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Hey mate, are you dense? Why, yes. Yes, I am, says the NAND in Micron's new client SATA SSD


Re: 180TBW

It be plenty for normal home/office use

most people don't write more than 5-10 terabytes of written data in their lifetime, 2-3 years example

Alleged SIM swapping crypto-crooks cuffed, iOS app snooping, ad-fraud botnets, and more


Sms should not be used for 2fa

It should be an 2fa app, that requires the person unlock the phone < fingerprint or unlock pin> like Microsoft authenticator app or yahoo mail app does it when you turn it on, personally it should be enabled by default (on 2fa/yes-no apps)

and 10 backup 1 time use codes

Never sms (but Google and Ms you still have to use mobile number or other email for account recovery unless it's in hardened mode for Google)

Sms 2fa is done because its consumer friendly

While everyone coos at the promise of 5G, UK network Three asks if it can tempt you with 4G+


Re: Three's 4G significantly slower than their 3G

Your probably on 4g800 (if you can make a call and keep 4g connected your on the slow 4g800 witch priority VoLTE not data resulting in slow speeds (other 4g bands on 3 are not enabled for VoLTE calling resulting in dropping to 3g to allow call to work )

Be nice if CA is available here or not

You need to put phone into flight mode and back out and see if it puts you on 4g2100 or 4g1800 if available in your area

On iPhone you won't know if your on VoLTE 4g800 or most android phones, unless it's China ones (cubot, ulefone, Huawei or Samsung show VoLTE)

One thing that is annoying on three and ee they don't allow active data session session 4g up (so if your connection drops to 3g it will stay on 3g until your data goes idle for about 3-10 seconds) unsure if vodafone is. Same

O2 (and o2 NVMO s) on the other hand will happy switch up and down 3g and 4g when better signal is available even if data is active (twitch youtube, streaming audio etc)

Chrome 70 flips switch on Progressive Web Apps in Windows 10 – with janky results


Re: Sub Optimal UI?

seems to have broken adblock as well (had one of my customers PC running adblock a loop in turn braking websites )

about to hit the restart chrome button now see what happens to mine

Decoding the Google Titan, Titan, and Titan M – that last one is the Pixel 3's security chip


Re: One Secure Boot to bring them all

more than likely you lose the secure enclave when you root/bootloader unlock the phone (official bootloader unlock) so no hardware security (no NFC payments or hardware backed screen lock)

Once more with feeling: Windows 10 October 2018 Update inches closer to relaunch


Re: I'm just wondering

all my computers and other systems i have touched are only just getting 1803 upgrade offer now

win 10 pro (pro keys are like less then £3 ignore the site if it says it has to be a clean install of windows it will change to pro fine) set it to non targeted mode and +100 day delay on upgrade and 15 day delay on normal updates

this more or less prevents buggy normal windows updates (as MS pulls and fixes them normally within 7 days) and very tested feature build is going to be used (my systems are not going to be used for not very well tested release updates)

Bitcoin backer sues AT&T for $240m over stolen cryptocurrency


yep it should be asking for the pin that the customer had set and if its Not provided Sim swap will be prevented and they should not be able to override that (not a random underpaid store rep who going to be looking for a new job soon unless that's sweeping floors at the jail)


Re: A Fool And His Money..

AT&T for its part has promised to fight the lawsuit. "We dispute these allegations and look forward to presenting our case in court," said a representative.

well what does AT&T have to dispute they violated there own rules on there own security practices (if any thing that store employee should be fired fined and jailed for bypassing a high risk security measures )


Re: A Fool And His Money...

he should of changed from 1FA SMS to 2FA codes , i would not trust my 25m in None reverse charge money on just 1FA SMS codes

assuming what ever bad website he was using that was using SMS 2FA as 1 Factor as they should of not been able to log into the account unless they are using SMS 1FA as the password option to reset it witch is comicle

what site was he using that allowed sms to be used to purely bypass password

SMS 2FA gave us sweet FA security, says Reddit: Hackers stole database backup of user account info, posts, messages


