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Japan's largest mobe operator to snub Samsung this winter

bunny evans

The clue is rather thin today.

"mobes" is just gross, you reall should see a doctor about it, they'll soon clear that up.

We call them "keitai" and to be quite honest, the S4 is almost big enough to go surfing on. I find it too big, so I have a "galakei" (Old dumb phone, you know the kind, can go for over a day between charges, you can make phone calls and *TALK* to people with them...)

Besides, DCM0 isn't a government company, it's the other way around.


Japan mobe operators muscle in on NFC tap-cash

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1 - you can get an AU iphone now. Not that you'd want to because crapple have decided that no one needs a useful phone, just a shiny toy.

2 - my 5 year old phone has been usable as a train ticket. None of the rest of the world seems to believe this.

3 - I _HATE_ SMS and have yet to receive one that isn't spam.

I do like the DoCoMo network having a meltdown though...

Oh, and just to throw a spanner in the works, enterprising employees of KDDI AU sold my keitai address to japanese spammers at least twice.


Ice Cream Sandwich

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Except there's no support for the NFC on that phone here. Presumably meaning no drivers or something, I should go ask in the shop. It goes on sale tomorrow.

The lack of working NFC (Felica/osaifu keitai call it what you will) has been the big failing for smart phones for years. It still makes iphone losers need to carry a second phone!

So it's not really that smart is it. My _SIX_ year old phone has it and I use it several times a day.

Think "train ticket"


Grand Theft Auto V arriving in 2009?

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Contrary to the opinion of The Great Unwashed. WE DON'T DRIFT.

Really. I know this, I've lived here for years and most representations you see in films are totally out of touch.

Though there are times when I wish they weren't. We could do with some serious remodelling by Godzilla, total armageddon by Devilman and some youkai wouldn't go amiss either.

If you go up to Akita or somewhere, even grannies drift up there. But *NOT* Tokyo.



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