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Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch Tuesday style



same here i thought it was the printer that broke as it did not work on 2 other systems (going to have to give them a call up now and see if they bought the new epson lx350 as its likely going to have same issue)

this is why there systems are still on windows 7 not 10 so not to brake stuff (or randomly uninstall so called unsupported software)

at this rate i am going to have to setup a PC (as its only one PC) with windows update turned off (i cant stop the problem update individually as its a roll up update, so its a broken update or no updates at all

MS needs to fix this problem right away as they have effectively disabled all dot matrix printers

User asked help desk to debug a Post-it Note that survived a reboot


Re: It finally happened.

they still find a way to turn the monitor off and on only



passthrough PSUs are very much discouraged as 1 fuse 2 appliances (in the UK any way) more a safety thing



Bernard M. Orwell

Note Hidden anti-theft device (never heard of that before) your taking things out of context

any way if you read most posts its about extremely simple things, like sticky note on the screen, its not plugged in,failing to restart the computer and they turn the screen off and on (i known people to be fired for stupid stuff like that) the best one that has me chuckling right now is the power is out post lol (cant turn the computer on if your in a power cut)

the issue is some people who work at offices actually don't know how to use a computer (or appliances in general) but have to use a computer in there Narrow mind set to work (not actually sure how people like that get employed if they don't have basic understanding of how electricity works)

the problems MS made in the past with windows Vista when they removed word "start" off the start menu was super perplexing for most lol (why most office computers have there stuff on the desktop)

Google's answer to the Pixel 2 XL CRT-style screen burn in: Lower the brightness


Re: It's a great phone

i agree the on screen buttons are a waste of space (tomtom does not go full screen so the buttons always show on mine, not sure why tomtom will not go fullscreen when its running i dont need to see notification bar or my buttons)


Re: Avoid

my bluetooth headset was clicking as well (phone idle no audio or call, it would click every 10-30 seconds) it does not click any more (pixel 2)

also the burn in with the buttons at the bottom the fade effect also has been ported to the pixel 2 as well (i dont know if they just blanket used the same screen nit settings for XL and none XL pixel 2)

KRACK whacked, media playback holes packed, other bugs go splat in Android patch pact


Re: Close to driving me back to iOS.

""Fandroids with Nexus and Pixel devices will be able to get the November Android update directly from Google. ®""

well there the thing only the Nexus 6P and 5X will get these security updates (not sure if the samsung S5 i have will get it) all there other phones are now ignored (need to unlock and flash your own if they are still working) the Nexus 6 and 5 Might get the update as they only went EOL last month (October 2017) but they dont have to

https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/4457705 (this page should be persistent for all future google phones so probably should bookmark it)

Operators and vendors agree that Europe is falling behind in 5G


Re: 450MB/sec, 1GB/sec?

most hardline masts are leased line like connections (typically ethernet product so have extra Gigabit speeds mostly at a push of a button), if they want to do LTE-A they can very easily be done after extra line cards and cells have been replaced

unless it repeater masts that use a Microwave dish as its backhaul from another mast that has a hardline then there miy only be enough capacity for normal 4g(150mb)/3g(42mb) per cell on the mast

most masts have 4 cells but can have 8 cells (each 2 is typically 1 sector for MIMO so you can get these higher 450mb speeds but it can be done with 1 cell)

Ever wonder why those Apple iPhone updates take so damn long?


phone turning off at 30% is a iphone intended feature

LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth


Re: Better alternatives...

i was trying to explain this issue with using a service that stores all your 2FA auth codes is very bad idea as if someone gets into your account (in this case authy) and has your username and password you can lose access to all your account

Gotcha, Tatcha! Thieves hide in servers to hoover up victims' bank card numbers mid-order


this is why you should use credit cards online just way less hassle

Greater Manchester cops fined after victim interview vids lost in post


Self encrypting USB

i find it interesting that what 32-64GB Self encrypting USB stick or HDD/SSD USB (ones that have a keypad on device it self) should be mandatory they are idiot proof and norm Certified for storing sensitive data

Is Britain really worse at 4G than Peru?


