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BT wins ad watchdog ruling against BSkyB's 'instant movie' claim


Re: While we're at it ...

Skygo will only work on like 13 Android phones (most of them old HTC phones), it work on any iphone as long its Not jailbroken phone (updated versions seem to detect it, there is an version that does work on an jailbroken phone not sure what version)

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bskyb.skygo (press more)


((((What are the handset requirements?

Sky Go is supported on the following Android smartphones running on 2.2, 2.3 & 4.0 operating systems: HTC Desire, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire HD, HTC Incredible, HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XE, Google Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note.

Please note that if existing Sky Go users with OS versions 2.2, 2.3 or 4.0 choose to upgrade to v4.1 (Jelly Bean) they will not be able to stream content through the Sky Go app until the operating system can be fully supported.))))

Disable Java NOW, users told, as 0-day exploit hits web


Re: WTF? Java stopped being malware?

i use nothing java (maybe pingtest.net but that's only for the packet loss part, do not really need pingtest.net to tell me my Virgin-media connection is dropping packets), i just unintsalled it my self

for Chrome users if you have Click to play ticked Plugins will not load unless you click on them to start them (Java, flash PDF files or Anything that is not native to chrome)

T-Mobile puts 'Full Monty' tariff on diet


Re: Surprise surprise

does not mean it not work (VPN bypasse 3 DPI tethering detector) if its an 3 Branded phone the phone is setup with 2 APNs bit harder to bypass as the Wifi and BT use the second APN (or the Phone reports to 3 thats its tethering and you get an instant your not allowed to tether page)


Re: Tethering is a feature of the package?

---Wiat until deep packet inspection and other techniques catch you out and you get a whacking great bill at the end of the month. Don't believe it could happen? Ask the US customers of AT&T or Verizon.

Charging people twice for the same thing? Om nom nom.-------------

unless its an iPhone or an Branded phone (3 do it) they cant really block tethering, T-mobile stating they are not allowing tethering does not matter as you can still tether any way (i got an PAYG iphone 12 month Sim in my laptop built in modem was not expecting it to work, same goes for dongles OK yes its Only 500MB an month but if you use that up you can still use it as it has Unlimited web use (256kb/s or 20KB/s) bit slow but i only use the laptop to do web looking)

Meet the company that wants to destroy Twitter. It's Twitter


be nice if they could let messages be longer then 150 words,(do not care to much for the very small 0.5% of users who seem to like text based twitter) or maybe just add basic feture auto start an second tweet like mobiles phones have been for last 10 years (unless your an CDMA mobile user then your still stuck in the past)

O2 dropped the ball in Olympic cycle race Twitter fiasco


Re: Sure, at box hill

funny that they used one of the most used network in the UK (orange,T,3 count as well)

when this news posted, the GPS devices use O2 it was like err, well what you expect to happen Olympics + O2 = congestion, why do you think they are offering free wifi

almost every one i know has o2 (or giffgaff) i know a lot that have orange and t-mobile, Vodafone is very rare, i see more 3uk phones then Vodafone

they should of used Vodafone as they norm have plenty of capacity due to the lower user count and mostly due to pricing that target business users (why most GPS trackers use Vodafone) as Vodafone norm works everywhere (even thought it most likely only be 2G a lot of the time, that GPS trackers use only any way)

Virgin Media staves off cable punter seepage


Re: if it wasn't for the hassle of...changing our emails

i completely agree on the issue with the lame packet loss or high ping, cant play BF3 as ping Jitter at times so take 2 steps forward get bounced back 1 step or i cant move at all as i end back where i was

this is my street on all DOCSIS 3 (super hubs) all info is live with




http://bqm4.greenfrog.biz/ (20mb Blue cable modem DOCSIS 2 norm is ok 99% over 30 days so results for most of the time are below 30-70 ping with no packet loss, apart from when i posted this as last month never seen it hit 140ping before)


funny thing is we are not talking about virgin media email here you do know its google mail that Virgin use (there is some VM stuff in there but thats just the login bit)

same for Sky as well accept Sky made an balls work of it when moving over to google sky mail and thought it be an good idea to change the Name of the pop3 and SMTP server to something like tools.mail.sky.com from mail.sky.com (and they Black-holed the old mail server so users who have had sky for long time was getting no server error {that must of made call waiting times on the call center go up as Most users ignored the email that was telling them to update mail settigns} when all they had to do was just Point the mail MX? to google like Virginmedia did)

