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There's gold in green: profiting from climate change


I disagree with your premise

This is a most absurd join-the-dots exercise, even by the standards of an undergraduate blowhard who should never have been let loose beyond the confines of his anti-science blog dungeon.

Here are the facts the author is anxious about:

  1. Some people are concerned about climate change, because they’ve read the science.
  2. A subset of these people campaign to reduce the carbon emissions which science shows affect the climate.
  3. Another subset of the original group founds or works for companies who develop carbon-reducing technologies, not least because business gets things done, for good or ill.
  4. Some people are in the Venn diagram intersection of the two subsets.

OMG!!1! Shock horror, people who actually understand both the science and the politics of this issue both campaign on the climate and work directly to cut emissions.

I’ve got another way of describing these people: personal heroes of mine.

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