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E-car supplier demos battery swap-shop


batteries make good cap's :)

Batteries are better than fuel cells because they can keep the national grid charged at night. Any solar energy factored into the grid has to be backed up. At the moment this is by fossil or nuclear but in future this could be by cars at night. Fuel cells can't back up our green energy so we might as well go 100% nuclear if you are proposing fuel cells as a viable option. I don't think massive amounts of nuclear energy fueling a hydrogen economy is a bad thing. It just seems like a round-the-houses hugely inefficient way of doing something that could be alot easier.

@steogede: I think this could be benficial to the 'swap shops' if they finally become common place. They can offer more than one type of service. Want a newer battery, want one thats been tested to hold its charge well, want the latest most powerful super battery, its all there for them to sell to you. The shops will need to record part numbers and vehicles so that if you claim your 5 year old, 80'000 mile battery pack has just finished its first charge cycle and you would like a similarly new battery to replace it they can track you down and file suit. Much like driving off the forecourt without paying.

Nice points Daniel, it does seem like the battery manufacturers need to get in before the car producers so that the car producers are working to one standard.

Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet


argument is void if we lose trade ties.

The MPs know this is the only viable solution. The problem is that none of them want to be seen as 'soft'. Nevermind the fact they are all a bunch of sponges which are inherintely soft anyway.

Theres also the fact that It wont work until the USA says so. If we broke away from all the conventions regarding drug (ab)use we would lose trade ties and the whole economic argument is blown into the water anyway.

Does anyone think the US will ever legalize drugs? - IRAN CONTRA is still happening. Why is heroin now rife in Afghanistan after the Taliban wiped it out?

Drugs also make an excellent propaganda piece- the commies, Muslims, <insert enemy here> are flooding our streets with poison and killing the kids!

btw you can find this report on the BBC website, but only in Mark Eastons blog. It seems it wasnt newsworthy enough to make the main headlines. It seems that 'High speed sex in Norway' is more important than saving the UK economy billions. figures.

smiley icon as it would be great if e's were as good as back in the early rave era.

I'm a sceptic now, says ex-NASA climate boss


@Dave Errington

"yet still fail to predict 6 months into the future"

I was still under the impression that they cant really predict more than 5 or 6 days with any sort of certainty. Which does make me wonder why we listen to 50 year predictions?

We dont need to look at nuclear fusion for limitless 'free' energy. Solar arrays in Saharan Africa will generate plenty of power alot cleaner than fossil fuels. Pipe it up with EHT power lines and the jobs a good un. Could be a golden opportunity to get away from Saud and patch things up with Libya.

Sony shows 'flexi OLED' curvacious concept kit



Have you got figures for the statement that an unlit lcd uses 'significantly' less power than a lit OLED? I would guess that a lit OLED still uses less power than an unlit LCD.


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