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Boffins hope for dimensional portal event at LHC by 2013!


@"That kills String Theory then. Oh, it's alreadty dead anyway."

String theory never dies. Every time someone thinks its dead, it just spawns yet more string theories!

Its about time someone names one of the string theories, Spaghetti Theory. Then we can search for the spaghetti god particle. His noddleness, I'm sure would approve. :)


@"So you've got to wonder.... where did Maxwell get such a small daemon"

The daemon grew up and now works for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence.

Penguin icon, as its the nearest to a cat like icon I could find. :)

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail


@Insurance groups

In this brave new world of ubiquitous information access, this kind of problem with groups seeking to exploit ever more information is inevitable. As they say, "Knowledge Is Power" and so everyone who wishes to manipulate others for their own gain, will exploit more knowledge to force people to do what they want.

The answer is to push back. Don't just accept what the insurance agents try to say, haggle with them and if they don't want to give in, then tell them to f*#k off! ... its the meek sheep in this world that allow the manipulators in society to get ever more powerful. If everyone told them no, they would be finished.

Google wants Android developers

Big Brother

@Google now also want "Mobile payments"

So Google are not contented with trying to assimilate almost every search thought on the planet, not to mention global wardriving. No not enough, so now Google are going after spying on everything we all buy as well.

Soon opting out of Google's growing omnipresence isn't going to be an option.

Yuppie cellphone-style iPhone case comes to Blighty


Going back to the 1980's

Ok I want to go back to the 1960's, so I need a plastic moulded full size portable red telephone box I can setup and step into on the street of my choice, to make my calls. :)

Its clearly a Friday news day. :)

Come to think of it, a full size moulded red telephone box would work great in the pub. :)

Sony preps PlayStation gaming for Android


Sony controlled app portal

I have mixed feelings about this move. On the one hand we get more mobile games which is good, but on the other hand this move is effectively a Sony Playstation portal tax on Android developers. Android already has many games which bypass the need to go through Sony and Android games work on all Android phones, whereas this Sony move means apps only work on phones with this Sony portal app installed on it, which won't be all Android phones. Plus developers can choose what apps they create on Android, whereas with Sony, they are forced to get their apps approved by Sony (for a fee) and so Sony will block (or delay) approval of apps. (Sony in the past has delayed 3rd party games which compete with its own in house developed games, so they will be able to play these same delaying tactics with this phone move).

So this move sounds very much like a way to try to control developers. There is some impressive games coming out on Android phones already, without Sony seeking a way to control and effectively tax developers. So I can't see many developers falling for this extra Sony tax.

Intel's biggest ever buy is going ahead


It won't work

I can't see how this can stop all malware, so even if it stops say 90% of malware, all that will happen is the malware writers will adapt to use the methods in the 10% that get past Intel. So by the following year, Intel will be stopping the minority of malware.

All Intel will end up doing is creating a pressure for change away from methods of malware writing that are stopped by Intel, towards methods of malware writing that get past Intel's latest marketing gimmick.

Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu


I like all 3 films, so I can't wait to see Matrix 4 & 5.

I know the Matrix isn't for everyone, but then if you don't like it, you don't have to watch it.

But what gets me is that with almost every announcement of a sequel these days; we have an endless barrage of bile from naysayers, determined to imply that they have a superior more refined artistic view of what makes a great film. Its very much as if these critics love the feeling of pretending they are so superior and so we end up with them seeking to undermine a film they haven't even seen yet!

Google backslaps Schmidt with $100m award


""wear a tie” asked Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt"

I guess when you are worth billions, you no longer have to worry about conforming to other peoples dress code demands, as no one is really your boss. (Plus I couldn't even tell you who does and doesn't wear ties, as its not something I notice or care about, but clearly Mr Jeremy Hunt does). So after a snide "wear a tie” comment like that, I wouldn't wear a tie, just to piss off Mr Jeremy Hunt. :)

By the way, "Mr Jeremy Hunt" sounds like Rhyming Slang for how he behaves. ;)

IPTV UK: failure to launch?


Virgin Media & Sky still together against IPTV

Even if some part of Virgin Media still exists, in some form, their TV side of their business is very much assimilated into Sky.

The BSkyB takeover of Virgin Media news (on the BBC and the Guardian etc.. is unclear as to precisely where the line stops, so I accept you may have more details on that).