Re: Visa

my bank is a little to trusting with that they only need Chip and pin to take out large amounts of money at the desk (even though its policy to show 2 forms of ID, they they do know who i am witch mite be why they skip it but still said chip and pin is enough at the desk)

but 2FA for SMS is just because they believe using the authenticator app for 30 second codes is to hard for Joe public


its for most part quite easy to do "SS7" (all SMS show on a web page)

or they hijack the phone accounts (sim swap so they have a sim card with there number so can get the SMS codes) typically they convenience they are you and get them to do a sim swap (seen some mobile companies Reactivate a sim card after it was reported by the owner as hijacked account stolen a lot of money from someone's account)

SMS is very insecure for someone who is targeting you

they should be using a 2FA APP or RSA keys

i wish Google would Let me not use a email or number for 1FA account recovery (they do have a locked down account mode where you have to use 2 U2F keys (one is U2F bluetooth/NFC push button, second one is backup and account recovery), even if i have 2FA enabled on my account,

if i remove the recovery options i run the risk of never been able to get into my account if its locked out for some reason, as it asks for things that i don't know (my phone it self should be the ultimate trusted source but that can be Delinked from the google account)

And that is definitively that ... for now. 5G's carrier features frozen


Yep it only be faster if your in range of multiple cells

5g will be more beneficial in dense areas where lots of people are at like train stations, sport stadiums, and large events as they will setup micro cells inside the station ( realistically at the moment only EE can do it on 4g) , but with 5g that should open up more to other providers but we are talking like 3-4 years time line here as no has a phone that supports the higher 5g bands and due to 2 year contracts and likely 5g support only on high end phones (samsung seems to be getting it first next year phone)

In London some networks just don't work at peak time because to many people in one location (even worse when train is late as every one jumps on there phones) 5g should resolve this as more people start to get 5G supported phones

TSB meltdown latest: Facepalming reaches critical mass as Brits get strangers' bank letters


Sms Should not be used for 2fa purposes

It should be code generator ( Authenticator app) or the banking app it self

UK mobile operator Three launches Superdrug Mobile MVNO


Re: Rubbish Coverage

I do use 3uk for there unlimited data for video streaming

I typically force the phone into LTE only mode as i generally have good to low 4g coverage but low in some spots enough for it to drop to 3g even thought signal is enough for 4g to work and stay on it when streaming video (I do lose calling having it on 4g only but the second phone is only for data only)


Re: Rubbish Coverage

I would not say 3uk coverage is rubbish but I would not use them as my main mobile provider (never for business) as overall coverage is not the best but good enough

Overall coverage if you take 2g into account seems to be vodafone and then o2 and ee after that (I find O2 has best housed area coverage for 3g as they place pole masts near housed areas)

Wanted that Windows 10 update but have an Intel SSD? Computer says no


comments about drivers and stuff been made badly does not make sense

a device that has been working on Vista, 7 and windows 8 has generally always worked, with windows 10 a Program or driver can break after a feature upgrade when it was working perfectly fine before

why is MS changing the rules every single feature upgrade comes available, at this point MS is going to be forcing developers to go back to the old days where all support files are baked into program directory again (but this does not help old unsupported but perfectly working hardware from been broken by MS)


if this install brakes on my system i going to be using LTSB after

currently using windows 10 pro with it set to Semi-Annual (Not Targeted witch is CBB) 15 update delay + 120 days wait after its feature upgrade is available for CBB (Semi-Annual (Not Targeted)

15 day delay is due to MS in the past releasing updates that break stuff


its quite annoying even basic things like sound cards don't work after a feature upgrade (some older sound blaster cards no longer work , max windows 10 version 1705 in 1803 stuff just braking )

just don't understand why they have to tweak with the driver and software model that breaks stuff that has been working for over 6 months to 10 years fine (yes braking windows 10 compatible devices and software that has only just recently come out and MS blames the device or program maker for not following MS guidelines when MS keep on changing it between versions)

i had to install Win10 LTSB on a one system because each new feature upgrade was causing new problems

