buttons are bit hard to press (but the 9700 i have tested buttons are softer and the 5 main buttons are also softer to press as well) got to admit the hold up on low signal on the BB 8520 is quite good as well hardly have to use the UMA function as that's the main reasion i have got the phone but as orange and tmobile are merging soon that may not be needed (But very useful if i go out side of the UK)

i like the blackberry but they need an proper touch screen phone (storm seemed like an fail to me) even if the currant phones was touch screen it be nice use, as you can use the bb track pad for small movements as that's what i find its useful for as it does not have faster movement the faster you move (like in windows for your mouse faster you move it faster the mouse goes across the screen the BB track pad Needs it)

i can wait it out thought as longer i do not renew my contract the more stuff i get when renew me phone and contract, at the moment i am Bent between an BB 9700 (or its refresh if there is one coming, copy and paste is faffy on the blackberry) and the windows 7 Phone (lack of Copy and paste is what's really putting me off), my backup phone is an HTC Desire that on t-mobile for the next 1.5 yrs (orange phone diverts to my t-mobile phone if no response (network cant connect to phone) or busy {hang up} or ring out )


re: battery life?

i also hope the bat life is good

ZeuS attacks mobiles in bank SMS bypass scam


RSA keyfobs

really just use RSA keyfobs that make the numbers that are valid for 30 secs or Both 3 levels of security for the stupid that like to run keylogers on there pcs

Orange and T-Mobile splice customers



ok so orange will still be poor in the small town near me then, so be the way 3uk works then it be hoping between t-mobile and orange when there is an Poor signal still around for the home network

99.9% of users do not know you can manually select towers you connect to and roaming is not perfect as it always prefers Home network over the roaming one even if the signal below 15% (but the roaming is 80% for good e.g. again that's more of an phone fault then network)


roaming or full network

still wanting to know as Orange will not tell me if the towers are an Full merger or an roaming merger

say there is some orange coverage it will Not slide over to T-mobile towers that have Strong signal until the orange towers are not in range at all like Crapy 3 network does it it will do the R on the phone when there is No 3uk coverage at all but if there is still some it will go back even when there is less then 10% signal (more an Phone maker Fault)

how i understand it its going to be an Full merger no roaming so if the t-mobile tower (i can See the t-mobile tower when i am in town) has an better signal it should treat it as it was an orange tower and prefer it due to signal level (as orange have no signal indoors in this town been told for years no new towers) but T-mobile i get -60 -70dBa levels (basic max) so they work very well

do not like the Idea that they are going to be taking towers off-line i hope that is when t-mobile and orange tower are on the same site only

Toshiba warns of fiery laptops


the problem

the problem is not that the Power pack over heating its the charge circuit that getting hot its is due to the Power Pack pushing out an incorrect power (wave form or something not voltage or Amps) that making the charge circuit get hot and its the Laptop socket area that is melting (most likely under the laptop)

the Power packs are what's getting replaced not the laptop unless it deformed the laptop



not the PSU thats overheating its the charge circuit that is due to an fault in the PSU



not the PSU that's overheating its the charge circuit that is due to an fault in the PSU

Vodafone to introduce out-of-bundle data charges



fix it please for Opera , Replay buttons do not show pictures and when i re-click on this post box it deletes all the info Very annoying

Orange have the same 500mb data limit as well but they do enforce it, i thought vodafone did as well

Tmobile on contract is very good as all they do if you abuse the 1-2gb download cap on mobile contracts the may send you an sms or call you (never happened to me) if you abuse it to much the just drop you to GPRS speeds (2g) even if you connected to 3g you get download speeds of 2g, if your on moble broadband crontracts once you go past the download cap they drop the speeds down to 2g speeds when you Blow right over it and if you keep on doing it they punish with an 2g speed limit for 1 month (unless they have changed that)

the Three network is interesting in that you get Skype and MSN free right from the start and they use Orange as an backup network when there network is not in range whats quite cool (even skype still works) i have an basic 3 Z102 skype on it works for 2-3 days, msn running kills the phone in less then 1 day

Microsoft warns over rogue Security Essentials



they get sued for been anti competitive (they just get away with having IE)

Microsoft finally debuts Euro-choose-a-browser screen


not updating IE

even if you do not use IE8 as your default you should keep it updated

(opera is my preferred browser due to permanent session muti tab support, chrome for 1080p youtube, bbc i player or any thing flashed based, firefox sucks with flash ram hog, opera with 40-50tabs open uses 500mb of ram after 5hrs norm does not go any higher but thats with 40-50 tabs open with firefox i hate to know what that number be but most likely lose all the open tabs due to an pop up )



opera is my preferred browser due to permanent session muti tab support with UAC basically cant be compromised unless you download the exe or run opera with admin rights

is my default browser but only for 1080p youtube, bbc iPlayer or any thing flashed based, or something quick i want to look at but do not want to keep open (like msn/steam clicked link) if i do i copy it and open an new tab in opera

firefox sucks with flash ram hog, (ie not that far behind), Opera with Flash is jumpy some times even unstable as well with youtube (as why i use Chrome as i can watch 1080p no problem where as the other ones bit jumpy or crashy more adobe fault but, flash seems to work Very well in chome seems to be mutithreded for flash it self as chome uses more then 1 core when playing high Q flash streams)

opera with 40-50tabs open uses 500mb of ram after 5hrs norm does not go any higher but thats with 40-50 tabs open with firefox i hate to know what that number be but most likely lose all the open tabs due to an pop up

Regulator sniffs around stonking iPhone game bills



i thought most providers in the UK block 09 until you ring them up to allow Prem rate numbers (T-mobile little bad as you remove the 0 for the 09 so that can be exploited), no ads should Ever be allowed by apple to dial an prem rate number bubble app should be banned until they fix that and any app that uses that ad service that bubble app is using

Plextor plunges into SSD pool



i never remember what OCZ Vertex SSD use so i call them vertex based my self, even tho that is incorrect in it self (they all use the same Indilinx Barefoot controller {if it has 64mb norm Indilinx} that is the same as the vertex based SSDs flash on the barefoot may be different tho)

he should correct that thought


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