However whatever the status of some remaining part of Virgin Media, that deal still means that BSkyB and Virgin Media will work very closely together on any move to undermine anything which could undermine their mutual control over much of the TV distribution in the UK. They are therefore Monopolistic even if they are technically still a cartel.


Virgin Media is now Sky

@"Cable TV company Virgin Media, for example, is unhappy with what it calls the closed nature of YouView"

Cable TV company Virgin Media is now owned by Sky. Sky don't like anything they can't control. Hence they will try to undermine the success of any service which undercuts them.

i.e. "BSkyB buys Virgin Media TV channels for £160m" http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/jun/04/bskyb-buys-virgin-media-channels

(British Sky Broadcasting Group (a.k.a. BSkyB; trading as Sky)

So Sky own Virgin Media. Oh and surprise surprise, the Monopolies and Mergers Commission have done fuck all about it. So Murdoch wins and the government does fuck all about it. (But then as the Monopolies and Mergers Commission had their name changed (in 1999) to a more PR friendly Competition Commission because implying they stopped Monopolies in their name may actually mean people would expect them to stop Monopolies!).

Anything which can cut out the Sky tax on all TV channels is very good news. I can't wait for IPTV services that bypass Murdoch's empire.

Duke Nukem Forever release date revealed


At last

So any word yet on when they will be releasing the sequel to Duke Nukem Forever. :)

Website with 10 million users warns of password theft

Big Brother

Why hack this site?

It seems a strange web site to target. Why would hackers want to know who accesses a website that "helps drivers avoid speeding tickets"? ... They could be doing it for another spam email list, but there is another possibility. It could have been a professional hacker hired simply to hack the site to get a list of people who use the site.

After all our Police now consider it a criminal offence to warn motorists of a mobile police speed gun. Therefore a whole website full of people warning motorists, is therefore a mass of people committing what our Police (State) would consider criminal offences. For example: "driver prosecuted for flashing his headlights to warn motorists of a mobile police speed gun"


The Police and the government are definitely building up lists on people they don't charge with any crime (at this point in time ... they hope to find something they can use later, for now its a fishing trip for names and other info). We are seeing more and more examples of this. For example the Domestic Extremist list & The freedom of information requesters list (maintained by GCHQ), so its not much to expect our Police State are now also seeking yet another list of this time people who (in their mind) seek to undermine their law enforcement by their speed cameras which are in effect automated policing systems.

Publisher takes swipe at StarCraft II game mod


A real shame

I was amazed at how professional this Mod looked. Its a real shame the bosses of Activision/Blizzard are such undermining bastards, that they would sooner destroy the project than to actively support or even help publish the project themselves. (But then undermining is so very much what Passive-aggressive Narcissistic people in power do).

Here's the new video of the Mod. It looks very professionally produced.


Gov will spend £400k to destroy ID card data


£400,000? WTF!

Can I have £400,000 for hitting the delete button! ;)

Brazilian cult condemns USB


Brazilian cult condemns USB

So USB is a sign of the devil. Helps explain a lot. So I guess a 3 pin plug is also devilish.

WTF kind of world is this?! By the way, which century are we in again?!

So they want to ban USB. I wish we could just ban cults ... or better still, ban cult leaders.

Let me guess, the leader of this cult is another charismatic attention seeker with a grandiose sense that they talk for god. So they tell others that their words are quite literally the word of god and everyone has to follow what they say. (You can't get much more Narcissistic than someone who claims they speak for god! ... so the charisma isn't really charisma at all, its a warning sign of a deeply two faced manipulative Narcissistic person who also shows strong warning signs of also being Histrionic as they need to be in the centre of attention controlling everyone. So we get a person who combines a Narcissistic Personality Disorder with a Histrionic Personality Disorder. Which is why these lying two faced manipulators are so dangerous to others) … (Therefore is it any wonder the Catholic church for example, is now uncovering the abusive horror of these fake pious two faced people who seek to lead everyone).

Many of the leaders found in every religion conform to this pattern of HPD + NPD behaviour. Its the same pattern of behaviour found in many politicians of all political parties. Religion & politics are after all both sets of beliefs which charismatic attention seekers seek to influence others to follow them (and by getting many people to follow them, that gives the leader money, power & fame (i.e. attention)).

When the is the entire human race going to side line these charismatic attention seeking lying manipulative two faced bastards, who seek to control others for their own gain. That is infinitely more important than this cult decrying a fucking USB symbol!