Shining lasers at planes in the UK could now get you up to 5 years in jail


i have stopped some cyclists as i could not see past them (1 billion candle light on there bike) flashing is totally illegal as well

one time i was going up the hill and i thought it was another car but it was 1 light coming down the hill + once i got past them there was 5-6 other bikers behind them that i could not see even though they had normal bike lights until i had past the first biker

any bike light that uses a HID LEDs (like the ones that have external battery pack) it should be Flat beam or a fined for having it on the bike (some of them doesn't even matter if its pointed at the ground) most of them have 2-3 power level settings

its gotten to the point now where i going to call the police next time it happens as a lot of them are doing it on purpose i was trying to tell a old person and she was refusing to point it at the ground (its bad enough that some cars have illegal HID headlights or point up at the sky)

Look how modern we are! UK network Three to kill off 3G-only phones


Re: Crazy, Good luck

think your confusing speed with signal (phone will prefer the faster technology and wont know if its congested or not)

sound like your area on 4G is little overloaded or signal is below 2 bars (2-3 bars on android devices can mean less than 10-20% signal) only iphone shows true signal levels (they fixed there signal bars in the days of iphone 4S as at&t was blaming iphone for poor signal so apple updating there signal bars to show a correct representation of the signal for each bar)



to this date android devices still don't correctly show signal levels, 2 or lower bars can mean practically no signal on android (unless you change it to dBm numbers) whereas iphone will show 1 dot


Re: Forward thinking?

it still is an issue in the UK the google pixel phone for 4G calling (VoLTE) for example only works on EE as the 4G IMS profile is backed into the rom for EE but Three and, o2 vodafone dont have 4G calling resulting in unreliable connecting of calls as the phone has to drop to 3G before it can ring,, witch sometimes fails to happen, on 3 its worse as 3 does not support missed call notification text so you be unaware your missing calls unless you use hullomail app which works like apple visual voicemail (you get a missed call notification if they hang up or voicemail which can be played directly in the app), most Virtual mobile providers don't support missed call text (for sure EE vodafone and O2 do)

on top of that it also seems 3UK does Fake ringing before it's actually connected the call (had one day where all 3UK calls was not working outbound but when i rang it on my EE phone it was doing the ringing tone but the 3 phone was not ringing)

Project Lightning, you say? Virgin Media's fibre rollout is pretty glacial


be nice if they would replace my coxa for FTTN (as its still coxa just the fiber to the node is actually in the house not 2 streets away)

Heir to SMS finally excites carriers, by making Google grovel


Re: SMS vs random new system

main issue with SMS is very easy to redirect them (SS7 hijacking) 2FA codes should not be using SMS


RCS should help to prevent SS7 hijacking so disabling RCS seems a bad idea

Win 7, Server 2008 'Total Meltdown' exploit lands, pops admin shells


why i just set windows 10 to wait 15 days before installing patches when they become available (i am not beta testing windows 10 updates) as this is something you can do on windows 10 Pro (not home) if they brake something they norm pull the broken patch before it gets pushed out to me or any of my systems

i also have feature upgrades set to 150 days after they become available to Non targeted branch (aka CBB), targeted is the Beta tester branch that all home users are on

next thing they need to fix is why are windows 7 and 10 systems recently having issues where it Can't log into the local profile (uses the temporary profile until i log off and back on)

PC recycler gets 15 months in the clink for whipping up 28,000 bootleg Windows 7, XP recovery discs


you don't remove the old COE key when your part of the refurbish program (windows 10 refurb you just put the windows 10 logo sticker on it as its digitally activated once you used the key on it you get in the email, you don't get an actual windows 10 sticker key just a logo stickers that they send you in a packs of 50s i think)

if the system was factory windows 8 (key is stored in the UEFI bios witch windows 10 uses, still a free windows 10 upgrade) or windows 10 just straight install windows 10 it will digitally activate with the relevant version (if it has pro on it you might have to install windows 10 pro for it to self activate)