wow this is Not the USA where they use Fake 4G (3G+ DC-HSPA+) 4G is LTE for the rest of the world

3g is 3g (UMTS to DC-HSPA+, phones show it as 3G, H and H+)

4g is 4g (LTE is 4G, and 4G+ for LTE-A but most phones show 4G for both)

its like in USA where they are going to be calling LTE-U as fake 5G

2g 3g and 4g is a New network that (In the USA the network operators managed to get away with renaming 3g+ as 4G, the G is Generation Not speed)

eBay denies claims it's failing to thwart 'systematic fraud'


i see this issue on 1p buyers who are only buying it as they want feedback i reported them and nothing ever happens (i ended up getting my ebay seller account blocked from selling as i was refusing to give feedback so they would leave negative or file a dispute) there address are fake and some poor person was likely getting 100 sim cards a day in crap mail

i really should take ebay to court or somthing as they blocked my account because i was not complying with scammers demands

New MH370 analysis again says we looked in the wrong places


Re: Still no changes


the boeing and airbus sat uplinks can already send telemetry (just at the time there was a cost to it)

the dish it self it has integrated GPS and sat uplink and independent firmware its then plugged into the computer system on the plane which then links to the cockpit (when active on airbus system status of the plane is transmitted to airbus) and internal phone system and onboard wifi or mobile (if mobile and wifi is fitted)

all it would take is a tweak to the firmware to make sure that the ping that is sent to the sat network is also sending GPS location as well (at the moment the default is 60 minutes when not connected so that would need to be increased to lower number like 1 minute when its connected or not to the sat network, if it is connected plane systems telemetry should also be sent every as well so monitor the plane and any sudden problems that norm get flagged up as a problem should immediately be sent to boeing or airbus or plane operator)


Re: Still no changes

almost most modern boeing and all airbus has a sat dish on the top of the plane and it does support telimietnly updating (but at the time you had to pay for it which most airlines did not, i believe that has been changed) i believe airbus is normally monitoring the plane systems but don't think boeing does

but in this case was the system was turned off but the dish was still powered and was pinging satellites every 60 minutes i believe (the system in the cockpit was intentionally switched off but the dish it self can't be powered off, so telemetry updates are possible and should be done say every 15 minutes)

in this day and age where the basic features already there to track a plane in real time (more or less) this feature should be baked into the plane and be a mandatory feature and have an automatic emergency broadcast mode when the cabin for example has lost pressure (say on 3 sensors) engine failure or other conditions (that are verifiable) and send that info via the sat every 5-10 seconds

unfortunately until the plane is ever found we not know what happened

the issue was that the sat system been turned off was reported by the system as it has a log off which makes it look like it might of been intentional by someone in the cockpit, but as the plane was pinging satellites for what 6-7 hours that means the plane was still flying so it was hijacked or had a sudden decompression and the autopilot or self preservation (hands off sticks with autopilot off it keeps plane at level) just kept on flying until it ran out of fuel as everyone was dead

Microsoft promises twice-yearly Windows 10, O365 updates – with just 18 months' support


so gotya 2 times a year a feature upgrade will brake a bunch of PCs (so i can keep my calendar clear for them 2 months when people be calling me alot)

US ATM fraud surges despite EMV


Re: Almost no US ATMs use EMV

not a hipster but apple pay and android pay is a token generated based (more like chip and pin) me is Android pay

uses a virtual card number so if some one manages to get the virtual card number well emm its still useless to them as they need to stored tokens (that change every time you use one) that are only exposed when the screen is on (Android Pay)

on iphone need your fingerprint to unlock the phone before token is allowed to be used and is for more secure then Tap and pay on visa and master cards (and you get a payment notification as well on the phone so you know if some how upto £30 was taken from you And its a delayed payment so you can dispute it right away)

Tap and pay is a static passive token on your card (have to replace the card if some one manages to clone it or steals the card but its rare due to limit to 5 transactions per day and £30 per transactions none of it is liable if fraud happens)