BSkyB punches Virgin Media in ads watchdog fist fight


Re: Not surprising

I have to agree the buffering advert Needs Pulling as its an Lie when you Live in an Oversubscribed area and you end up with a lot of packet loss and High pings between 2pm and midnight

WinPho to eke out 4% of US smartphone biz


Re: Sigh.

i would have no problem buying an Used windows 7 phone at the moment to add to my other post as the App requirement is not important for me on my main phone


Re: Sigh.

if it was not for me getting an blackberry as an Test (as i Broke the screen on my HTC blackstone 6.5 winmoble) i most likey would of had an windows phone now (2 years later still using the same blackberry i got for £50 i only use it for email calls and calender as it syncs with google so its on my other phone HTC One X for backup)


Re: "expand the number of phone models available from major partners like Nokia and Samsung"


not sure if your understanding the issue M$ have made for there Phone makers and customers, Price is not the issue now

as i know currant windows 7 phones will never see W8P on it what's the Point in me buying an dead horse that's not going to be supported in about 1 year or 2, i would only buy an used windows 7 phone any way as the avg price for most WP is around £100, i am still pondering should i get an blackberry or an win phone when my contract runs out in about an year

we cant trust that devs are going to make the app for both win7 and 8 phones

AT&T may charge fanbois for FaceTime vid chat, hints iOS 6


what cida shocked me an little was why facetime could not use mobile data

i am an adroid user so this was new to me was at an customers house and i assumed that you could make 3g calls with facetime as what's the point of the feature if you cant use it when your not at home wifi, at least the next IOS that be Fixed so you can use mobile data, Skype and other voice and video have been happy for some time using mobile data (on 3 UK you got the One Plan so facetime should work over mobile data due to unlimited data)

Outage outrage: O2 dishes out 3 free days, £10 voucher


Re: 10% eh...

that should be good for users who get the 1p Glitch (giffgaff should just add 1% for every topup always so they get less angry users when the internet takes 20p before they can buy an goodybag)

PayPal is bleeding market share and it's all eBay's fault


Re: Tried eBay once, never again.

its the way to do it as you get Dumb ass users who bid over the retail price some times, if you place your bid say 30 mins or day before it most likely end up going over that amount


Re: That and...

or with tax 10% + 3.4% (+20p or $0.30)

Vodafone jumps into bed with Three in Ireland


now all that Three need to do is buddy up with some one in the UK

ops to late the other 4 main mobile providers all ready have buddied up ish {t-mobile and orange have mostly fully, O2 and vodaphone maybe network share masts in an year or 5 when they get around to it} and its unlikely the other network operators would want Three data mad users any way

I guess you could say Three and t-mobile have buddied up ish (MBNL wiki) as most of Three masts are 50/50 share with t-mobile, but now T-mobile and Orange have that roaming agreement between masts t-mobile do not need to setup any more masts with Three any more

Yahoo! fixes! password! leak! vulnerability!


turning on the sms option makes the password on yahoo limited issue {unless you you the same password on all sites}

soon as i loged into an New pc that was not at some one els house it forces to me to send an SMS to my phone so i can log in works very well, if i log back in later on it not ask for SMS check

Google makes Opera bloggers an offer they can't refuse: Use Chrome


Re: Epic trolling

i use opera my self apart from some M$ sites (hotmail and some of there technet stuff) and some obscure ones i never use, I found it hard to hit an site that does not work unless they do something for Opera to brake it (that norm means the site has an personal issue with opera or is been payed to do it or just Crap at site coding trying to do fancy stuff that only works under IE6/8)

i still use Chrome thought as it works well and fast and secure, just I prefer all my persistent tabs under opera

Bad generator and bugs take out Amazon cloud


Re: testing generators

they test it very often (guess some one forgot to Switch the gen from Manuel to Auto, when they are been serviced you do not want one firing up on you as it could kill some one or damage the Generators)

some one had to walk up to it and press the Manuel start :)

