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Seagate loses $3bn in a year

A Ahmed

Firmware defect BRICKS Seagate drives

A defective firmware in many 500GB+ drives is causing many drive failures too. Seems Seagate initially washed their hands of it and simply provided a firmware update for owners to apply BEFORE they hit the problem and left those with the bricked drives high and dry. But now they are provide a free re-flashing service through their data recovery arm.

Search the net for "7200.11 SD15"


Telegraph.co.uk succumbs to typo irony

A Ahmed
Paris Hilton

More errors in the article

The opening paragraph says:

"Claudia Slevin's case of repetitive strain industry was fought tooth and nail ..."

Anyone spot the not-so-deliberate mistake? I guess the spell checker didn't catch that one :)

Paris, because she wouldn't know what a spell checker was either.



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