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Valve says credit card data taken

Tim Baker


So, is this just "saved" credit card information? I always enter my CC details manually every time and untick the option to "save" the details for next time. Does this mean they don't have any of my credit card information, or do they also have historic credit card information?

Inside WD's flooded Thai factory

Tim Baker


If you only build things on the tops of hills you waste even more money.

Local radio stations band together against DAB

Tim Baker

DAB is awesome

I've been using DAB for 5+ years and currently have 4 DAB radios in my house. They all get fantastic signals and most importantly a wide range of stations that simply aren't on FM. The vast majority of stations use a decent bit rate and give great sound. The only ones that I know are poor Absolute 90's and talkSport.

If you live in a poor signal area you should be pushing for more transmitters.

Java on the Windows Azure Cloud

Tim Baker


This article reads like a marketing spiel directly from Microsoft.

Murdoch puffs Microsoft over Google

Tim Baker


This is fantastic news. I wonder how long it will last until The Sun et al silently appear back on google. Mr Murdoch's comments remind me of a certain US senator and his famous "series of tubes" remarks.

SA pigeon outpaces broadband

Tim Baker
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woop de do

Hardly a surprise, clearly they were just looking for some media attention.

4gb of data is an awful lot and most broadband connections would struggle to transfer it quickly.

If I found it was quicker to knock on my neighbours door to tell him something than it was for him to receive an e-mail I don't think anyone would care.

Sun admits Oracle didn't want the hardware biz

Tim Baker


Sun are to The Register what Princess Diana is to The Daily Express

Virgin Media opens bandwidth choke for 50Mb launch

Tim Baker

Bad Maths

"Virgin Media opens bandwidth choke for 50Mb launch"

"If you've £51 per month to spare" and are incredibly stupic

"Customers who agree to take £11 per month Virgin Media home phone line rental will be offered 50Mbit/s broadband for £35 per month"

£35 + £11 = £46 / month vs £51 / month.

Is anyone actually going to pay £5 per month NOT to have a phone line?

Personally I think it's a good price for the broadband, even if you have the phone line installed and never use it. Of course I remember paying £40 / month for 512k ADSL from BT and that wasn't including the statutory BT phone line.

Can't wait for it to reach my area.

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