Google claims Chrome is the world's most popular browser


Re: "A terabyte of data saved every day"

that's Opera with Turbo enabled or mobile Opera mini as turbo is enabled all the time on Med or Low setting

i get about 80% saving on opera mini set to med image option (press Help and data usage on opera mobile or opera mini)

Two weeks 'til the internet disappears, for 58 Fortune 500 companies


Re: Headline maddness.

why cant they just set the DNS server to point all DNS query's to an web site that states there pc has an DNS changer malware on it and Tell them to contact there local Admin or computer shop to clean the PC

its really not that hard to do

RIM delays BlackBerry 10 launch, bins 5000 bods



i like the blackberry them self's (guess its just the keyboard i like and instant email I care less for BBM as i never use it) when i whent from an BB 8520 to an 9870 i was about to send it back to orange as they F up the calender on it (i can live with agenda view, on the newer blackberry OS they made the calender view 2 spaces big and it ignores the Hide time rules i want Only to see times from 9am to 6PM on the newer OS it just "greys" them out so very useless Agenda view is fine)

i was waiting for an windows 7 mobile to come out and i thought i just buy an cheap 8520 from ebay see what they was like, 2 years later i am still using an blackberry if Rim fail i just get an windows 8 phone when they come (no point been stuck with dead end windows 7 phones)

if i only had 1 phone i Most likely would have an Android or more likely an windows 7 phone (but do not like the calender on Android it sucks compared to blackberry and windows6mobile or win7Phone calender)

my second backup/Fun phone is android with giffgaff (currently HTC desire soon to be HTC one X) [my main phone Diverts to it when the phone is unreachable/no coverage/ cant make phone ring]

Vodafone to let you roam in Europe at UK prices


if you have an blackberry on GIffgaff with the £3 addon you get 10MB an day of data when roaming (its still not clear if it relates to BBM and email only or any BIS service and like whatsapp and browser as well that use BIS)

Automatic Wi-Fi roam, signup and billing via SIM card to be tested


Re: The end of free wifi ?

this just seems like UMA (if the router is compatible your phone uses the wifi connection as an access point to Home Cell network in the UK case only network that uses UMA is Orange, Why 3UK Never Implemented UMA who knows as they need it more then any other network), surprises me why all network Operators do not use UMA as it fills in so many dead spots that all networks have all you need is an wifi connection (that's compatible Norm any None N router is fine, as i find it never works on my phone and 3 other Android phones i have played with that are on orange)

but with Hotspot 2 that seems to now auto connects on its own if it finds an compatible hotspot2 wifi AP and starts an UMA connection over it but bit more complicated then UMA , I just hope they make it for Any network

other posters on here this is mostly for users with No signal or to offload Cell load onto an wifi connection

Wealthy Kensington & Chelsea residents reject BT fibre cabinets


Re: What happened to miniaturization, micro-electronics, etc?

Phone cable is still connected pass-thou to the Main exchange so Phone Services would still work as long as the Phone exchange has power or UPS power still

(Exchange <> FTTC cab <> House, no power at FTTC cab, only phone line would work)


again most likely was only 10 or less people (Old maybe) that did that had influence on the local council that do not care or/and do not Own an computer


Re: Why bother ?

problem is its likely that 5-10 residents or an bunch of oldies complained that sit on the council board in that area are saying no for all 15,000-30,000 proprieties that are connected to that exchange that mite Want FTTC 4 years ago

I be peeved at my local council as they likely not see fast-normal internet now for the next 10 years now, as BT got better things to do then try an get an council to allow the install to happen


Re: Creativity


people like you are ones who stop these types of expanding

I guess you also one of the oldies that ask for speed bumps as well down your road

Advertisers slam Microsoft over 'Do not track' decision


Re: Translation:

all that will happen with adverts when IE10 is detected it will ignore the DO Not Track flag on that Browser due to MS screwing the advertisers up

if other browsers are detected and the Flag is set to Do Not Track will work normally (as the User Opted to not be tracked not the Hole company MS made them choose for them)

