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US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

ron owens

wtf, rtfm

ive used ubuntu for two or so years no exclusively and if you cant figure out that oppen office is 100% compatible with ms office., you are a moron and dont deserve higher education. setting up pppoe for your dsl connection, I can only ask why she didn't google it. it works ive seen it. dropping out of two semesters tells me she was looking for an excuse to drop out.. The effort required to resolve her issues was minimal. Absolutely no sympathy from this college student, just a sense of security knowing that means more financial aid for the rest of us, and one less lazy idiot taking up a seat in a college classroom(online or not). I say good ridance and shw will not be missed by either ubuntu or the fine institie from which shee dropped out.

ron owens

Linux for dumb college girls = ubuntu

Im a pc tech for an isp, one of my first calls ever was for this dumb college girl who had completely boched her dell with windos(big suprize). it woudn't do anything. feeling sorry for her i put ubuntu 8.04 on it cuz i had it in a cd case on me, setup her printer, showed her where everything was and i never heard another word, she got online checked her classes and exported a doc to word format all before i left. i would have put xp on it be she did not have the disks and i didn'ty have one with a valid license.

anyway i move that the story be stricken from the front page of the register and in its place a link to this thread, I move to petition.


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