(As you have probably guessed, I'm an atheist and with very good reason, not least because of the centuries of work & evidence in science (in physics, chemistry & biology etc..) but also because of the centuries of work & repeating evidence found by researchers and philosophers building towards a psychological profiling of certain groups of society which have repeating patterns of behaviour).

Right I'm off to plunge all my plugs under water, to see if they are witchcraft! … for I am the Witch Plug Finder General!

/shakes_head ... and breath.

Burglars snort dead dad's ashes


I doubt its drugs shown by his eyes

Its far more likely the photo has just caught the guy blinking or just as likely, he could simply be one of those people who try to show a nonchalant arrogance towards others. Burglars almost by definition have a Narcissistic self interest and therefore contempt for others.

WikiLeaks gets Swiss bank info

Big Brother

I want to see more on the banks

It will be interesting to see what corrupt money games the rich and powerful are playing via swiss bank accounts. If its anything like BCCI it should help shock a few more people into seeing the shocking depths of corruption going on behind our backs.

I still don't think most people realise the full extent of what was going on at BCCI, which after a decade of investigations has been described as "the biggest clandestine money network in history." e.g.


Creepy as hell: Facebook developers get to know you better

Big Brother

Facebook access to other peoples details not on Facebook

"You only have to have phone/address in a friend's phone who uses the facebook app and your details are uploaded."

@AC: Wow hold the horses there, what Facebook can upload my details simply from someone (who is a member of Facebook) who happens to have my phone number? Please explain what Facebook can upload, as this is news to me? ... what can they upload?

@Anton Ivanov: "Unfortunately, F***book has reached a degree of pervasiveness where you are automatically marked as potential subversive if you refuse to participate."

That can be argued both ways. e.g. its easy to argue the opposite, For example, I don't want a Facebook account and anyway I see it as a waste of time, so if you employ me, I won't be wasting your company time on Facebook. :) ... (I'll be on The Reg instead! ;)

@"vast majority of users simply agreeing with everything they're asked"

I see the Gene Pool shallow end is causing trouble again. But then they are always part of the problem, as they are too ignorant of how so much personal data can be used to manipulate society. But then the manipulative vitriolic control freak wannabee role model sheep herders in society don't want people to say what I just said. So we get this double problem (repeated throughout history) of the sheep and their herders pushing in one way (always ignorantly towards ever increasing Authoritarianism), whilst a minority of society (who keep up with current events) tries to warn of the dangers and has to look on dismayed at the direction the sheep are ignorantly dragging society. :(

Boffins play 'Pac-Man' with tiny living organisms

Thumb Up

'Pac-Man' with living organisms

Sounds easy, take 4 panthers and a reality show contestant, then put them in a maze and shout advice. :)

(Although there is prior art as I believe the Romans created a similar game in their Amphitheatres. ;)

Small biz would pay more for simpler tax


Smaller firms unfairly disadvantaged

@"Smaller firms believe they're at an unfair disadvantage compared to bigger companies"

What like "Google slips $3.1bn through 'Double Irish' tax loophole"


That shows small businesses can't play tax games the way global corporations can. :(

Ace Reg reporter in career suicide shock


Good luck in the new job!

I hope you help wake up the Daily Telegraph readers as to how technology is being abused as well as used. A broadsheet with a cutting technology commentary, now that would be something new. :)

Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty


@Anton Ivanov

@Anton Ivanov, you make a very good point, (which seems to be overlooked by a lot of people judging from your votes up).

Scandinavian gamers/hackers wouldn't use an American server, the ping would easily be up in the hundreds of milliseconds. That may not sound like much latency to non-gamers, but it would be laughed at as unusable and pointless by gamers.

I wonder if this is an insider job so to speak, where it could simply have been setup by an in house IT worker as a gaming server for him and some friends, all likely based in America. Maybe someone tried to connect from Scandinavia but I doubt they would have got far in the game. There may very well have been no actual hacker, but simply some IT worker using the medical server as a gaming server and now its been found, they know they are in trouble and so are trying to cover up what they did by saying, oh it was hackers, I'll help you find them. Problem is the paranoia around the word "hacking" these days could easily result in non-technical managers freaking out at the word "hacker" in association with their beloved servers. Which would just dig a bigger hole for the worried IT worker.

(I've even worked in companies where we have put gaming servers on office servers, its just the bosses were ok with it (in one case, they even joined in :) ).