Ten... Star Wars videogame classics


Episode I: pod Racer

Episode I: pod Racer

i loved that game how you could go at full speed around corners side ways and some big jumps as well but plenty ways to mess up and only end up with one engine if you clipped an wall or corner

to bad the lame coders locked it so you can only play it on an video card below Nvidia MX4 card (something like that )and drivers that are 2 numbers long did not work with the 100 Nvidia drivers

UK mobile broadband carriers compared


come to warrington

them speeds seem very bad for O2 on your results, around here norm more then 2-5mb/s is normal

and giffgaff was surprised to see them listed here (just be careful not to go over the Hidden 750MB day data Ban cap)

Three is the worst around here (must be a lot of users) to the point where keeping the connection is an issue (i get a lot of Phantom signal takes the phone about 1-2 mins to work out its no longer connected and forces an reconnect) and thats before you get to spotty indoor coverage (there coverage maps are bit of an lie you should goto the t-mobile coverage map if you want to see three coverage as most of the masts are an 5050 three/t-mobile mast)

Ten... Mi-Fi HSPA 3G wireless mini-routers

Thumb Down


fucking ad on the left of the emtpy space

was expecing HSPA (21mb )devices not HSDPA devices (7mb)

McAfee founder raided in Belize by gang-busting police


guess no more donations to the police

guess no more donations to the police any more

Everything Everywhere rolls out the 4G astroturf


Re: Exactly how.....

LTE is the 4th Generation network unlike the USA with there fake 4g HSPA+ network that's using 3g band still so speeds are only an little bit faster (1mb is now 2-3mb speeds)

LTE and LTE-Adv is an new network in it self and should be classed as such

Apple claims Aussie 3G is so good it's 4G


Re: Its the ITU's standard

@Steve Todd

Meeting the Requirement and been an New technology's is two diferant things 3g (UMTS to HSPA) and 4g (LTE to LTE-ADV) is 2 technology's and 2 networks it should be tied to that not the speed as that's how you can differentiate it

(HSPA is just an update or upgrade to HSDPA all the phones need to upgrade to HSPA enabled phones to benefit from it or all the HSDPA phones connected to the mast degrade the speed of the HSPA phones)


Re: Its the ITU's standard


that explains why there are so many Dead spots for 3g then there is for 2g (i did think thats why they did not overlap the masts that much) but 3UK is the worst for not overlapping there masts so many dead spots or no signal spots its not funny (why i went back to my O2/giffgaff PAYG sim as i prefer the 3-5mb speeds instead of 0.5-1.5mb speeds and then there's the coverage)


Re: ITU is going all mushy

i agree ITU should be stating the 3g-4g based on Network deployment (like in other posts 2g, 3g and 4g use Diferant hardware and frequency's) HSDA is an Upgraded on the HSDPA spec no more just it happens to be 2.5x faster then it (but in real use more like 5-20% faster)

it was Network operators that managed to force ITU to give HSPA the fake 4g logo when its not an new network


Re: Engage the footgun!

HSDPA has been around for an long time even my HTC blackstone had HSDPA and HSUPA and that phone is OLD (on the GALAXY Tab they mite be calling HSUPA > HSDPA+)

HSPA (or HSPA+ its the same name just with out the +)


some in the USA maybe (some less informed user thinking that saying the 3g spec is 4g makes things 2x faster then before if you call going from 1-2mb to 2-4mb an improvement)

in the EU LTE is the 4g network

HSPA is an Upgrade the the 3g network (and its Not 100x faster then HSDPA more like 5-20% faster unless your area is not heavy loaded) anything is faster then basic 3g UMTS speeds


I just say no and just read one of my other posts

3g is UMTS to HSPA, is an network

4g is LTE to LTE-ADV , is an New network, it uses New frequencies that does not Share 3g frequencies (HSPA shares the already overloaded HSDPA network so most of the time HSPA is only better by 5-20% speed wise)

we are Not in the USA where renaming things makes things faster when they are Not


Re: Ill buy that

"""""""""""I think you have it backwards...

It would appear that the ITU is the arbiter of what constitutes 4G, if they say a technology is 4G then it is 4G. If a telco provides a service that falls under the ITU definition of 4G but decides to market said service as 3G then that is the marketing decision of that telco."""""""""""""

