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Intel pulls SSD update

Dead Vulture

Epic Trim!

Everybody was all for trim, so here it is!

Microsoft architecture chief: Google Wave 'anti-web'


Poor guy

He obviously REALLY wanted to say something BAD about "wave". Its just that he couldn't come with anything meaningful, so he just threw bunch of words without any sense.

Google OS gOS - if at first you don't succeed...

Thumb Down

Trolls writing articles on The Register??? Since when?

First we learn that everyone wants Windows, no matter the price. Then there is contradicting mention that large portion of Netbooks (which is increasing portion of PC market in general) actually use variants of Linux without users crying for being incompatible. In the end author is laughing at gOS marketing blurb like it is any different then one from any other OS vendor. So, you don't like booting to browser? Well, as a programmer I wouldn't use it either at least for 3 reasons (and even if I found OS really suck badly, I don't see any reason for such offensive troll article. But hey, we are in the era of short screaming Twitter-like messages):

a) Time spent on Web by average user seems to getting close to 100%, so booting right into browser is not so bad idea in my book. Not everyone is programmer or professional MS Office addicted user with Exchange Server organizing his life. Author is obviously too old for concept of people doing everything on the Web (Office + Mail + Messaging + Entertainment). But youngsters are really increasingly operating this way; they are not amazed by new collection of card games in Windows (You know, these are on the Web too).

b) This OS is created mainly for Netbooks (at least I hope so) and Netbooks are pretty useless for running anything else then Web browser.

c) Only thing that author actually likes (XP dual-boot) is most stupid thing in this scheme: Windows simply shouldn't be installed on Atom-like devices. I saw many of them, and AntiVirus, AdAware... is killing already zero performance of these machines. As I said, if you are Exchange-Server-jailed user then you have to do it, otherwise use Linux and Firefox.

Sun's JavaFX consumer pitch falls on confused ears


Java FX is missing GUI controls

About only thing I really miss in JavaFX is some sort of cool-looking GUI framework to replace old Swing stuff with modern, vector, animated forms. As a programmer, I will *never* paint my GUI in Adobe Illustrator (as Sun suggests to JavaFX developers) or do some crazy stuff like that... Thats how web-ads are done, but not how serious apps (enterprise or not) are done.

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