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Wind turbine blown away by control system vulnerability

Fredric L. Rice

THIS is why you do not allow Republicans to design anything, or allow Republicans to have any part in developing anything that's even remotely critical.

No offense.

Just TWO climate committee MPs contradict IPCC: The two with SCIENCE degrees

Fredric L. Rice

Nobody cares what two politicians think, 97% of the world's climate scientists accept reality, that two right wing dimwits don't is irrelevant.

Freed LulzSec hacker banned from contacting Anons, wiping data

Fredric L. Rice

infamous LulzSec? NO! Famous heroes

"..infamous LulzSec..." I find it amusing that anyone would claim that LulzSec is "infamous," anyone except for right wing corporate terrorists and criminals. LulzSec are the good guys, and the author of this piece knows it.

Anonymous celebrates first anniversary of Scientology protests

Fredric L. Rice

Anonymous is winning

"What is the nature of nonviolent hacktivism? How far is too far?"

The answer is obvious. "It goes all the way to the end." Project Chanology is, after all, a one way street with stated aims and goals that are fairly well stipulated in the original "Message To Scientology."


Until those goals are met, Project Chanology will continue despite the fact that most Channers have left the Project by virtue of considering the effort to be "moralfagdom" however the minority of Channers that have grown up recognize Scientology as a legitimate and worthwhile criminal corporation to dismantle and they recognize the fact that Scientology _can_ be dismantled, ergo Anonymous was spawned to take the errort "all the way to the end."

There is some irony in all this, of course. The ARSCC (alt.religion.scientology newsgroup's Central Committee which, in fact, does not exist) already had Scientology's computer rooms in Los Angeles / Hollywood infiltrated insofar as having one of our own people in there working for us, a Scientology customer who was -- and still is -- working on the inside to reform Scientology to eliminate its core criminality.

The irony is that hacking Scientology computers to leverage access to their systems to retrieve Federally actionable evidence is irrelevant -- there's already enough hard physical evidence to "roll up" Scientology, according to Lt. Ray Emmons' Federal "Summary Report," that hacktavists these days are, well, rather obsolete.

Project Chanology didn't "hack" any Scientology computer systems, not to garner evidence that could be Federally indictable, and not to retrieve otherwise embarrassing information from their systems. Indeed, thanks to the ARSCC and Anonymous, virtually all of Scientology's previously secret bait-and-switch bunko frauds and scams are well exposed and disseminated, much of which is on WikiLeaks.

What Project Chanology did was launch a very mild Distribnuted Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against a few Scientology servers, causing some rather minor disruption but not actually causing any financial or institutional harm. The initial DDoS was a failure that didn't result in any actual damage to Scientology -- and certainly didn't do a thing to dismantle the criminal enterprise.

Wise Beard Man (world wide recognized award winning journalist Mark Bunker) advised an end to the failed DDoS stunt in any event and Project Chanology took on a more mature and winnable direction. The hacktavism that has taken place has been leveraging embarrassing documents from ex-customers and disseminating them widely to innoculate people against purchasing the Scientology Corporation's frauds and scams.

In this respects, Project Chanology has been resoundly successful and Anonymous has been AWESOME. World wide Scientology has at most -- let's be generous -- some 40,000 remaining customers. Scientology's revenues have been gutted and it's only the ignorance of individuals and politicians that allow the criminal enterprise to rook and swindle money -- some times tax money, ie Scientology's "narCONon" / "Second Chance" frauds -- from people and clueless government agencies.

Anonymous is winning. Project Chanology will continue until the last Scientology customer has been set free and, always hopeful, some of these Scientology ringleaders and crime bosses are sent to prison. Until then Anonymous persists and the EPIC WINS shall include caek. Chocolate marble caek, in fact. No lie.

My opinions only and only my opinions, as always.


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