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Palm's new OS finds the sweetest spot

David Beers

OSGi more than a buzz word for mobile Java

@Steven: OSGi may be a trendy acronym among server-side Java developers, but for mobile Java developers it answers some really serious deficiencies that the JCP has failed to address for years. Java ME MIDP's lack of a component model has created the worst kind of fragmentation and the many ways MIDP keeps mobile Java developers from leveraging all the innovation that is going on elsewhere in the software world has relegated it to "toy" status, despite the fact that it's on a billion phones and has such tantalizing potential. OSGi enables mobile Java environments to align with standards that server-side Java developers enjoy without imposing ever more bloated monolithic stacks. Honestly, for mobile developers it's like being let out of prison. I should add that the speculation that Palm is using OSGi or will have a Java SDK at all contains a good dose of wishful thinking. I think they'd be crazy not to, but that's about all the reason I had for supposing they've actually done so.

@Register: My last name is Beers, not "Pike." Since the Internet never forgets :-)



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