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Acer beats arch-rival Asus in Q3 netbook match

Art of Shadow

ASUS missed opportunity

Rather than introducing a stream of new models, each of which was announced some time before it was available - causing potential buyers to wait and see what the new model had to offer, ASUS should have picked a model - even the now venerable 701, and stuck with it. They could have kept their margins thin and gone for volume in a big way. Once you reach a certain threshold the issue of some web sites not displaying well on your device ceases to become your problem, and becomes that of the web site creators who will need to test that their sites work well on a smaller screen, due to the percentage of viewers who are using it.

Other netbook manufacturers would then have had to either try to produce the same spec for much less (because why a less well known product with the same spec for only a little less money), or would have had to keep piling on features (and cost) to differentiate their product - running the risk of creeping up towards the full laptop spec and cost. Instead they have done this to themselves.



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