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EE, O2, Giffgaff, BT Mobile customers cut off as mobile networks fail


none UK time zone at the bottom

whats the point in post the PT time zone on a UK article ?

Hate your broadband ISP? Simply tell your city to build one – that'll get the telcos' attention


Google fiber

google seems to be getting around the cable monopoly in USA by each states giving them their own category for broadband/internet/leased line (or just calling them a leased line as that is what google is installing effectively as they don't provide cable tv or phone)

in the UK its more do you have a silly amount of money and will people pay 2-3x the price of normal broadband and have a 250GB cap on a 1gb connection

BT is the only company that can do it i the UK and still be profitable after 10 years

as they are doing FTTC/VDSL first then G.Fast (on the pole or street level) and FTTP where needed (talking 5-10 years before FTTP is an easily orderable service and affordable

Password reset invoked after vBulletin.com forum software site defaced


and its all still using MD5 hashing as well (unless they changed that)

BT Openreach boss says UK telcos need 'predictable regulation'


Re: Damned if you do and damned if you don't

virgin media is DOCSIS based (FTTN) so distance is not as important its more the power level (each repeater cab has taps with higher or lower power for longer and short lines

more likely the FTTN cab was overloaded or some other fault that was screwing up the power levels to your premise is messed up

as FTTC is VDSL so its just ADSL but wider bandwidth but shorter lines

How Microsoft will cram Windows 10 even harder down your PC's throat early next year


pre loading win10

what they don't say is that 3G download is automatically done if you receive a copy or not (all my systems that had recommended updates turned on have re downloaded the 3GB on each of them) i have now removed the GWX update and by default now never turn on recommended updates (just important and Microsoft updates only)

US librarians defy cops, Feds – and switch on their Tor exit node


all i see NSA doing is installing traffic sniffers on each library now (does not have to be in the library) as they have more points now to sniff data on the exit nodes

Apple downgrades iPhone 6S with wimpy 1715mAh battery


Re: Yeah, I noticed The Register is in Apple Hate Mode

dam lost me post STOP USING SCRIPT that wipes the text OUT please, pressing back should keep my text (it shows a Gray text of what was in there to wind up people)

any way making phones thinner but not making the battery bigger is not what the customers want they want a nice phone that lasts the whole day (or even 2) without having to hunt for power

my friend still has my motorola RAZOR MAXX and its an amazing phone (yes its old, yes its a dual core cpu, its old) and he easy still getting 2 days of battery life (5-6 years old and i got it second hand)

but even at 20% battery left on any other phone you're lucky if it lasts much longer then 1-2 hours but on the maxx phone its like ok i can't really stream video any more now phone will last another 8-12 hours or even longer if data is turned off

why cant phone makers make a more functional phone by adding the battery it needs instead of what they can get away with so it can just about last a day (not sure why Motorola have not made another MAXX range phone as there HD phone old and needs replacing) only samsung note 3-4 have a large enough battery (with out having to add an extra battery) to use it for what it was made for and that is media consumption (i ignore the note 5 as they have not made the battery bigger and it lacks a removable battery no SD card slot, and no UK release yet)

AT&T fingers BT's brass neck, wishes it could throttle it


Re: AT&T talking nonsense, nothing new there

all i seen is prices going up as line rental is now over £16 (not that i am on BT line, virgin media witch is USA version of comcast, AT&t is like BT, and Verizon is most like Vodafone )

Cracktivists pop 11 MEELLION Ashley Madison passwords


Re: Two factor security?

this is what happens when you roll your own security and you think you know better

if they had no hashed the password twice one with very time consuming one that takes the guessing down to about 150 guess a second per GPU (witch is good) but they also for some dumb reason to a MD5 one that allows you to do over billions as they converted all upper cases into lower so they only needed to do abc123 not AbC123 and then quickly compare it to the bcrypt hash to confirm them (they have to do some variations like Cat1 cat1 cAt1 caT1 until they got a hash match, typically the first one matchs as most passwords start with a Capital letter if your forced to have one upper case and a number)

LTE will catch up with 3G by 2020: Ericsson


Re: Hmm, that depends

IoT tend to use 2G as its free to use and rock solid hardly ever falls over

3G and 4G small cost to using it and is more complicated for the chinese to implement and not as stable as 2G (3G can stall as well)

