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Telcos hit out against plans to hike their broadband rates


Re: Football rights / broadband costs

ee/BT has no effect the the mobile landscape (and EE is just a virtual provider at the moment, EE is the main

even though i would of preferred it, the O2 and 3 merger would have reduced the 4 networks to 3 and given 3 overall coverage that can match or exceed EE (with native 3uk 2g fall back on o2)

Google automates Apps OAuth token revocation


i guess this be slightly annoying as having to re setup stuff every time i change my password that uses OAuth

Anti-theft kill switches in smartphones just got a little less creepy


your phone rings because its connected to the local mast location does not really have anything to do with it

unless the phone sends its active GPS or Wifi geolocation to your network operator won't know where your phone is only have an approx range of 1-2 mile of where your phone is (or active GPS/Wifi Geo) without Active pinging from the 3 masts the network operators won't know where your phone is exactly

it would require network resources to track every one (tracking one off people is likely not really that hard as long as there are 3 masts in range of the phone and the phone has them passively on standby)

some phones (like iphones, it even says it will force enable it) when you dial 112 999 or 911 the location services are automatically forced enabled and sent with the call if your country emergency services supports it (even if it's disabled on your phone)


Re: Is your phone lost, or stolen, or lost, or worse; in an animal's butthole?

phones do get stolen you know

think your talking about lost and left in random location (pub as i find the pub i am at right now has 2 iphones and 3 android phones behind the bar lol + the one that was dropped on the floor or left on tables and been stolen that we are not aware of)


Re: Effective?

no it means the phone should be permanently blocked anywhere in the world as its the device itself that is blocked not just network block where most would sell it abroad

like a IOS or OSX device can be with Find my {device} enabled or like samsung devices with the Reactivation lock enabled (it's a brick until you enter the correct email and password, even a full firmware reload does not remove the Reactivation lock/find my iphone lock Flag in the phone as when it talks to the servers to unlock it you need email/password)

why i find bit silly nowadays to steal a apple product as very high chance that find my iphone is enabled (even ipads and apple desktops and laptops use it as well, as to why it's extremely important you secure your apple account, or you end up like gawker with all devices locked or encrypted)

if google would make Android Device Danager more an requirement for device lock (as at the moment all it can do is ring, lock and erase but no Lost/stolen marker on the device so they can still sell it to another country after factory reset) if google would put a lost/stolen marker like apple do and limited degree samsung soon as the device gets past the mobile data/wifi setup stage the device would lock it self like samsung and apple do if the phone lock marker is set (or at least make it so google Play/services will never work on the device and constantly pop up with this is a lost/stolen device, if they can't use google play the phone will be a nuisance to use)

Openreach to split from BT... so they'll be 'Legally Separate'



Alan Brown

LOL you do understand what blowing fiber down the ducts mean ?

he not saying the the fiber has been burnt out :)


i see more price increases coming soon then

all this will do is make more price increases

3GPP sets 2018 as freeze date for 5G air interfaces


its OK the USA mobile networks will get there way and call LTE-adv (4G+) and call it 5G

Zero-interaction remote wormable hijack hole blasts Symantec kit


this bit was interesting

"Some of those platforms cannot be upgraded. The many users of pirate copies of Symantec's products would also likely be affected since many cracked applications block update mechanisms."

never looked at cracking it my self (i get it cheap enough any way)

i use norton on normal systems that is paid for + other protection

TalkTalk scam-scammers still scam-scamming


Re: It's happening again

could you imagine keeping a person on a call for 1 hour at £1.50 that be very amusing (assuming it was a scammer (only thing is not everyone is aware of the charges to none uk 070 numbers and most mobile operators don't warn you before connecting the call as well)

TeamViewer beefs up account security after rash of PC, Mac hijacks


Re: So for v10?

use teamviewer its already on the system so not that hard unticking one box in teamviewer so its not been running as a service



the easiest way to fix is Set A windows password and have it set to 5 minuets on your screen saver and if your remotely logging in tick the lock box when ending the session (it remembers it)

i would recommend disabling file transfers as well and remote recording (not tested if they still work when at the windows lock screen (i would assume they don't but i set them to deny any way)

Microsoft: Why we tore handy Store block out of Windows 10 Pro PCs


Re: @leexgx, re Windows Update.

