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Mac OS 10.5.6 problems? Apple suggests shampoo

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worse and worse

I had a G4 Powerbook for 6 years with very few problems. Of course it did come with factory installed RAM with cellophane under some of the pin so I had to fix it and reinstall the corrupt OS.

I was a workhorse and I loved it.

I recently bought a MBP 2.5/250/4g and it came with a whole slew of problems, crooked keys, totally shitty Airport problems, grinding noise from the opti drive, Safari blows up continually. I really hate this machine and it gets worse with every update. I didn't even install a thing and Apple wouldn't give me a new machine. These are premium priced machines and I would expect a flawless unit out of the box or a replacement - not a repair. This shit is made in China for Christs' sake!

Fuck you Apple! You Suck!

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