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Spielberg: Games consoles doomed

Mark W

Good grief - he's not exactly impartial is he...

I think this has a great deal more to do with Spielberg's ideas of how he would like to see things develop - rather than a rational view of the direction technology, and use of technology, is taking.

If he really thinks he's right then he should start promoting training of the next generation of film makers in being VR friendly.

France says 'Oui!' to three strikes for music pirates

Mark W

File sharing does not equal loss of revenue

Agree with Watashi and Tony.

This won't increase the music industry's revenue. And El Reg should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for saying it will (you noobs). A file share is not a lost sale.

I bet El Reg writers have used napster or a torrent tracker in their time - would you have bought what you downloaded if you could not have downloaded it, or would you have copied it from a friend (workmate etc) or got a copy in some other way?

HP caught flogging to Iran

Mark W

HP broken which law exactly?

I don't think that HP has broken US trade sanctions. The export and re-export of pretty much everything from US to Iran is restricted, but as HP did not export anything to Iran the re-export by Redington is where blame lies.

One of the previous posters seems to be suggesting you need an end user certificate for IT equipment and, unless it was classed as a munition, you don't. The US person selling a printer is under no obligation to determine where the product will end up ultimately. But being willfully blind - not asking questions when a reasonable suspicion exists that a US export law will be breached by the buyer of the equipment - is against the law.

A friend told me a few months ago on a visit that pirate copies of Vista are freely available in markets in Tehran. Just think of damage they are doing ...

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