Re: Completely bonkers

i agree the jail part was way to far, but this is how the USA justice system works to make more money, they could of at point when they seized the items they could of contacted him (most likely police at the door) and gave him a fine and told him it was completely illegal what he was doing (just losing the $80K would of been bad enough)

what they actually got him for was trying to sell them for $25 each

the branding on the disk was another way MS could of taken legally but the judge sided with MS because of everything he had done to get the disks was testament to mass selling of counterfeit goods,

he really should of checked if it was even remotely legal to even do this before he did it sometimes not been aware that something is illegal when you really should know its going to be illegal does not get you off free (but Jail for this No that was bad call by the judge large fine yes but not the amount MS was asking for)


Re: Heavy handed indeed

"windows Genuine reseller program" is what he needed to be on (witch is around $20 per PC)

the way it works what every key is on the system ,XP vista 7 8 or even windows 10 (but you just don't bother with windows 8 or 10 systems as the system is already activated for windows 10 if it has windows 8 UEFI key {assuming its a branded system} or windows 10 before installed just automatically activates)

they accept it and give you the currant version of windows (at this time windows 10 home or pro depending on the key you provide them)


not been part of the reseller program

the main issue here was these was made very well made was not just MS as well it had Dell HP and other official recovery disks(the HP dell and so on OEM ones actually self activate on respected manufacturer), but the thing is they actually did not get him for that(branding on the disk), it was for selling them for $25 each, witch is the price of the windows Genuine reseller program per PC

most shops in the UK that sell used pcs are signed up to it so they effectively get a windows 10 home or pro key (it can have any version of windows OEM Key on the system even if its windows 8 UEFI key) for £15 to "refurbish" the pc (which is not bad really, but you can get them for less than $5/£2 elsewhere)

even if he had not made the disks look original they probably would of got him for selling it anyway

Yahoo! fined! $35m! for! covering! up! massive! IT! security! screwup!


Re: Oh, and earlier this month, Yahoo! Mail relaunched and revamped itself.

the IMAP way needs a custom password generated when Yes/No login is enabled on the account (that password can only access the email messages and contacts and calendar cannot be used to log into the yahoo site or account pages) if the mail app supports 2FA login (i think Thunderbird and IOS does with yahoo, MS and google maybe others) you can use Yes/no login to link the account to the mail app


Re: How about fining BT for also failing to disclose the breach.

they did it as they was aware of the no password login issue that yahoo had on there service as to why they moving away from yahoo (some BT mail accounts seem to be still on a yahoo service)

at least BT had a feature that automatically locked the account out when it detected a compromised account that is sending mass spam out, but as the hack did not need to know the password to log into the account it was causing lots of support issues as accounts was been randomly locked out because it was thinking the password was compromised

a bunch of people i support had there accounts accessed to be send spam out , what it would do for what it seems is gain access via the yahoo mail App API then once it got the logged token it then went onto the full site and scanned all contacts and emails and mail bombed all of them, if you ever got them random Messes undeliverable in your inbox your account was accessed for spam sending

note your password was actually never compromised as they was bypassing the login process, i had one person account over 4 times every time a different password, there was a password database leak at time point but it was Unrelated to this getting into yahoo accounts without passwords (some sort of XSS exploit/vulnerability to steal login but this one required zero action on the user part i had very old yahoo accounts emailing me that had not been used for long time) this was around 2013 when this happened it has been fixed and i like the single user login that yahoo and MS use now not used the password for years now (wish google would do it as they support Yes/no login on all android devices or IOS with google search installed)