Also a gaming server is likely to be a lot of data, when adding in all the maps data, so whilst not impossible to upload, its a major pain to upload it all. Much easier to install if you just do it via an internal intranet connection.

I bet its just a now somewhat worried IT worker, trying to say it was hackers. :)

Oracle's Sword of Damocles forces open source fork rename


Last one out....

Will the last open source project out of Oracle/Sun/Sunacle please turn off the light. :(

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer resigns


Board to shareholder translation & opportune timing for Intel/NVidia news

@"The Board believes we have the opportunity to create increased shareholder value over time. This will require the company to have significant growth, establish market leadership and generate superior financial returns. We believe a change in leadership at this time will accelerate the company’s ability to accomplish these objectives."

Translation: Hey shareholders, don't worry, you'll be rich if you stay with us, please stay with us, please, please stay.

Meanwhile, Intel just happens to announce on the day AMD gives out this news, that Intel are now working with Nvidia and giving Nvidia $1.5bn. I very much doubt that's purely coincidental. It very likely simply a case of an insider in AMD has learned their CEO is leaving and then told someone at Intel/NVidia about it and their marketing & PR people then just arrange a big press release ready to release at the most opportune moment of maximum effect against their joint biggest competitor. Which helps to boost's Intel's and NVidia's business image whilst also diminishing AMD's image in the eyes of business people who are choosing who to licence & use their technology.

Its often said business planning is like tactical war planning. Business people even use Sun Tzu Art of War concepts in business planning. It looks very much like Intel/NVidia have waited to release this news at a time they know they can hit out best against their joint competitor. After all they can work together for months without announcing it, so their PR people can wait months to release news at times of maximum effect.

EU in Chinese garlic-crushing operation


144 tonnes of fresh Chinese garlic seized in Poland

I bet the anti-smuggling sniffer dogs found that easily!

Police reject Labour MP's call for Bristol-wide DNA test

Big Brother

Labour MP needs to be fired

Everyone wants the killer caught, but DNA testing the entire male population of an area isn't the answer!

Labour get a fucking clue, how much will it take to get the message across to Labour, we don't want their Police State ideas!

Apple shareholders call for transparent CEO 'succession plans'


Self-fulfilling prophecy

This idea of hiding the succession-planning policy, saying it would undermine this and that ironically just adds to the idea that Steve Jobs is so centrally important to the company. Its exactly the opposite message of what they should be doing as a company. They would do well to slowly down play the idea that Steve Jobs is so central to the company, because if anything did ever suddenly happen to him or he simply wanted to retire, then the current way Apple have built up his centrally important status, that inflated image of him could seriously backfire and hurt their company.

Imagine if some sudden bad news appeared about him, like say he was suddenly found dead or was found to be terminally ill. The way Apple are playing it and have played it all along, such bad news could cause the collapse of their company. Their share price would we wiped out in hours.

I don't think they (the Apple top people) are doing Steve Jobs or Apple a service in the longer term by hiding this information now. They should be openly and slowly discussed what possible succession-plans are in place now, so that if or when the time comes (even if that's a decade or more from now), its not such a massive shock to the company image when it does finally occur. That would help protect the company's future.

Man charged in bizarre EXPLODING VIBRATOR plot


Amazing how far some would go

@It contained "gunpowder, BB shot and buck shot"

Its a wonder he wasn't charged with attempted murder. Its basically a stick of explosive. (I saw a case on TV some time ago like this where a guy put a similar sort of sized thing placed under the driver seat of his wife's car and it did nearly kill her and that was through a thick seat. This case could have been an internal blast which would have been horrific).

Shame Minnesota doesn't have the death penalty, as I'm sure his ex-girlfriend could make very effective use of this vibrator on him ... "Houston, we have lift off!" ... Its a fitting end for the guy. Just one thing, before using it, she could even shout "fire in the hold!". :)

EU law not tough enough for online piracy, says Brussels

Big Brother

Opportunities to control

@"Unprecedented increase in opportunities to infringe intellectual property rights offered by the Internet"

The way these control freak bastards think, that should read ... "abuse of the Internet gives unprecedented increase in opportunities for social control"

They are never going to stop piracy because as fast as they try to clamp down more ways will appear to spread data.

Yet every attempt at clamping down on us increases the Authoritarianism they seek to force us to live under.

Therefore as piracy cannot be stopped, their course of action inevitably leads towards unending Authoritarianism that is ultimately a Totalitarian police state.