@Shadow Systems

every system i have worked on the below updates have removed GWX and daily telemetry scan

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3035583 /quiet /norestart

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2976978 /quiet /norestart

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2952664 /quiet /norestart

turning off recommended update has stopped the 2 updates from been installed again (2976978 update is for windows 8 daily telemetry scan, the 2952664 daily telemetry scan is for windows 7 running the above as a batch file has no harm as the update can't be uninstalled if its not installed)

i have not turned off automatic updates off (Microsoft update is also enabled)

Note if you have had the Actual Optional windows 10 update shown in windows update (that has been presented as an important one) you need to hide it 3-4 times to make it go away (hide it check for updates and hide it again, you have to do it 3-4 times)

bigger issue i am having now is windows update taking form 1-6 hours to just check for updates (over 12 hours if its an AMD E type CPU or intel ATOM CPU) as MS has failed to make a service pack 2 for windows 7 (or a roll up update) it is having to dependency checks on 300 updates (so its like 300x300 checks) it kills any of the systems i have worked on if they are single core


Re: Hey Microsoft, keep up the good work!

just turn off recommended updates (this does not turn off Important updates) and no more GWX update and the daily telemetry scan update

put this in a batch file and make sure its on the desktop and run it (reboot computer once its finished)

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3035583 /quiet /norestart

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2976978 /quiet /norestart

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2952664 /quiet /norestart

(GWX installer), Note it can Not be uninstalled on window 8 if you let the system have internet access when you first installed windows 8 (not that i have found or bothered to try to as i norm just load windows 10 on windows 8 systems)


(daily telemetry windows 8)


(daily telemetry windows 7)


2952664 and 2976978 is Very bad on systems that are on HDDs as it scans the whole HDD each day (had 2 calls outs today as systems going very slow removed that update)

KB3035583 GWX update silently downloads a 2.7GB file without permission and that nag GWX box

'I thought my daughter clicked on ransomware – it was the damn Windows 10 installer'


once you got it working you could of just reverted the windows 10 install back to windows 7 (you got 30 days to do it and i do it quite often) and TURN off Recommended updates (does not turn off important updates)

and remove these updates (batch file or via a command prompt) no more windows 10 nag screen (it has never come back on my PC or any other PCs i have done this on)

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3035583 /quiet /norestart

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2976978 /quiet /norestart

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2952664 /quiet /norestart

moderator these are the updates you need to remove to rid windows 10 GWX and the daily telemetry scan that slows the PC down for about 10-50 minuets depending how many files you have on your system

Paying a PoS*, USA? Your chip-and-PIN means your money's safer...


Re: The most frustrating thing to me

"Funny the most frustrating thing to me is that it now takes a few minutes longer to check out "

rubbish , the extra time at the moment is because banks and not real banks in the USA are not using Chip and pin on there cards at the moment (as they made sure there cards Lacked chip at all) and the shop tiller has forgotten how to use it

(until the deadline last year they made sure they never issued cards that could do Chip and pin) its going to take about 5 years before Chip and pin becomes normal, in the UK when it became normal the way it happened was the smaller companies like conor shops as they go there card readers replaced (as it happens norm over 2-3 years) and as customers had there expired cards replaced the Last companies to do it was super stores or large chains (like large hardware stores and places like PC would)

Tap and Pay is aggressively been rolled out in the UK most shops have it now (apart from supermarkets but as items tend to be over £30 tap and pay is not useful there as you're forced to chip and pin) it should have complete roll out in about 3 years (some shops in Problem areas have disabled Tap and pay due to fraud and banks or the payment processor are annoying to deal with customer fraud when it comes to Tap and pay, whereas Chip and pin the customer has to prove it was not them whereas Tap and pay the shop has to prove it, even though Visa or mastercard are supposed to eat the fraud be it stolen card or customer fraud)

in any case there is no way i would use a debit card in USA (or outside of the UK any way)

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast


Re: Oh, yeah...

daft thing is just turn off Recommended updates and no more GWX nag screen (as long as you have not installed it already if so uninstall it) as long as you don't turn off windows update you get the security updates you don't need the recommended ones

HTC 10: Flagship goes full Google – but the hardware's top notch


Re: Yet another landfill flagship

my HTC M7 turns off at 36% (think that was mostly due to me using a case battery pack) the moment i got the phone i had to use an external battery pack

every phone i have had as phones don't last more than 2-3 hours "screen on time" under my normal use and other people seem to just about make it for the day unless they are using viber or skype

i am considering the m10 but need to see battery life (be hard going from a CUBOT H1 that has 2 days Real battery use or 7 hours flat out tomtom use)