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: You Know Windows 10 Is Going To Be Good...

i know quite a number of systems that are not strictly legitimate (or not at all) but i seen this Free upgrade is been offered on systems i quite sure its not going to be valid on (guess if they do install it i can see lots of KMS installs to correct it, as it should not even start the install unless its eligible)

UK.gov confirms it's binned extended Windows XP support


Re: Love it...

so i guess that means they installed Malwarebytes anti-malware and malwarebytes anti-exploit and are using firefox or Chrome (but guess they have gov sites that do not work with anything but IE)

and the extended windows update support option has also been enabled on each system

(make a text file and save it as a .reg file)



Verizon: fibre is MUCH cheaper than copper, we're going all-FTTP


Re: Aluminium cable?

Aluminum cabling i think was due to shortages in copper cable the only thing you can do to get BT to change it is damage it your self so they have to replace all of it (most of the time they still Cheap out and only replace the section that is broken not the whole length


Re: There's only one reason to tear out copper

but unless you know fiber does not have Power , with PSTN networks the phone exchange providers the power and typically have a generator on larger phone exchanges (or batteries on smaller exchanges to last about 2 days as tis not that hard to keep the phone PSTN network active, but they only have to keep it live for 12 hours by law i think but most norm over sized)

with FTTP VoIP your reliant on the 8-16 hour UPS to keep the Fiber working for the phone (that's standby time not active) so most are dead by the time they need to use it and thats assuming the fiber node has not Lost power (most lack backup power at FTTC nodes for FTTP to the house)

some Primarily mobile masts have a backup generator or backup batteries

Norton Internet Security antivirus update 'borked Internet Explorer'


this explains why IE was crashing on an number of system (that for some reason are using IE not chrome or firefox)

Enough is enough: It's time to flush Flash back to where it came from – Hell


Re: This is or isn't funny....

just have click to play enabled (Chrome/firefox/opera only) and adblock and most issues are not there

if your using IE well you're a sitting duck sorry (no adblock or click to play flash)

i wonder how long its going to take chrome to treat Flash like Java (click to play is forced if java app wants to load in chrome)

one thing i have noticed most malware nowadays looks for vmware or sandboxie, if it detects them on your system it will not do stage 3 normally (drop the full payload onto your system) as its likely your a whitehat or company looking these droppers (most likely why i have never seen it on my system) as vmware or sandboxie is unlikely to be on an normal persons computer best to just not load droppers onto systems that have them tools on your system

UK not-spot deal: When we said '2017’, we meant 1 DAY BEFORE 2018


Re: Coverage as listed by whom?

i wish mobile operators would use Old T-mobile signal coverage map as they showed you in 5 stages (you could ignore the first 1 or 2 if your indoors as it really meant no signal) most coverage maps now are very poor as they show indoor and outdoor or no coverage (3 is the worst for it)

and as 3 uses a lot of t-mobile masts (well really its a 50/50 share mast with 3/t-mobile) if you was doing a coverage check you used to be better going to t-mobile website to get real coverage for 3 network

NSA gunning for Google, wants cop-spotting dropped from Waze app


Re: Just radar, not police.

the spotting is used manly for marking police speed traps or Drunk traps, fastest way to get though one is to turn around so you get pulled so you can go faster

Then there were 3: Another UK mobile network borged ...



What is surprising is that o2 nor 3 paid for any 2600 spectrum, the issue with that is you really need that 2600 band in dense areas like train stations or events as 2600 is perfect for it show range but can handle large amount of data on 4g

Telefónica to offload O2 to Three daddy Hutchison for £10.25bn


Re: Possible problems

What would be nice is that this could give 3 users later on access to 2g network as o2 uses 2g900 and I think 2g1800 (i have not checked what o2 uses on 2g) so at least you he able to make a call when you have no 3g signal on 3 network, 3 would be able to completely remove the 2g roaming agreement with EE as well (as o2 2g network is the best out of all networks in the uk)

