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HP puts own man in charge of ex-EDS

Antoine Dubuc

Senior vice president of entreprise growth in china and india..

This sounds suspiciously like bureacratese for 'piss off' or 'go away'...

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So if your company gets bought you become a sucker?

Are you a droid? or a bot maybe?

If you thinks thats funny you must be very very sad

Chrome: A new force for web applications?

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Revolutionary yes.

Its not the UI features that are revolutionary but the software architecture. Keeping tabs and plugins in their own process box is truly revolutionary in the production world. This has been written about for a long time but Google is the first to actually do it for browsers.

Internet Explorer - now with 35% less FAIL

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Please don't do it.

help me I can't uninstall this crapware on xppsp2. Its always wanting to debug everything and you need to reinstall all the addins like flashget, bt, etc... sucks! AVOID!

Intel CTO demos building blocks of shapeshifting robots

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I think that Tesla claimed long distance as this here is really a few feet only. Perhaps its not the same mechanism?

Paris, for catoms are welcomed!

Microsoft to kill Windows with 'web-centric' Midori?

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Software Subscriptions

Imagine us, China and the others forced to actually pay for software since in the cloud you can install software... just subscribe to it.... Kaching.

I think that this is the lure that gave MSR the funding it wanted.

The Vulture, since MS seems more and more to be living on borrowed time.

Blighty's electro-supercar 2.0 uncloaked today

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@David - Charge Time


This is NOT using the same battery technology as the Tesla...

BT opens wallet to send fibre to the home

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Obama bloats Vista by 11MB

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Vista users = Paytards

Enough said.

Cardiff 'copter coppers give chase to UFO

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They're real alright.

On december 12 1981 I was 5 years old and behind Mt Saint Anne, in Quebec, where my grand father had his cottage, we saw one at 19h45 hovering about 500 meters behind the cottage, at around 100 feets, for nearly 5 minutes. The neighbours saw it too. It just appeared there, then it just flashed through the clouds and was gone. My grandfather told me it was santa claus and not to tell anyone. It ultimately cause a divorce between my grandmother and my grandfather as she tought he was nuts, and that he had con me into this.. etc. They are real alright. And they suck.

Sharp pitches 'world's largest' LCD screen

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But short lived

4x 1080p is set for late next year....

Paris, because she'd looked nice humping on 108 inch! lolll

Metadata ruins Google's anonymous eBay Australia protest

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Google and Word


Google is probably just following the requirements of this agency they're filing with. However Google should have scanned the pdf the agency filed publicly first, if they wanted to be anonymous, and who knows what they wanted?

Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up

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Business as usual: Cost of Q/A

If hp follows microsoft advice it potentially leads to many Q/A lines for every machine. This cost too much for poor HP. The image is for hp taking the money out of your pocket while giving back poorly q/a'ed machines.

UK airline pilots spot giant UFO

Antoine Dubuc

Special Relativity

When you are on your bicycle, ETA is a simple matter. But when your butt is on a gravity wave propelled by scalar waves or what have you and going at 99.9% of 'c', then ETA is another matter. It becomes a logarythmic function.

So it would mean that ETA would probably be around 200 000 years late for the folks waiting for you, and just on time for you.

Frame of reference. Its a tricky thing. Of course, if you change the frame of reference around you, i,e, the local spacetime, you can travel at the speed you want without relativistic effects because you are not in the fishbowl anymore.

For more whacky but mathematically sound stuff, http://www.cheniere.org -It's amazing how we don't take time to review the basics.. :)



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