Car-crash television: 'Excuse me ma'am, do you speak English?' 'Yes I do,' replies AMD's CEO


until i seen the person on videos did not really know who this person was any normal person would not have a clue who she was (and like you said this is a grid walk so your going to be talking to just about any one of 100 people you don't know them all on the grid)

'Uncarrier' T-Mobile US to un-carry $40m for bumpkin blower bunkum


Re: Ringing has never been synced

in the UK Vodafone does this fake ringing when your cant connect to the persons phone (its the voicemail thats ringing witch should never happen) witch is very annoying out of any network Vodafone UK is the only network that does this (they might be doing this like t-Mobile USA is to make it look like they have less dropped calls or not connected ringing calls)

when the call connects that's when the ringing starts (not a fake 2 ring answer phone with T-mobile was doing and i assume Vodafone UK as well, some people take the p and set there voicemail up with a personal one to hang you on the voice mail for 15 seconds before you hit the beep to start recording)

Exposed: Lazy Android mobe makers couldn't care less about security


Re: No money in it

"I'm not aware of any Android phone manufacturer with a reputation for providing patches. If I'm wrong, please enlighten me!"

google devices for 3 years of point of manufactured (tends to be october every year when they release a device, so 3 years from that date, Not sold) pixel is first google owned device (well technically its HTC) if the pixel 2 did not have stereo speakers i probably would not not bought it

they might extend it to 4-5 this year pixel 3 as android kernel now has a Longer LTS cycle of 6 years (was 2 years before so by the time the phone came out google was having to backport fixes manually, with it been 6 years they don't need to do that now) personally security patches should be longer then 3 years as it currently is with most mobile makers (who bother to do it)

some people keep there phones for longer than 3 years or worse sometimes there new contract phone is 2-3 years old with 1-0 years of security updates if any


Re: No money in it

"The ROI isn't zero. There's a reason why the iPhone X can retail for 250 pounds more than the Galaxy S9 and still get away with it."

people pay more for the iphone because its an iphone and admitty its consistent layout, Not security updates (unless you got the X phone then, with the blackberry playbook gesture system it uses most don't like it and end up selling it or returning it, most non english people seem to be doing this)

until something like MSblaster happens again but on android people won't care (a lot harder as most people's phones are behind a NAT on mobile providers) but not impossible if it used MMS to send to binary or SMS to link to a binary to then spread to other phones via some sort of bug


Re: Mobiles, Automobiles, Killer Robots

this silly thing is is Finding a app that does not need 10 unrelated permissions (should only need camera permission to use the flash) some of them are so high the clean ones cannot be found unless you search for "Torch no ads"

google needs to really re work on how it approves apps , its all well and good having 200k apps when 199,000 of them are full of crap or just a app that is just a bowser placeholder with ads to whatever your accessing) google should just remove and force them into review status all apps

apart from key apps that are well known and trusted ones (and the ones that are well vastery installed should go for code review to make sure they are not abusing permissions like needing a and adverts or screen overlay ads

My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix


i had to abandon going to one of my customers any more as it was getting silly (most plug in power packs kick out more EMI then wifi does, also O2 mobile mast about 300-400 meters away)

god knows what happened when local council installed solar panels on there roof (going to have to walk past and see if it has solar panels on it not that he has much choice as he does not own the flat and the meter is on the outside in a cupboard)

Vodafone is UK's mobile ping king


was probably 2 people that did not want them boxes (they was probably on your local pashes council board )

not sure why but we don't have up side down pot holes (speed bumps) down our roads so at least someone local does not like them and must be rejecting them to be installed

Shock poll finds £999 X too expensive for happy iPhone owners


Re: Planned Failure?

most have 2 year contracts (not me)