Future imperfect: A UK broadband retrospective


Re: Actually ISDN still is popular in Germany

ISDN is norm used for phone systems (most places i goto have 2 ISDN lines that provides 2 phone lines per ISDN box all with the same number)

been looking into FTTP lease lines (100mb fiber berar with but paying for 10/10 with option to go up in speed at any time) you can run Sip lines over it and has a 5 hour SLA agreement

only down side its about £430-500 (excluding VAT!) its £420 for 10/10 and around £500 for 100/100 (thats before you add each sip line at around £10 each) but some business places cant get FTTC (the DP box in big warehouses units is inside the unit itself)


Re: About time councils put their foot down

i would not move there is FTTC was not available (or virgin but extremely ulicky on new estates)

it should be Mandatory that FTTC and Virgin should be wired in (the first New estate that actually did it has Virgin is Wired to the premises (wires are sticking out of the hole at the house) with BT FTTC as an option as well

compared to boston boulevard what had like form intermediately working 0.3mb to 2mb ADSL with no FTTC or virgin for last 5-6 years (i do believe they are now installing or have installed FTTC now) mad thing is the area it is connected to is Full virgin area

Hold the front page: Spain's anti-Google lobbyists lobby for Google News return



all google will do is pull the google news site down and then de rank all news sites and probably ignore any paid google ads they have paid for

and if they did not want google to use there PUBLIC web pages they should've used the robots.txt file if they did not want to be listed on google search

DAMN YOU! Microsoft blasts Google over zero-day blabgasm


Re: Sorry, but Google were uttely wrong.

i agree with google posting the zero day, but Not the Proof if concept code that should of been held back for a bit

4K off, Google Fiber: Comcast, Broadcom tout 2Gbps cable


as long as you do not want to stream netflix you be fine

Universal Pictures told off for scaring kids with nasty vid

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El Reg tests portable breathalyzers: Getting drunk so you don't have to



when doing the tests you should wait until 30 minutes have passed so you not get an accurate result and you brake the Breathalyzer tester due to moisture (as you did nearly twice)

the police must wait 30 minutes so the alcohol can clear the mouth of excess boos

Want to have your server pwned? Easy: Run PHP


Re: Seriously, he actually believed the advertised PHP version on the server?

the thing is most do not how to use PHP or version most just install it and forget it and use it until they get hacked

Internet Explorer 12 to shed legacy cruft in bid to BEAT Chrome


Re: What a mess

the number of random windows 8 systems that i have been dealing with lately that have randomly trashed themselves is bit higher for me at the moment (probably user fault for blindly installing 15-30 unwanted softwares on there pc and one of them makes a change that makes the system unbootable)

only good thing about windows 8 is only takes 5 minutes to use the reset windows back to when it was first installed (be nice if there was a simple automatic weekly backup like windows 7 had as that makes system image of the system as well)

i been finding the Refresh option bit unreliable as takes to long to do it and i still have to mess around to Fix broken things that break after using refresh option, the first one was UAC boxes Not working (as in not popping up, fix for that was make new admin account delete borken account re add the account)

the newest one is when installing software the installer starts as Normal app will fail to unpack setup files (says it does not have access to Temp folder) unless its run as admin or it asks for admin right from the start (most installers now ask midway for admin), i got to the point with windows 8 now where not going to use refresh any more as its faster to just backup the data and use the reset option (but thats really the poor mans low intelligence Tech way to fix it as i like to know what caused the issue in the first place, at least with windows 7 you can norm fix it in windows 8 once Metro start screen brakes you lose access to over half of the parts of the OS you can norm access)

Sony FINGERS DDoS attackers for ruining PlayStation's Xmas


most news TV are making it sound like a hacker has taken down PSN and Xbox when its a DDoS that has taken it down (and they also fail to say that very likely Kim D likey stopped it after offering them free mega accounts but i guess the public facing news site may have a gag order not to disclose this information)

there are lots of ways of mitigating attacks like this but who knows if they would do it as it cost money and bandwidth

Hilton, Marriott and co want permission to JAM guests' personal Wi-Fi


Re: Money hungry bastards

in the UK most B&B/small hotels use The cloud wifi witch is free after reg or login (very rare some use O2 Wifi witch is free and branded BT wifi normally free but sometimes is not, if its just BTwifi its not free)

its recommended you use a VPN if using a free wifi and paid wifi at any location (especially if its BT wifi as they force google to not Use SSL)


Re: So I just take a USB cable with me?