Re: Speed

its because they are using Dial up to do the token payment which has to be verified (which is Dumb it should be ethernet/3G connection when chip&pin is used transactions take less than 2 seconds to authenticate)

in the UK only the old 2G mobile ones are slower (or for some odd reason you picked the dial up version that needs a landline) and that's only if its the older 2G ones as they have to bring the GPRS data connection up and login and verify which is about 10 seconds(over 30 some times if its dial up), if its a mobile 3G or ethernet (3G mobile card terminal , SumUp or iZettle) they are near instant once you press the ok/Green button

Chip and Pin in USA should be all in with Chip and pin, it takes about 5 years to propagate down the line so everyone gets new cards with chip and pin (optional but shops can choose to tell customers to use it) and merchants get there card machines enabled for chip and pin (they already own a card machine that supports it, they might even be unaware that there termal supports chip and pin and is enabled for it or the POS seller has purposely disabled chip and pin on the terminal for profit)

Note if the terminal supports passive payments like Tap and Pay or active NFC payments like from apple pay or google pay the terminal already supports chip and pin and it been near instant payment (no delay)

after 5 years Chip and pin should be mandatory and mag swipe use should be automatic forced to chip and pin (in the UK the Last place that got chip and pin was actually the superstores or UK wide food stores and even petrol stations, the first was small shops) Tap and pay terminals has been very aggressively deployed most food and drink places have replaced there terminals already (even superstores as well)

how it worked in the EU you wipe the card it tells you to insert the card for chip and pin, if chip fails then mag swipe is available but you need to Prove you own the card when you swipe the terminal asks for information or even a call to the bank (most shops will ask for another card so they are no liable for the fraud if there is any)

Europe to push new laws to access encrypted apps data


the fix is really having the encryption Optional feature, then at least they can focus more on the people who are actively trying to use encryption (not passively as it is in whatsapp at the moment)

mass snooping has always happened but with whatsapp and some other apps using OTR by default for a bit now the bad people become noise with all the good (mostly lol)

its just a shame that a small subset of people can cause problems


main issue is extremely easy to use apps like whatsapp can make you invisible to tracking as it encrypts all communications by default,

now its harder for 3-4 letter agencies to just focus on people that are using encryption for hiding messages or been paranoid, before they only had to keep an eye on people using tor or sending scrambled/encrypted messages now just using whatsapp hides you with the other millions of people who use it which is really no good

if this act gets though the app makers won't make back doors they just simply turn of OTR in the messaging apps so they can be intercepted again and the people who have somthing to hide will likely use somthing els and get put on the monitoring list

i don't personally like that whatsapp have done by making OTR the default as they have made it very simple to use for any one doing bad stuff with no technical knowledge

eBay dumps users into insecure authentication mechanism


Re: SMS 2FA insecure?

poor excuse

PAC code ? keep your number

lots of data = 3 AYCE


Re: Sorry...

not sure why they just don't use 2FA via the authenticator app

i would recommend the MS authenticator app assuming you have a MS email account as that enables Yes/No login like on yahoo mail app and google 2FA baked into the phone it self

i wish google would Fix the recovery options on google as the account recovery is still 1FA (email or SMS) Yes you can remove it but then you have to prove that you own the account (google used to have a Master code like MS do where you have like a master code to get back into the account)


you can turn that feature off (display messages on lock screen)

Three to lawyer up unless Ofcom intervenes in spectrum market


Re: There's a balance

EE can do it as they have a massive amount of blocks of 3g and 4g

Three and other networks cant as they don't have enough frequency blocks to do it (on 4G)

when o2 got 3g on the 900 band they they went mad with pole masts that sit in between the 2100 masts

i do wish the O2 and 3 merger had been allowed as that would of given EE somthing to compete with (and well emm vodafone to bother adding more 3g and 4g coverage, vodafone has grate 2g coverage outside of cities),, it would of made 3 Very good as 3 and O2 don't have any mast sharing agreements so if merge had happened both masts allowing 3 and 02 access it would of likely surpassed EE in overall coverage (at the moment i would Not tust my 3 phone to work reliably over the UK where as EE as my main phone hardly find places where it does not work, but where it does not work O2 is normally there)