HTC teases yet another make-or-break comeback flagship


if it lacks stereo speakers i not even consider it over the CUBOT H1 i got now (you cant beat 2 days Real battery use or 7-8 hours of constant screen on time or tomtom use) if it had stereo speakers and 1080p screen it be golden (but it have slightly lower battery life though, the 7-8 hour of constant use is perfect for me also means les likelt to brake the USB port to repeatedly topping the battery up)

i love my HTC ONE M7 when playing and watching videos on it but don't like the battery life at all and it turns into an oven as well (HTC ONE M7 stops charging when it gets to warm in summer, not a fault of the phone but more a fault in the CPU design and thermal management that allows the phone to get to that point where you can cook eggs on it)

my HTC ONE M7 that has my 3 AYCE sim in it you can nearly count in seconds how fast the % of the battery drops (ok not that bad but phone only lasts 2 hours) , would last a little longer but the phone now powers off at 30%, but i think that is just a % bug as it tends to hang at 56% for a bit before moving again

Stop whining, America: Your LTE makes Europe look slow


Re: But at what cost?



On the 3 network, genuinely unlimited data (including 4GB tethered), all the calls and texts I want, in the UK and many other countries

The data is only unlimited whilst in the UK.

In roaming it's capped at about 20 Gb, which is admittedly virtually unlimited, but technically the limit exists.


its 12GBs now and you can only roam for free for 2 months per every 12 months (feel at home 21 locations) for £20-33 a month (AYCE)

ID mobile does even more at 29 places (but only 10GB of data for £25)

Yahoo! kills! more! passwords! with! push! notification! app!


Re: Trust us with your phone number!

if you keep clearing your cookies then you have to keep on proving who you are

DDoS attacks up 149 percent as brassy booter kids make bank


maybe services that are abused are better configured here in the uk and not used for attack as they can't (if they do most likey get shut down quickly)

Dead Steve Jobs owed $174 by San Francisco parking ticket wardens


how can they justify that large amount of ticket (most driving offences in oss land are not that much)

Competition? No way! AT&T says it will sue to keep Google Fiber out of Louisville, Kentucky


there are exceptions to the pole rules as some places have large walk ways under the ground or lots of pipes


Re: Pole dancing

it is the cheapest way to do it with fiber they norm have fiber Pots that sit just below the top of the poles (or one of them) so they can then quickly then get that to the premises (if its underground it can take months for them to do it so most in the UK will not offer FTTP unless it drop cable serviced, or the Ducts under the ground are new and clear)

in the UK if you're not served by a pole expect a poorer service and don't expect fibre in the next 20 years if your cable comes from under ground

they local state gives out permission to companies to use the poles and AT&T just wants to maintain their monopoly (so what a lot of states are doing is giving google its Own category , "like Lease line internet only company" which is not a cable service, so to bypass local monopoly agreements that norm prevent other ISPs from moving in)

if AT&T or who ever owns the monopoly in that area can't be bothered to offer Fibre or higher speed DOCSIS service (COMCAST....) or even Bother to maintain their copper network (other news) then here comes google fibre it's Cheap as well (i wish they would come to the UK)

Verizon only cares about fiber, lets copper nets lapse into ruin – gripes


the problem is that the places where ADSL/copper lines are been ignored to really degraded state, is where people Can't get fibre

so they need to repair the copper network so it does not brake on cold damp or rainy days or replace it with fibre (they can't just ignore it because they have the monopoly in that area) they should get Fined for not fixing reported issues Properly within 30 days for major work

CloudFlare to launch its own 'high security' web domain registrar


Disclosure: El Reg is a customer of CloudFlare and uses its content-distribution network.

i would not expect less :) (no really a lot of websites use CloudFlare so)

OnePlus X: Dinky little Android smartie with one or two minuses


i am still happy with the CUBOT H1 £110 and you get 2-3 days battery life (i get 2 on mine as i use mine more than others)

Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that


Re: To be clear

ok other reports are now saying its running IOS9 (not sure where i got IOS7 from unless its different case)

they should not be able to easily be able to crack their own security (updating the hacked firmware could brick the phone as well)


Re: Not exactly secure is it

ok orget that (below) they are running IOS 9 so apple should not be able to comply

IOS 8 or higher will not as it needs the phone to be unlocked first to accept the update (if in DFU mode phone the keys have to be wiped before it accepts the new firmware, in itunes you have to enter the pin lock code before it allows sync or IOS upgrade)

IOS 7 apple Might be able to make a custom firmware that does not tell the phone to wipe when in DFU mode or when plugged into itunes and doing manual firmware update (but screen lock should prevent an IOS upgrade)


Re: To be clear

to the poster you can't just clone the phone as it have to be jailbroken

other notes as your at the top, the article says the drive is running IOS 8 or 9 its Not its running IOS 7

if the device was running 8 or higher they would not be able to make a custom firmware to get into the phone as you need to wipe the phone to bypass the pinlock

Bomb hoax server hoster reportedly cuffed in France


Re: Pushing it ? Why ?