does not help for your devices that lack that option (limited to laptops and some china china tablets that have USB ports)

Ad-borne Cryptowall ransomware is set to claim FRESH VICTIMS


Re: Complacency

you do not need to click on Just been on the Page is enough to screw you and they can be Prime website that have mass of traffic

the ads are loaded with scripts that are setup to cycle until they hit the one that makes the browser run an exploit in the browser and run the code that runs cryptolocker or alike (lucky all the ones i removed was the scareware versions that all they did was set all the files to system+hidden, cryptolocker actually encrypts the files so pay or lose your files if you never backed up and most do not)

TorrentLocker ransomware pestilence plagues Europe, bags $500k


unless you catch the small group (probably 20-50 people making crap load of money) its unlikely you get them as the servers are running over TOR nowadays


Re: Latest batch are quite realistic

been getting these as well (surprised that the spam block list that most servers use has not been binning it before it gets to the mail server inbox or spam)

Microsoft fires legal salvo at phone 'tech support' scammers


Re: it is a start

problem is they are going after the companys not the people who own them , they can just close up and open up again and a start calling again

Staples comes clean: 1+ million bank cards at risk after hack


Re: Card cloning? What's that?

they do not have CHip and Pin because a lot of customers could not remember there pins for there cards so banks stopped issuing them (the removed the Chip completely from most cards)

over 90% of card readers in USA support Chip and pin (some acutely still have Swipe only card readers still)

by 2016 i believe all merchants must support and only use Chip and pin if not and fraud happens the Merchant will be liable for the fraud not the bank/Visa/mastercard (if the card has chip and pin), if chip and pin is used Normally the liability is shifted to the Person who owns the card after that bank visa or mastercard eat it (person has to prove it was not them and explain how the pin was used)

if you swipe a Chip and pin card it Forces you to use the Chip and pin if it fails 3 times then you have to fall back to swipe (which the merchant should then Reject and ask for another card unless they Trust that customer), its how it works in the UK/EU

Microsoft pulls another dodgy patch


windows 8 key is baked into the UEFI BIOS (unless you paid for windows 8 and installed it your self) you just need the right version that came with your laptop it self activates, if you install windows 8/8.1 and it asks for a Key after its installed you installed the incorrect version and there is a recovery built in any way just force it off 2-3 times until it gets you into the windows troubleshoot GUI

there are 2 versions 8 and 8.1 (some new laptops are still coming with windows 8 installed that can then be upgraded for free to 8.1 but you must use a windows 8 OEM install disk/USB not retail disk/USB)

Are you a gun owner? Let us in OR ELSE, say Blighty's top cops


some one who owns a firearm illegally this will not affect them at all as the police will not be aware of them, very small % have a gun license as there is a lot of fluff with needing to have one (in the USA you can for the most par in most states just walk in and buy a gun)

more people have explosive license then gun licenses

need to get an Personal defence device my self , a fire extinguisher (and maybe a golf ball) and Purple Die spray so police can pull them when they see a purple head walking around

AMD-AMMIT! Hundreds face axe at chip maker as PC, graphics crash


amd was lucky today shop person was trying to sell a A6 amd laptop (proberly 1.5ghz A6 dual core that really is a signal core)to one of my customers i just flat out stated no as it be slower then then £100 laptop i borrowed them, the shop then showed an A8 (the newer one running at 2ghz with turbo of 2.4 ish) that was ok, seemed ok (did not hang around to wait for the 70 updates to start ( HDD was mostly active when doing the downloading part)

the problem with with buying a AMD laptop is you can buy something that is slower then a Core2Duo if its a E type AMD cpu is a lot slower then Intel ATOM with out HT, AMD need to disallow Netbook CPUs that are not ment for full size laptops or any CPU bulldozer type and its later siblings that is lower then 2Ghz and Cida 4 core as well (realistically they are dual core not quad) as they plain suck

as to why i cant be bothered with AMD any more as i am not with the customer normally when getting a laptop so its far easier to just say if it has AMD on it ignore it (unless its an A8 maybe) and get an intel one (not ATOM) as you really cant go wrong with an intel cpu (ideally an haswell celeron will do most are now any way even at 1.4Ghz they are as fast as a 2.5Ghz AMD cpu, battery life is amazing on them, easy 4 hours)

Apple iOS 7 remote wipe: Can it defeat the evil scrumper scourge?


