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Congress may loosen noose on internet radio


I don't know if H.R.2060 will work

Ok, H.R 2060 sounds neat and all but after reading what the bill includes I am not so sure it would work....the bill states 7.5% of revenue or $0.33 per listener per hour. If it is a non profit station (which the vast majority are) does that mean we will be forced into the $0.33 category....If a webcaster is forced into the $0.33 category that would bankrupt them anyway.... I based my math on our current overnight average because we just changed streams and we are trying to catch everything up......10 listeners....$0.33 an hour = $3.30 an hour (not bad)---- 24 hours in a day (if you kept only 10 listeners for the entire day and night) that is $79.20 per day.....for a 30 day month that is $2376.00 and for a year that is $28,908.00 that is with only 10 listeners everyday for a year even with only 5 listeners it would be $14,454.00 and acorrding to Arbitron 1 out of 5 people in the US alone listen to Internet Radio and Net Radio is worldwide so lets do a 20 person average.......$57,816 per year......I would like to know if non profits are going to have to pay into one of those categories?



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