"I believe it's a criminal offence in Britain to drive away from the scene of an accident."

if you was the person who caused it

Virgin Media spoof email mystery: Customers take to Facebook


Re: Migrated from Google to it's own

very unlikely its google more likely virgin is storing the emails in an accessible way without a password, not sure why virgin went down the trouble of moving part of the way off google mail as it worked perfectly fine until they removed all the gmail brandings and services from the account (its still a gmail account just it now only uses gmail UI now and none of its protections it had in the past)

like yahoo does accept you can see that they accessed your email account without a password on yahoo, well you used to be able to until they removed the detailed login/IP history page

it relates to this problem on yahoo


that yahoo have been having for a long time and people's yahoo accounts are still been silently compromised now, they seem to login via the yahoo mail app without a password once they are in they then access the website version and then scan all emails and contacts and send a burst of spam out (this issue still happens as my customer last week had 2 out of there 4 yahoo/btinternet mail accounts accessed for spam sending, they use thunderbird)

TalkTalk confesses: Scammers have data about our engineers' visits to your home


Re: Yes but...

"" misusing personal data of UK citizens might not be an offence in India.""

yes but it is still an offence in the UK that talktalk have committed as a company

Three: We won't hike prices if you say yes to £10.5bn O2 merger


you may find in the next month or 2 that you might lose it

it depends what your real plan is + discounts (as yours is likely the AYCE plan not "the One Plan")

as mine is £25 "The One Plan" with a rolling £2 and £5 monthly discount and i have not lost it or had an email or letter to say i going to lose it (i can get the AYCE plan for £15 so they lose £2-3 if they try to push me onto the £30 plan)

T-Mobile US's BingeOn does break net neutrality, says law prof



Picky (i just type what i think, at least it was not a wall of text)

I still think the BingeOn is fine as once you're aware of it (i assume via text and email) you can just turn it off or back on (main benefit is companies that are opted in does not count towards your data allowance)


big fuss over nothing

i cant see the fuss in all of this

if you don't like BringOn we'll Turn it off

simples (when t-mobile was a thing in the UK mobile broadband sticks had compression options that you could turn off and on if you wished)

if traffic shaping was permanently set to 480p like quality (600kbs?) then that would be a problem

when T-mobile was a thing in the UK can traffic shape right to the bit rate limit some how as that how it used to annoying fail in the UK, had to use a VPN to get full speeds as they was streaming the youtube video dead on bit rate it was streaming at so had no chance to refill the buffer at any time apart from when it ran out, which happened every 10 seconds (VPN active it let it fill at 30 second buffer)

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?


Re: Wuh!?

i would of thought this was the Login server that crashed (as routers that had not disconnected stayed working or the one at work never went off) they really need to make the authentication server redundant at least this time it was only 2 hours not 12

Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs


just turn off recommended updates (only need important ones, unless MS moves windows 10 as a security update then there could be problems if they did that)

BT dismisses MPs' calls to snap off Openreach as 'wrong-headed'


Re: Privatisation

i believe BT was blocked from rolling out fiber in the 1990s (as it would of made them a bigger monopoly or somthing rubbish like that)

Research: By 2017, a third of home Wi-Fi routers will power passers-by


its not a "guest function"

its not a "guest function" its a hotspot


you can log into that page with your BT email and password (the one that you use to access your billing page normally) and you can opt out of it then but you lose access to all of BT wifi as well

Broadband-pushers expand user piggyback rides on private Wi-Fi


Re: I pay for my broadband, why should I share it?

then turn it off then (you also lose the ability to use it as well then)

500Gbps DDoS attack flattens world record


problem is when your at pass 500Gbps is not about blocking it you start to break the internet itself in places before it even gets to the ISPs/target that don't have that 500Gbps links

one DDoS had take out 2-3 ISPs temporary due to the flood of data as they started to target transient providers gateways that had Routable IP addresses

bcp38 needs implementing at ISP levels and openDNS and time servers the hosting providers should automatically cut them off when they are running services like that