If you were cuffed during Trump's inauguration, cops are trying to crack your smartphone


Re: erase option?

if its a iphone turning the phone off is normal enough nowadays or don't give your finger for 24 or is it 48 hours then you have to use code

if its android you can encrypt the phone as well its best make sure you turn off the phone (if about to be arrested power off phone or restart or keep thinger on power button after 10 seconds the phone will power off or reboot) so they can't just break into the phone when its at the lock screen as quite easy to bypass screen lock on android when you got 3-6 letters in your name (if it's encrypted they need the code when the phone is booting up) neat trick is setting your phone to auto shutdown at set times (like 2am) so to prevent them from been able to accessing the data (unless they do it the moment they get there hands on the phone but i doubt they are that efficient

if you're under 18 you should teach your kids to never unlock your phone to police or school request unless you have a lawyer present as some of them are just out to catch you out on a technicality just for the sake of it (USA has some poor laws where between 15-18 where you're treated as a adult but not a adult at the same time, you can get yourself in trouble by having pictures of yourself on your own phone)


if they all had iphones (recant ones) and did not fess up the finger for more then 24 hours phone becomes pin locked only

but really if your Rioting they get what they deserve

in the UK once the first building was set on fire the Army should of come in and shot them with plastic bullets, Zip tied them up and in back of a van, taking 3 days to round up enough police officers was very poor

Linux nasty kicks weak, hacked gadgets when they're already down


Re: Can we vague that up a little?

it be mostly routers and CCTV devices typically (as they run Linux or a china china base copy of some sort other another router/device that has the hole in it)

OpenWRTis unlikely to have been compromised or if it had it been patched allready

Twas the week before Xmas ... not a creature was stirring – except Microsoft admitting its Windows 10 upgrade pop-up went 'too far'


Re: Microsoft has been getting it wrong with user interfaces

Adam 52

very good post

also Vista HDD problems have come back to windows 10 as well (a lot of the servicing tasks that run in the background are not been ran as background disk priority they are running as Normal, resulting in slow system sometimes, tends to be norm within first 10 minutes of the system starting up)

Fast startup needs a 10 day time out so if the system been booted up using fast start up for more then 10 days it should make sure it does a full shutdown

got that bad there was notification on MS website to press restart instead of shutdown , as people's internet stopped working as shutdown does not shutdown the computer on windows 10 or 8 (its hibernate shutdown i been seeing some people's systems have 30-50 day uptimes), restart does a full shutdown or tapping the power button on the computer if its set to shutdown on button press

automatic driver updating that then Brakes the driver or the system if its the Video or SATA driver it updates (why do it, once its installed it should Not be updated automatically was never a problem on windows 8 and lower)


Re: Microsoft has been getting it wrong with user interfaces

no windows 7 is what Vista should of been (making sure stuff that should be a background task does not interfere with the operation of the PC)

Gov claws back £440m for rural broadband


Re: Please stop repeating BT's and the Government's lies!

Hans it is lies you just gloating that your less than 100meters from your FTTC cab to get 80mb the avg i see is typically around 40mb but its speed ranges i see are between 10-60mb but lower numbers is more typical unless you can see the cab from your house

FTTP should of been the way yes it taken longer and may have been deployed later (as they now have fast FTTP connect module now so that they no longer need to be fusioned to splice fiber) more future proofed


Re: 90% of what?

unfortunately the 90% seems to be if you can get virgin cable or FTTC,

the problem with that is in areas where there is No FTTC but there is Virgin cable they tend to let the FTTN nodes to be overloaded (this is the Coxa side the fiber to the cab is fine they need to add more cards) and end up with unreliable service (mine has been ropey for last month but has more or less stabilised now) and if you can get FTTC you might be near the end of its range and can only get 10mb maybe and thats the best you ever get for next 20 years

FTTC is very stable thought, al my ping monitors give me a Flat avg and min pings on VDSL and ADSL connections (apart from when the line is been fully used as expected) where as cable i not seen a consistent ping for years now

really wish FTTP or g.Fast to the pole or to the street was used then at least we all have fast and stable connection (virgin really needs to sort out high utliation problems Sooner like within 3 months as they have no excuses as the nodes report back to virgin that thye are under high load so should plan to upgrade it)


