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Vodafone's Access Gateway denies access

Jason Grant
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Mine seems to be fine

I purchased one of these units on Tuesday, connected it up that evening and waited - I called Customer Services the following morning (they say it will take up to 24 Hours but I am impatient) and was told there were provisioning problems and that it could take a few days to activate. That evening when I returned home lo and behold it was up and running.

I now get full 3G Signal throughout my house and today started using it for calls in anger - I get excellent voice quality, no dropped calls so far and the unit has been working fine since it was activated sometime on Wednesday, I don't think I have missed any incoming calls as I have taken a few calls with it and have had no irate emails.

For me, so far, it has been a good experience - I have virtually no service inside my house and this has made my life lots better as I don't have to stand on the wall at the end of my garden to take a call now.


Apple MacBook Air Late 2008

Jason Grant

Why oh Why

Do people continue to criticize at product that would never fit their needs or in fact is not even targeted at them as a potential customer.

I have seen the MBA and absolutely love the form factor and design, however like others here I would never buy one, why not, because it wouldn't do what I needed, however why should that stop me liking the product for what it is or admiring the design aesthetics. I think it's great that innovation like this continues as eventually it will filter down into the sort of devices I need and use.

It's a real shame people insist on this type of behavior - it is not constructive or enjoyable (and I usually enjoy reading the news and views on El Reg).

Please, Please accept products like the MBA and iPhone for what they are, and if you are not the intended audience then don't feel you have to try and ruin the experience for those who are. I am not an Apple Fanboy - I use products from many manufacturers (including Apple) and don't feel the need to call something a pile of cr@p just because it doesn't meet my needs!



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