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Adobe tilts at windmills with image apps for iPad


Don't Cry for me Adobe(tina)

What a cry baby. Get out there and fight, but please, no sulking in the corner. My three year old has more balls than you.

"Would Apple let Lightroom for iPad ship? It's almost impossible to know."

Damn, you want a business promise from a company that you've screwed with, big time? Fix Mac Flash - Flash has sucked on the Mac OS X for at least 5 years now.

Grow up Adobe. We know you can play hard ball, but not when it's your ball(s).

Also, Apple's too smart to keep your creation off the iTunes store; Apple wants Adobe's good products as much as Adobe wants Apple's platform cash. (And you do know how to set your (monopolistic?) pricing, don't you?)


Apple to push Nokia into smartphone second place



The iPhone(s) will prove to be phenomenal, big time.

Some haven't noticed that every smartphone introduced since its introduction has taken cues from it.

... It's App Store has 15,000 apps and has downloaded over 200mm.

... iPhone web browsing makes up 80% of all mobile web browsing.

... Apple makes over 55% gross margin on each phone. It is Apple's most profitable product.

... iPhone accounts for over 30% of Apple's profits.

... iPhone2, probably a nano, will provide another lower cost option.

... Apple's DNA is to build a dominant ecosystem (store, content, apps, quality, security, device)

... Apple has over $25B in cash and will use it to innovate through the economic weakness.

... The iPhone runs an app that recognizes user created Chinese and Japanese Ideograms. No one else does.

... Palm may be bought by MSFT, but Ballmer will find a way to screw it up.


Spinning the war on the UK's sex trade


Doesn't Move Me

Tim, your commentary is well argued, but misses.

The traditional voluntary 'oldest profession' is now serving as an effective barrier to our seeing or acknowledging the global contemporary sex trade's slavery, torture, and murder.

You don't think it's a big deal? Well, what would you and your editors' perception be if you were the one being enslaved and bonked every hour?

So, maybe you and your editors might consider writing a responding article to this one with the other side of the story. (Earn your boy scout points men.)

How about recommending 'getting it' through dating or friendship. By bonking 'organically'', you would be, in a small way, helping to remove some of the hellish cruelties played in our world.

(And if you're good at it, you might make some little volunteer happy.)



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