Re: Radio 4 this morning

i find crash plan works fine, you dont have to use the cloud services as you can set up remote PCs as backup targets (use friend code) only issue is ram with crashplan need to make sure you got 2GB free

BT and Plusnet most moaned about broadband providers. Again


Re: Bad data

i guess you was not pleasant enough

never really had big issues with calling BT its just getting to the right person who will skip stuff you already done like test socket and not require you to do the pointless BT speedtest site for a week when i already Fixed the local problem

most of the time its been something in the house but profile gets stuck at low speed all BT CS person has to do is raise it to reset the profile some of them won't do it, i norm just hang up and call again until i hit a real english/UK or idina person who can do it

Radical 5G rules proposed, but UK can address woeful coverage right now


Re: Femtocells / coverage

your main issue is likely that a Very small group of people (probably 5 people) are likely your cause of your issues with mobile coverage

they likely blocked a mast install and mobile networks only try once or twice

orange used to be very sneaky and install concealed masts on top edge of buildings or churches even after locals tryed to block a 2 year old hidden mast in the center of towns due to health or fake Radio sensitive people, which obviously had 0 impact on them as they did not know it was there so made up symptoms did not show imagined symptoms until they knew it was there lol, i did have one customer who had an earthed bed covers to protect him from frequencies (and the stupid fake radio shield stickers you can buy from ebay) and most likely fake can't stand up problems as well pretending to be bed ridden (i did stop going after a bit as there is the point where you think radio affects you and then you're making it up)

O2 place pole masts on the sides of roads where lots of houses there (they was very aggressive with installing them when O2 got 4G800)

Masked men 'steal' £250k of smartphones from Exertis


Re: Why is a phone stealable?

samsung phones have Region block as well so

phone has to be connected to a intended target region for more then 5 minuets i believe on a call before region lock is removed

Rollout of smart meters continues at a snail's pace


he used a mobile signal detector (not his or customer mobile phone) as the device reported no signal no point in installing the smart meter and is logged as no mobile coverage where meter is (so he has saved the company 2 call outs one to install it and one to remove it if necessary)

90 per cent of the UK's NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP


Re: Extended support?

just change the system into POS mode on XP and you still get security updates (not that they update the hospital systems any way as probably to scared it brake the windows 95 old software that is running on XP)

Information on smart meters? Yep. They're great. That works, right? – UK.gov


Re: Dear Mrs May

remote switch off is only on Prepay smart meters like utilita


Re: estimated net "benefit" of £5.7bn by 2020

only the prepaid smart meters will have remote cut off

like utilita witch can be used in prepay and monthly payment, they are extremely useful in rented houses or House Multiple Occupation (HMO), with say 6 people in renting as you can easy switch over to new renters or remotely turn off the gas and leccy when they fail to pay the rent,, you just change the password , so they cant topup the account online, so when they run out of emergency credit the meter cuts off (or set account to not renting witch turns off the meter right away)

Guessing valid credit card numbers in six seconds? Priceless


Re: Bah!

chip and pin has nothing to do with customer not present transactions if they added a OTP to each debit and credit card that would work very well as that could be a requirement for payment for online transactions if the card has the feature (the current way of having a separate card reader that generates the code is cumbersome)

the paypal one has a push button on it with a very thin battery integrated that makes a OTP code each time its pressed (valid for 30-60 seconds i think)

but that would add cost to each card that the banks would not want to pay and would most likely prefer to eat the small fraud risk (USA does not seem even bothered about customer present never mind customer Not present transactions been fraud, as visa and mastercard are trying to Push for chip and sign witch does not offer much more protection than just mag swipe)


Re: google pay or fruity equivalent...