HSPA should of never been Forced into been called 4g when it is not an new network (4g/3g/2g are Diferant networks, USA Mobile networks are trying to make it look like Fake 4g(3g HSPA) has really speeded things up when in fact its most likely only 5-20% faster at best for Phones that support it that is) it should of just been called H+ or 3g+ like some of the UK networks called it (Orange UK shows H+)


Re: Ill buy that

Yes But LTE the Real 4g is an new network but 12mb/s is More likely to happen on LTE then HSPA (my own tests around where i am HSPA is only an little bit faster then HSDPA so instead of getting 2-3mb/s i get 3-7mb/s with HSPA with the same network but the lower speed was more the average )

its like calling EDGE 3g when its not (2g is GSM/GPRS/EDGE)

3g is UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA as they are all part of the same system

4g is LTE and LTE-ADV it requires new hardware and is not directly compatible with 3G equipment (i guess dead WIMAX counts as well) officially LTE-ADV was to be the official 4G spec I guess they call it 4G+ when LTE-ADV comes

Three in the UK really need LTE-ADV more then LTE but with real 4G it would off load all them downloaders on 3UK 3g network onto the LTE network as its around where i am its making phones unreliable to use (Low speeds, Phantom Network connections so phone does not ring when it has signal but its lost the connection to the mast, phone resets the connection after 1 min when it happens)

In the USA I still think its very miss leading to state HSPA as 4G if the Area is over loaded it still will be with 3g HSPA upgrade,. just look at windows phones with the Nokia 900 phone they have called 3g 3g(HSPA) and 4g 4g(LTE) as it is 2 diferant networks (HSPA and HSDPA are not its just an upgrade to the spec)

Battlefield Earth ruled worst film EVER


Re: Am I the only person that quite enjoyed

"""You mean the new War of the Worlds; the one with the annoying girl that practically screams through the entire film (it felt like it). For me the film was disappointing because she wasn't killed by the invaders once she started screaming."""

god sake that Girl completely ruined "War of the Worlds" Screaming all the dam time and other bad part was when the they started to attack the ships all we saw was tanks going in fire balls coming back how boring was that, i my self wish she was killed, i am happy i never payed to watch it as I would of walked out of the cinema (The Avengers better be good or it be the last time I ever bother going to the Cinema again)

in the original Film they dropped an Nuke on one and it came out of the mist that was like so cool its still coming (as I never seen the Film before so I never knew how it was going to end)

BT wants to poke fingers in EVERY broadband cash pie


Re: not quite

(to late for this)

Virgin does not have an large install base for ofcom to demand that they open up there network to other providers (think its the main reason they are not expanding)

Personally it help virgin get more installs allowing other networks to use them, but there Network nodes Lack any sort of QOS so when an Node gets over loaded every one is buggered when trying to use the net for packet loss sensitive stuff (like, games, web browsing, Streaming) all the p2p'ers or other sort of stuff are maxing the node out, where i live ADSL is not an option (less then 1mb if i am lucky)

Virgin need to upgrade the links when network nodes go past 60% at peak time's (you could just call that 100% as past 60-70% load it just starts to drop packets makes the internet no good)

Dad sues Apple for pushing cash-draining 'free' games at kids


but the kid will just turn it back on if they know the password


Re: Dangerous

i thought it not let you us the app store unless you have an Card linked to the account?


what should happen is You Should Not need your Debit or credit card to make an account on the Ipad/iphone, why do they require your details if your only going to be using free apps from the start(Android can do it I Hope Windows Phone Market is like Android Market way)

Free Apps should not require your Password to install

London ambulances on second try with CommandPoint 999 software



i used so many .net apps and they have suck in some way

.net for 999 use does not seem an good idea

Love lure malware turns up at Android marketplace


Android permissions

requires internet access is just that to access the internet, its the permission requiring sending text msg, phone book access and permission make phone calls is the issue (think there is 2 others)

Google told to delete people from search results



all they have it do is put an tag on the page that makes google ignore the site (its for the bots to read when the spider bot sees it will not scan the page) its there own fault


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