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NEC breakthrough paves way for powerless standy-by modes

David Patter

Powerless Standby Modes.and non-volatile Memory

Surely no only I remember CORE MEMORY ??

We used to power down NAVDAC in 1966, and on Power-Up, the core memory remembered everything it had when powered down. Of course, it was a serial, NAND gate based, discrete component computer, maintained to component level ! VERY old !

MARDAN on the other hand had RECIRCULATING REGISTERS on the HDD. They too could be made to hold unchanged content through a power-down. Same generation of computer, though.

A bit like, but simpler than writing memory to a boot- like sector on the HDD (Perhaps the one after the boot sector).

I thought Laptops already did this ??

I see the children are re-inventing the wheel again !!




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