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Man drives 6,000 miles to prove Uncle Sam's cellphone coverage maps are wrong – and, boy, did he manage it

john bertelsen

Rural not urban

The author probably meant rural. In the not too distant past there were more cows in Vermont than people.

On another note it took more than a week for our local rag, the Burlington Free Press, to give this story a quick line. For another take with a different slant look at the version on vtdigger.org.

We live in Burlington so are blessed with good cell coverage and free Wi-Fi downtown courtesy of our own local ISP. (There's another story for another day.) However I was recently in Craftsbury at a popular ski resort with zip, nada coverage. I used to live in Dover where the local politician quoted in the vtdigger article resides. It also hosts a large ski resort, but a narrow valley between high hills and mountains probably has many blind spots.

Former Intel love rat Krzanich finds his calling, lands at biz that sells tech to car dealers

john bertelsen

from a CDK customer

i used to work for a CDK customer. Their software is is a non homogeneous mass getting more complicated all the time. Their prices are humongous once they've got you. I do say their support is excellent, but some of it is now being off-shored.

They are bleeding customers to newer more nimble competitors.

Fixing a printer ended with a dozen fire engines in the car park

john bertelsen

Re: Had the fire brigade called to a five star hotel, in Malta....

+1 for the Red Dwarf reference!

Nvidia: Using cheap GeForce, Titan GPUs in servers? Haha, nope!

john bertelsen

Re: Whats Next?

Upvote for the Red Dwarf reference.

User left unable to type passwords after 'tropical island stress therapy'

john bertelsen

Re: Government staff: need I say more?

A dept manager called and said "The net is down." Turned out that the printer he was trying to print to was out of paper.

I always have to prompt the user to tell me what's really going on. To non-IT people the functioning of systems is a black box. It's not there job to know otherwise unless they are somehow personally interested.

But it is still funny... cute like hearing a two year old trying to talk. (or annoying if that's your point of view)

Forget your RTO*: Real world Disaster Recovery needs garbage bags and bubble wrap

john bertelsen

Our state IT workers were quick enough to move server out of the basement of the state office building in Waterbury, Vermont as Hurricane Irene poured rain into the nearby river. Some of them lost their cars in the parking lot, but they saved the servers....on a weekend.

Much of the central part of the state was paralyzed for weeks and the state workers did not get new digs for several years, but at least they were able to operate.

Label your cables: A cautionary tale from the server room

john bertelsen

...you forgot ....

That's the way I've always done it, and it always worked. (It isn't, and it hasn't).

BOFH: I'm not doing this for the benefit of your health, you know

john bertelsen

Re: Meh...

I think the PFY hit him with a phone book fired out of the ether cannon built into his filing cabinet. Pushing out the window without either pyrotechnics or electricity (cattle prod) is lame.

BOFH: Is WHAT 'running slow'!? GOD

john bertelsen

"The Net is down"

My favorite, all time luser statement:

One of our managers calls me and says, "The Net is down!"

I check it out. Turns out the printer he is trying to print to is out of paper.

I've got a super free multi-petabyte storage box for you: /dev/null

john bertelsen

Re: Rigorous backup processes...

Or Dilbert


Experts stroke beards over LOHAN's vacuity

john bertelsen

Vote for vacuum accumulator

I support the idea of a vacuum accumulator to sustain the low pressure in the firing chamber as long as possible. The tube between the REHAB chamber and the accumulator needs to be large enough to accommodate the sudden change in pressure inside REHAB when the motor fires.

The cost not mentioned is that it will take much longer for the pump to achieve the targeted low pressure.

Publisher hails CS Lewis 'space trilogy' e-book debut

john bertelsen

CSL Space Trilogy

IIRC Lewis insisted that these were not to taken as biblical parallels, but I don't buy that.

Peralandra is somewhat tedious because of the long debate that takes place, but the series is definitely worth a read.

LOHAN demonstrates impressive sucking skills

john bertelsen
Big Brother

Re: Low pressure only until ignintion, right?

Why not add a second chamber to the system to act as a vacuum accumulator? It will enable the pressure to drop more slowly after the motor ignites.

If the accumulator sits between the pump and the chamber, it will reduce the amount of hot gasses ingested by the pump while firing the motor.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

john bertelsen

Any Kevin Costner movie........

....except Dances With Wolves. He had so few speaking lines because there was nobody to talk with because most of the characters did not speak English. Robin Hood (boring, liked the Mel Brooks version MUCH more) and Message In A Bottle (stiff, unbelievable) both really bad. Fortunately I avoided seeing Waterworld.

BOFH: Dawn raid on Fort BOFH

john bertelsen

Re: Darned youngsters.

That would be ARCNet cards more than likely!

PARIS in 89,000 ft climax

john bertelsen

Glimpse of PARIS

Aren't there a couple of quick tiny glimpses of PARIS well after release?

BOFH: Join the club

john bertelsen

Clueless Boss .........

.....wheels spinning in the sand...........

Apple touts tips to sidestep iPod earphone electric shocks

john bertelsen

Headset shocks

I have experienced shocks from headphones while riding a bicycle on rollers. It happens when the audio device is NOT in your pocket and static builds up from the rollers and discharges through the headphones. It is actually quite a blast right in the ear. I'm amazed it didn't fry the audio (CD) player.

Naturally I use a different music setup during our cold northern winters when I need the miles and our heating system dries the air.

Hackers demand $10m ransom for Virginia medical data

john bertelsen

Someone has been reading .............

..........."Burn After Reading".

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

john bertelsen

Chicken Vindaloo

I will be brewing a big batch of chicken vindaloo in celebration!

Cops taser JCB thief in 'slowest police chase ever'

john bertelsen

Tracked JCB

Years ago (1980's) JCB used to make a tracked front end loader. It was quite quick. Had the opportunity to operate one briefly moving some snow around.



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