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MP wants Welsh text on ID cards

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"Yes. We should make many, many arcane demands for ID cards and insist we won't accept them unless they are made suitable for the Welsh, the colour-blind and the synaesthetic alike. Maybe they'll eventually scrap them on the basis that they can't afford that much card."

Aha, loathe as I am to nit-pick, your error there is that THEY will be paying for the card. Of course, WE will be paying for it. And axiomatic in Government is that the public's pockets are bottomless and can be picked with impunity. So yes, we'll get A2-sized cards with Welsh, Urdu, Kad'k and probably even Klingon on them.. but will be voluntarily compulsorily charged a privacy-enhancing £500 each for them. It's for your own good, Citizens!

(can we have a "down with the government" icon, please?)

Mac OS 10.5.6 problems? Apple suggests shampoo

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Again, no problems here

Not doubting the word of those who report problems, but.. I have updated two machines here (unibody MBP, late 2007 iMac 24") and had no problems whatsoever. Maybe those of you with problems have third-party extensions loaded? Those often seem to cause hurt when updating.

Oh, and I know I'm expected to say something like "it feels snappier!!" but.. no difference whatsoever. Still has the annoying glitch on both machines whereby after resuming from sleep it will fail to see my WEP* network for about 60 seconds (sees the neighbours' open/WPA2 ones, however).

*yeah, I know - WEP bad. I have an old device here that doesn't "do" anything more recent.

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