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Canuck ultralight pilot drops in on strip club

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No drinking

Ok it's been a few years, but when I took a full pilot licence we were taught facts slightly different to those quoted in the article.

"Eight hours from bottle to throttle" was a guide only. The rule is that you can't enter the flightdeck or cockpit (yeah yeah) while affected by alcohol. This stems back from IATA rules of 1948. If you read the rules literally, you are/were legally on safe ground if you took the controls stone sober but drinking a bottle of whisky while taking off! :)

Commercial pilots (ATPL), however, are ALSO governed by airline regulations, and they seem to be very strict regarding alcohol consumption, particularly while flying. Since I don't know of any ultra lights flying scheduled flights with passengers, I assume this not to be an issue in this case.

If the pilot in questions was under normal pilot licensing rules, he is guaranteed to have broken a number of rules. You have to be 500ft away from vehicles or persons unless during take-off and landing on designated airstrips or airports. Also, you have to keep a certain distance from any large gathering of people (Don't know how popular the club in question is).

Brit expats aghast as Denmark bans Marmite

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Never banned

Marmite has never been "banned" as such. Under Danish legislation, vitamins on their own or added to other substances qualifies as drugs - not food. Drugs requires licenses to be freely sold, as I am pretty sure they do in the UK. So the basic issue is: When/if you add vitamins to a substance in Denmark it makes it a drug, in the UK not.

I am actually quite happy someone keeps an eye on what snakeoilsalesman sell.

So this is a PR campaign orchestrated by the manufacturers and distributors. You think? No shit Sherlock :)

(Yes, I am a dane living in sick porn producing, Toksvig xporting, Lars von Trier and Hitler supporting Marmite banning Denmark)

Watchdog turns a blind eye to Danish fu*king

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Viasat broadcasting from the UK

I suspect the main reason Viasat broadcasts from the UK and not Scandinavia is to get around the strciter advertising rules. In Denmark you can not interrupt a program to show commercials, and the the popular Viasat channels want to show lots of commercials throughout the programme.

Interestingly enough, when Viasat wants to show porn, they have to switch back to a scandinavian transmitter as typically the kind of films shown are fine by Danish rules but not neccesarily so by UK rules.... aham... or so I have been informed. ;)

Kamikaze ballooning Brazilian soars to Darwin Award

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Jobs Halo

Catholic Priests and Gene Pool

I would have thought catholic priests were disqualified for entering into the Darwin Award competition due to their implicit lack of contributions to the gene pool. Or maybe they should just receive a "life-time achievement" award and that wold be that.


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