Re: Apple copying Google again


You can track and send remote commands to your device here;



guess i messed the news on that update, works very well

But it should ask to be enabled before you use it the first time, as it let me track my 2 phones that are used as car trackers right away (wounder if there is a way of remotely viewing a android phone like remote desktop for android)

Netbooks projected to become EXTINCT by 2015


Re: Netbook dead?

unsanctioned Android Tablets are annoying to hell apart from some tending to have crappy touch screens, they also lack google play store as well so mostly makes the device not very useful as bunch of my customers found out, one got an official Android Tablet device {after they smashed the screen}, 7" samsung tab i think and it was completely useable and she agreed with me the other tablet was junk (it was an copy of an official tablet they even gave it the same name)

The Man Who Fell to Earth: Plane plummet plod probe phone


Re: Could he have survived the flight?

Lack of oxygen would've likely been the main death cause as them wheel bay is sealed off from the rest of the plane so he would've died from that first (yes the crushed or when the gear came down is likely as well)

'You can keep it' - Brit's nicked laptop turns up on Iranians' sofa


Re: White whines: Muh New Overpriced Shiny was a stolen!

if you have marked the device as lost as soon as the person connects to wifi you have its (approx) location and pictures


Re: Receiving stolen goods is still a crime.

does not work like that in iran, its drop an bomb first and see if it was really an bad person

Tick-tock! 40% of PCs start Windows XP malware meltdown countdown


if you have got 300 computers you would be do mass install images not installing each pc one by one, its getting the first computer running windows 7 and getting all your programs working on that box first is the issue the other 300 computers are none issue if they are all new, if they are old they need ram upgrade thats all as most of them will be probably running 512mb of ram

or if they switch to VMware stuff then the pcs are not important at all as all the work is done at the server end

i used to do this at ICL at fujitsu i used to do mostly on my own 100s of computer image an asset tagging a day

Windows XP support ends a year from … now!


Re: Not Win8, not now or ever

first thing i do when i come to an windows 8 pc is install startisback (5 user keys are dirt cheap) and convert the account back to an standard account as its unlikely they are going to use RT

i did a job yesterday and it was quite funny a tech person came around to charge £20 an hour to teach how to use the computer but when it came to windows 8 he gave up and called someone els up to come around (funny he does not even know about start menu software for windows8)

i not an compleat hater of windows 8 but you shove an win8 pc to an 80 year old, all the computer lessons they have done are meaningless unless you install startisback or start8 and most users computers are running xp to win7 still so it adds to the confusion (main issue i have seen customers having is getting Stuck on an RT program as there are no back buttons most of the time)

Microsoft to slap 9 patches on Windows junkies on Tuesday


Re: More Windows Rot

so i guess this is another 800MB of updates (you seen the size of the updates from a fresh install )

BSkyB punters drown in MASSIVE MYSTERY Yahoo! mail! migration!


Re: migration notification

sky email system was Inhouse they moved to google mail long time ago and that was an cockup as sky changed the Mail servers from mail.sky.com to tools.mail.sky.com so they basicly broke every customer email clients in that stupid move when all they had to do was point mail.sky.com to google servers (now i guess yahoo but not changed the tools.mail.sky.com)

only benefit was i got a lot of call outs to fix email settings

sky have changed there email services twice now and not for the better as now all sky customers can be used to spam any one



Re: People still use ISP mailboxes ?

the other issue they are going to make now is that yahoo currently have an hole in their network that is allowing spammers to simply access your account scan all email addresses (and emails that are in all folders) and then Mass spam all of them, so this means now all @sky.com email customers can now be hijacked for spam (note the user done not have to click on any thing the account can also be surpended account as well)

http://thenextweb.com/insider/2013/03/06/despite-its-efforts-to-fix-vulnerabilities-yahoos-mail-users-continue-reporting-hacking-incidents/ (ignore users who have lost there accounts as they likey gave there passowrd away)

note this is not an password compromise they do not seem to be getting your password they can just use your account like it has no password, the only time you notice something has happened is if you get failed mail delivery messages and you check the ""View your recent sign-in activity"" in your account page to see where you have logged in


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