Samsung sued over 'lackadaisical' Android security updates


Re: Move along, nothing to see

but the problem is mobile operators are selling New 1-3 year old phones that are not going to be supported for more then a year or not at all (as not everyone gets £50 contracts) think about the samsung Ace phones or phones £40-120 most of them are years old when sold to begin with

and on top of the mobile operator not pushing updates out as well, most operators stop updates for phones after a year (the phone was officially released not when it was sold) don't expect any more updates, unless its an iphone or windows phone (windows phones Upgrades can only be delayed for 6 months and security updates can not be blocked on windows phone even if its sold from an Mobile operator)

Adblock Plus blocked from attending ad industry talkfest


Re: Keep on with the autoplaying auto-expanding video, sound, and light-show free-for-all

goto hardocp.com (its a tech site) fourms and even talk about adblock they ban your account (the site owner admin bans you)

i surprised he has not implemented an adblock detection to auto ban people (he is very anti adblock) or main page block the site access

Yahoo! Mail! Had! Nasty! XSS! Bug!


Re: What about the address book being stolen?

they don't know your password yahoo seems have an issue that, the spam people can steal your session ID (don't ask me how) and once in they scan every single email you have as well as address book and then send an link to each email (as to why you get so many delivery failed messages)

note this also bypasses the 2 factor login that yahoo poorly implements

you Must make sure you have a Valid phone number or email attached to your account Before you change your password, as once you change the password your account will get locked out as the spammer Bot tries to use your account multiple times to send spam again and in turn locking it out (an customer i had went to yesterday lucky had a number on the account as they changed the password even though i told them not to until i come around but did it any way, but there number was on the account so all was good in the end)

this happened to 4-5 people i know, they did not disclose their password (well at least 2 of them did as they use yahoo from the email app and 1 of them had 2factor enabled as well )

Aircraft now so automated pilots have forgotten how to fly


on the airbus when in alternate mode it still has Flight envelope limits they are just set to their limits (like been able to pitch up 40 angle and have the plane in a sliding stall, an boeing plane would of likely kicked in self preservation anti stall mode at that point and nosedived the plane automatically so you could recover it)


Re: Air France Flight 447

yep if he had let go of it at any time the plane would of automatically levelled off (self preservation mode), the problem was when they pushed forward the stall warning happened when he pull back it went into second LAW and the stall warning stopped as the plane now was to slow for it to understand its stalling (pitotubes not enough airflow) as when they went forward witch was the correct action for all of the flight it would of fixed the problem but Bowin was pulling back for the 5 minuets that the plane was in a stall

the problem with airbus it is like flying a flight simulator but you're in the air, its not natural to fly when something goes wrong, almost all crashes on airbus have been due to confusion between pilot and the flight systems (but they just call it pilot error which is true, but it should have a better defined detailed name) ideally as its fly by wire system the main Law and second law should not allow the plane to be put into stall condition to the point it actually cuts out the stall warning due to the low speed and high pitch upwards (and as there is no force feedback there is no stick shaker on the joystick on airbus),

if you had put a boeing plane in this same stall condition the plane would of automatically put the plane into a nosedive when it overrides sticks and engines automatically go to full power,it sets the Trims to Full and rudder goes hard left or hard right to force the plane into a nosedive so you can recover the plane

or alternately witch you're trained to do in a stall warning condition on the new fly by wire boeing planes is just Let go of the Sticks, the self perversion will automatically level off the plane and recover automatically out of the stall by all means possible like flaps, engine power to level off (this happens when autopilot is off and no one had there hands on their sticks)

almost all boeing crashes have been mechanical or genuine pilot error or (not flying the plane) some other factor that may of not been pilot error , whereas airbus it tends to be more complicated on why it happened

Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 nagware shows signs of sentience


Re: It gets worse, with latest iteration of Windows Update. [...]

that has been bugging me as well windows update on first check after install (i use slipstream i never going to install 200 updates, 20 or less is better) if you are going to do that many updates do them in 60 at a time (or no more than 100 in one go as it starts going)

is taking upto 1 hour to check (1-3 hours on AMD cpus or Low Powered CPUs based off the ATOM cpu the intel ones with a N in them or p4 or c2d)

once you have all the updates it does it very quickly


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