android pay uses virtual card number the merchant never sees any of your card details (same as apple pay) if it gets compromised you just remove the card and re add it to get a new virtual card number (there is a internet and offline side of it so its hard to compromise as offline is limited to 5 per No phone unlock, once phone is unlocked+internet it resets the 5 no unlock phone limit)

iphone has this as well but as your using fingerprint to pay its norm reset every time (unless no internet)

be nice if google would add the option to require unlock to allow transaction for 60 seconds as at the moment you can steal some ones android phone and make 5 £30 transactions (as the only requirement is turn the screen on to allow payment on android pay) even if this option is disabled by default so user can optionally enable it (as why i only link my credit card even though i am not liable on the my debit card when tap and pay as its less fuss to dispute) it would take google 60 seconds to add a tick box and what ever time to validate it (probably a way lot long as this is something google would not want to screw up)


Re: Partial article

the 'Verified by Visa' site it self looks like a scam site

first time it happened to me i was like nope, you cant even goto the homepage as the domain does not have one so does not explain what the site does, its like visa thinks the page is a secret people was very confused about it when first time even fourms did not trust it as the whois info did not seem right (this was very long time ago thought)

if 'Verified by Visa' thinks its a low risk you get the low risk redirect url (norm i see it for like a second) and you end back at the merchant site with payment completed, unless i do a payment outside the UK or the website was compromised recently (norm my bank wont even let the payment happen until the automated system calls me to allow it a second time)


some people cant get it right the first 2-3 times

Visa cries foul over Euro regulator's stronger authentication demands


Re: Does this give Apple Pay the finger then?

apple pay requires you to use your finger to unlock the phone before allowing the transaction (actually i think you have to have your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the iphone as your tapping the phone on the reader for the payment) which is very secure (unless they cut your fingers off)

Android pay errrr turn screen on works the same as contactless debit or credit card witch makes it very simple to use (unlock the phone to allow transactions over £30 if the shop supports it and it resets the 5 transaction limit per no screen unlock), but there is no option to force the phone to be unlocked first (witch can be Stupid easy feature to add to Android pay app "settings > require unlock to accept payment" option, i have asked google to add this option even if its not enabled by default having it, i would use my debit card on it if it had that option)


Re: VerifiedByVisa always gets in the way....

low risk transactions should trigger the low risk URL response from that verified by visa site (unless you're outside the UK then i would want that to happen, as its likely fraud)

Pay up or your data gets it. Ransomware highwaymen's attacks on small biz octuple


Re: You can reduce/eliminate the risk yourself

Crashplan seem to work really well for me and others (on top of other local backup that is done by the servers as well)

don't even have to pay for it as any computer can host as many backups as you want but is recommended (i would use the cloud option as last resort as the crashplan cloud servers are slow for online backup and restore if outside the USA)

AT&T pilots dedicated IoT mobile network


Re: If your IoT things...

the price i would expect will be for all the sim devices as most IoT things don't need much data (it be like 100 devices per account or more especially with smart meters for example they only need to send once per day there meter reading unless they want more real time use, say solar system )

i can get £0.07 per 1MB on a M2M sim in the UK (its a any network sim as UK has 3 2G/3G/4G networks and 4th network that has 3G/4G only no 2G fallback) USA only has 2 GSM networks

4G is LTE

Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week


i dont really like airbus flight control design as its just a flying flight simulator that the pilots tell it where it goes and can lead to crashes (officially most of the crashes are pilot error but the confusion from flying the plane all the time can lead to situations when something not normal happens can cascade into a crash)

boeing planes also use fly by wire on the newest planes as well but the diferance is all they did was modernise the systems and made sure the pilot is the person who flys the plane when needed with no hindrance and confusion (no force feedback on airbus on the sticks) the automation on the new boeing planes assists the pilot but at no point does not interfere with them, most boeing crashes have been mechanical failure of some sort of pure stupid pilot flying(not error)


yep there should always be dual systems in place for normal brakes brakes if 1 of them fails to act it should fail safe in a way that applies the brakes , hand brake should be isolated Independent system from the normal brakes and this is a massive fail linking both of them in this way

coaches from years ago even have backup E brake handle just in case for some reason the air brakes lock the brakes open state (practically nearly impossible, but nearly is not good enough with more then 50 people and no seatbelts), you just push it down and it overrides the air brakes by forcing the brake clamps directly via a motor


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