Frankly all piracy isn't so important to society that its allowed to force our society into a police state.

Runaway hydroponic fungus attacks real-world Starship Voyager


I'm guessing if I lived over a dope farm I would do the same :)

"a dope farm in the property below" ... and the fumes from it ... helps explain why he thought, I know, I'll turn my flat into a replica of a Starship! :)

FCC dubbed 'Ministry of Truth' over net neut rules



@dpg21 : "But they are! Its just that the government has a different definition of "freedom" to every one else."

Hence the article referring to "doublethink and newspeak"


The 1984 Ministry of Truth is really a Ministry of lies. Doublethink and Newspeak are really just ways to cover lies with duplicitous words. Which is exactly the game every government uses against us.

Big Brother

We suffer either way ... Checkmate.

So on the one hand we have the government taking more control of the Internet to protect its freedom, (oh yes right, like that will happen).

Yet on the other hand, we have the companies seeking to carve up the Internet and in doing so, they will need to force deep packet inspection technology on us to spy on us all, so they can then workout what data to charge different amounts for (plus then they sell our data to others). So we then have to suffer them effectively saying, this byte will cost you X, and this byte will cost you Y etc..

We are doomed to be controlled both ways. Checkmate. The control freaks win. But then sadly was their any doubt they would ever fail to gain more control over us. :(

What should happen is just ban (and make totally illegal) all DPI and all spying on data, ISP's are carriers, not spies. But the government won't play that move, because they want more control one way or the other. They are playing us for fools and they are winning. :(

Min of Justice to crack down on dodgy compo claims


Considering past examples of how mad this world is...

... I guess high paid lawyers will now sue the Ministry of Justice on the basis this report is causing them emotional stress!

(Unfortunately the biggest winners of compensation are often the lawyers :( ).

Assange 'threatened to sue' Grauniad over leak of WikiLeak



@AC: "Other sites manage to publish leaked documents without the need for dramatics that Assange seems to crave."

… “dramatics that Assange seems to crave”?! ... WTF ... Repeat after me, it was the US government who made Wikileaks high profile. It was the US government who made Wikileaks high profile due to them seeking to find out who was behind Wikileaks and then attacking them in the media. They seeked to find out who was behind Wikileaks to then bring them down.

By the way, the only people who condemn others for seeking attention are other attention seekers, as attention seekers are motivated by their need for attention, so endlessly seek to remove attention from others, even if it has nothing directly to do with them, they still secretly despise other attention seekers. Assange is high profile thanks to the US government. He has a lot of attention. Wikileaks is high profile, get over it!

"John Young of Cryptome stated that Wikileaks had aimed to raise something like $50m in the first year."

Two points. Point 1, "John Young of Cryptome" is pissed at Wikileaks. Its stealing his thunder. His site could and should have been Wikileaks, but that’s the nature of the media, the one that gets into the news is the high profile one, as simple as that.

As for point 2, say just 2000 people globally are working on and with Wikileaks, that’s $25000 each (That’s just £16192). Can you live on just £16192 a year. That’s low money. Now add in the costs of all the infrastructure of Wikileaks and then add on top all the many high paid lawyers and law firms and other advisor’s in dozens of countries, and you will find that money goes bloody quickly. Wikileaks needs money, get over it!

@AC: I get that you are pissed at Assange's high profile attention. He has got a huge amount of attention and that clearly pisses you off no end. So you seek to put down Wikileaks and Assange and you want to incite others to put them down.

As for "I've still yet to see anything in the cables that constitutes whistleblowing. What in there is so serious that it's in the public interest to release?" ... that just goes to prove how you seek to put down Wikileaks and Assange.



"The release of confidential information in the public interest" ... "NOT" ... "The release of confidential information for financial gain."

Do you think Wikileaks costs nothing to run? ... No? Well then, as its not free to run, its a fact of life Wikileaks needs to negotiate to raise money (and like it or not, legal threats are part of negotiating in business) and lets face it The Guardian and all news papers (including even The Reg) are profiting from publishing news about the leaks. That's simply a fact of life, news organisations need money and so money is also required to keep Wikileaks going so money games are going to be used to negotiate ways to release the leaked info. (Hence the US going after all sources of money which allows people to support Wikileaks). Money is needed.

What gets me are the morons who are blinded and distracted by this.