EE: Data goes TITSUP* for Brit mobile customers


it should of been corrected as that was a mast configuration issue that was causing that issue with phone has a signal but it actually doesn't have a signal (after 1-2 minutes the phone releases this and forces the modem to restart in the phone)

i have business EE so you tend to get the higher level support people (UK english), there was some 4g to 3g crossover issues that was causing phone calls to fail to drop to 3G when on 4G (so call did not ring so they got voice mail or call would connect but drop or go silent after 1-3 seconds) all seem to be fixed now

i was also having issues with google voice seems they corrected whatever was causing the google voice passive connection to be dropped (you would say a post code but the phone after 10-15 seconds would give up and fall back to offline google voice watch would type each Letter with a space when doing post codes, witch tomtom could not use)

Android Oreo mic drop fury: Google ups tempo for Pixel mobe audio fix


pixle 2 seems to have been fine (as long as its not made by LG then i buy it)


Re: Not Good

if this happened to me my mobile operator would of replaced the phone due to it been faulty (i dont have mobile insurance)

Less than half of paying ransomware targets get their files back


Re: Backups ...

That was bit of a mistake, so I guess what happened there was that the incremental backup software assumed it had the original file (it did not actually verify it had a copy of the file)

Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch Tuesday style


Re: FIX for Dot Matrix problem

Does this replace the broken update and make it available (as I had to uninstall and hide the broke and update)

Google prepares 47 Android bug fixes, ten of them rated Critical


if there is a update your phone will have patch level of the 5th or 6th of that respective month

like mine is currently november 5th on pixel 2,,, but they did not push the update out for the 6th nov update that fixes the wifi 0000 key that basically makes your secure WP2 traffic basicly unencrypted and injectable (i get that update plus all these security fixes very soon when i get 8.1 in next day or 2 , for 99% of every one else that be in next 6+ months or never unless they get a new phone)


Re: Peasants..

all android devices from google have 2 years feature and security updates and 1 security updates

samsung seem to follow this model as the other 2 S5+ i have had updates on september (its EE branded rom so they are norm delayed by about 2-6 months, but as this phone is more then 3 years old now it might not get security updates any more)

most phones only seem to get updates for short time, phones running 8.x will likely be a lot rarer due to the requirements of seamless update been required if sold with 8.0 as standard (unless the phone came with 7.x first and was upgraded to it) Seamless update is very good on my pixel

Ofcom proposes ways to stop BT undercutting broadband rivals


Re: If BT can lower their prices........


if it was not for Margaret Thatcher in 1990 we would of had full FTTP within a short time to replace the copper network(they was going to completely replace copper with fiber) but Thatcher blocked it (BT even had built the factory in the Uk for making fiber and the equipment which had to be written off)

this is a good read (below) on how one bad decision to block it on anticompetitive ground now cost the UK a lot of money in long run (as FTTP in 1990 would of not cost as much and BT was going to do it on there own as well, now we are mostly stuck with a Stop gap called VDSL/FTTC


if this had happened virgin media probably be on 1gb by now but they dont need to as fastest BT can provide ranges from 10-70mb (as they would actually have to compete with BT/openreach)

this is why i am slightly annoyed with BDUK going with VDSL/FTTC instead of FTTP, as VDSL/FTTC is a stop gap and its highest speed only achievable on less then 200m lines

UK emergency crews get 4G smartmobes as monkeys attempt to emerge from Reg's butt


Re: Coverage

4g is quite good at working all the way to -130 signal i find my phone hanging onto no bars and internet and call still working on 4g (assuming the phone does not drop to 2g 3g and then lose signal completely as they have less sensitivity then 4g )


Re: Coverage

they only need to deal with 3 networks O2, EE and vodafone (no point with 3 as most of there masts are shared with EE mostly or O2 or vodafone any way)

Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace


Re: Shush, you didn't here it from me....

chromeOS is more secure then windows and linuxPC (if something managed to break into it you can just reset the thing and log back in no fuss)

only issue with them is they need internet all the time or they are mostly useless (never found the offline support to ever work even thought the extensions say it should work offline) want to get my chromebook back to see if this seamless connection thing works with my chromebook and pixel phone


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