Frankly I don't care that the media are earning a living from these leaks. I don't even care how much they earn, (good luck to them earning a lot). What I do care about is what the leaks are showing us about how we are being lied to endlessly by our political leaders, the people who are suppose to represent us and it is this news which is getting distracted away from, with all this false money & attention controversy (which is basically a giant straw man argument used against Wikileaks).

The big news for me is why the hell has all the leaks apparently gone quiet. Also why the hell haven't charges been brought left, right and centre against the people and organisations highlighted in the leaks so far. Plus is that all the leaks. Is that really it? ... is that all we will learn?. I want to hear more especially about WTF the banks have been up to. I want to hear about the money behind the political leaders. Now that would be news worthy.

Casio touts 'Bluetooth Low Energy' wristwatch with 2 year battery


Why Bluetooth?

So I can sync time? WTF?! ... is that it basically?! ... other than killing its battery life when its made to buzz ... and why do I need the watch to buzz when the phone does that already?! ... I don't see a compelling reason to want it.

Plus its an ugly looking thing. Looks like a cheap 1980's LCD watch. For a moment I was thinking isn't it a bit early for April the 1st stories?!

SWAT team besieges Illinois school in 'butt dialling' incident


@"someone needs to take a chillpill"

Its the hidden part of the American way of life and has been for hundreds of years. Here's a South Park's explanation.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPBHtjZmSpw (I assume that version of the cartoon has the correct audio as well, as I don't have sound at work).

Over 3 million Americans suffer seriously from panic attacks. Its a country with over 250 million guns. Just imagine someone shaking in fear behind their gun, as they hold their gun up pointed at what they fear and you have an image which explains American history.

For all the American bravado, its really dominated by fear just under the surface, which can easily surface far too often. Its not a way I would want to live, so I will never live out there. I certainly wouldn't want to bring up a family in that kind of fear driven environment. :(

Renault fingers three for spying


Senior executive industrial espionage

I doubt its industrial espionage of the vehicles electrical systems. Its far more likely industrial espionage of marketing plans etc... Plus the electrical systems to create an electric car are hardly rocket science, so not much to take).

Its far more likely marketing information, such as when and for how much products will be released and into what markets and with what feature sets and via which distributors who are being signed up in which territories etc... That sort of thing. As that's very valuable info to competitors, as they can then work to undercut the company. Which is the way senior executives think about business, i.e. finding ways to control people, as in finding ways to influence and undermine competitors businesses, to gain a bigger area of control over part of the market.

'Operation eMule' feds bust duo with 500+ eBay, PayPal accounts


Why the DHS?

I get that the students are crooks. That I understand, but what I don't understand is the scope of the DHS to be the people going after this kind of crime. WTF has this got to do with Homeland Security?. Sounds like feature creep in the DHS allowing them to extend their remit into becoming some kind of global policing?!.

For example, in the past departments such as the FBI would have liaised with their colleagues in Interpol to pursue these kinds of international crimes, but now it seems, the DHS looks like its become some kind of global version of the FBI?! ... I hadn't realised the scope of the DHS had become so wide.

Microsoft confirms code execution bug in Windows



I like it when you said "buy a mac and buy a real computer" ... why do you want us to buy two computers. ;)

Doctor Who to marry Doctor Who's daughter


Error : Stack overflow

I'm stuck in a recursive loop. So Bill Wyman son could also be his father in law. Which would mean Bill Wyman's son could become his own grand father in law. Which would also mean Bill Wyman's wife's father in law is her step son, the grand father in law of her husband?! Which would also mean ... aaargghhh! ... Stack Overflow ... my brain's crashed! :)


Hang on, so the daughter of the 5th Doctor is marrying the 10th Doctor?!

Wow time traveling must make family get togethers confusing. :)

US gov funds censorship-busting tech alternatives to Wikileaks

Big Brother

Counter measures against internet censorship...

... also means a first step towards developing so called "counter counter measures".

Once they know how people can most effectively circumvent government Internet censorship, they will also know what to aim at, in developing new means of censorship. Its typical military style thinking, develop new technology, then develop counter measures to it, then develop counter counter measures and so on. Its a leap frog approach to working out each new chess move. After all the US keeps on saying it wants to stay one step ahead all the time. (Its even the founding principle upon which DARPA was originally created, to in their own words, "prevent technological surprise").

But then our leaders need to tell us minions something that appears to sound good to get us all to allow them to spend millions more of our money. Hence these high "high-profile speech" announcements. Yet its really just the next round of chess moves to avoid future “technological surprises” like Wikileaks.

Micron revs flashy SSD line


New way to write less to make it sound more

I was thinking the same thing about the poor write endurance. Looks like its the new marketing department method for duplicitous wording as I see Intel are also using this same measurement method. They make 72TB of written data sound big, when in fact its actually performing very poorly compared with some other flash products. I.e. "endurance is up to 72TB of written data" & "40GB of data written every day"

So 72Tb/40Gb = 1800 flash writes on average before its dead. That low. Its a lot less than the quotes of 100k writes and even 10k writes we were getting about some flash drives.

I was thinking about using the Fail Icon, as that's what we get after 1800 flash writes :(


New way to write less to make it sound more

I was thinking the same thing about the poor write endurance. Intel's marketing department is working overtime on the duplicitous wording. They make 72TB of written data sound big, when in fact its actually performing very poorly compared with some other flash products. I.e. "endurance is up to 72TB of written data" & "40GB of data written every day"

So 72Tb/40Gb = 1800 flash writes on average before its dead. That low. Its a lot less than the quotes of 100k writes and even 10k writes we were getting about some flash drives.

I was thinking about using the Fail Icon, as that's what we get after 1800 flash writes :(

Delicious, Yahoo! Buzz, MyBlogLog, AltaVista all face axe


Revenge is a dish best served cold

I bet the bosses don't like this info leaking, but its amazing what leaks when the bloody minded bosses are such bastards to make 600 people redundancy so near just before Christmas!

Boeing wins MoD logistics deal

Big Brother

Hang on, so we are giving our government data to a US defence contractor?!

I thought giving the US access to all our banking information was bad enough, but this, WTF!

Oh but the US government won't try to look at all our data will it. No it wouldn't do that would it.

£800m plus access to all our data is I guess, just one more example of our "special relationship" with the US government. :(

The more I see, the more I feel like we are the 51st state of the USA without any say in what happens to us. :(

Assange to be released


independent of US pressure?

How is basically being placed under house arrest independence of US pressure?

They can pick him up any time they like, they can monitor his every move and as they know where he is, they can even monitor all his communications.

So don't hold it up as this wonderful example of freedom from US pressure. Superficially its sounds like a nice sound byte but when looked at in detail, its meaningless at best and at worse it comes across as very sycophantic to the government. Oh how wonderful of the government's fair moves. Bullshit, it means nothing.

If our government were truly independent they would exposed the current diplomatic communications between the US, Sweden and the UK, then tell the US and Sweden where to put their extradition paperwork. Then and only then would I say we were independent of US pressure. As it is, our leaders in their own words say they are worried about their "special relationship" with the US, which basically means bending over to their US counterparts and taking it relentlessly.

Greek police cuff Anonymous spokesman suspect

Big Brother

Inevitable consequences of the governments attitude to the people they represent

@AC: "it will become a tool that can be used without fear of prosecution by governments wishing to sensor the internet."

That "sensor" spelling mistake is an interesting Freudian Slip, because the governments do wish to sensor (as in spy on and detect) as well as censor to silence critics. However governments do not have fear of prosecution, because in their minds they are totally in the right and to prove it, they simply change the law to allow them to do it and show they are in the right!

@AC, whatever happens now and in the future, we can all see the signs of the governments seek to relentlessly increase their control of the Internet (TheReg news has shown us so many examples of this over the years) so even if the government do use Anonymous as an excuse, they would have done the same, even if they didn't have Anonymous as a hate target to try to teach us all to fear them.

Which also means the social reactions to the governments one sided increasingly Orwellian moves is also inevitably heading toward increasing social resistance to the continued government abuses of peoples freedom, privacy and liberty. On top of this the governments are relentlessly lying to us, which is being shown up in Wikileaks. These lies are literally Treason against the people they say they represent!. Is it any wonder people are getting angry and increasingly showing their anger!

What is starting to happen now was therefore inevitable and the governments only have themselves to blame for the anger their increasingly tyrannically attitudes are generating against them. But as usual they refuse to believe they are to blame, no matter how many lies and deceptions get highlighted against them and no matter how much their increasingly tyrannically attitudes destroy our freedom, privacy and liberty.

So is it any wonder more people have had enough and are getting angry! So worrying about the effects of Anonymous is pointless. Worry instead about how to get through the wall of profound arrogance found in government people.

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