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The Tzu Chi Foundation – the world’s largest Buddhist charity

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Great Love

Thanks for this great article.

I've been a volunteer with Tzu Chi since 1994. What impressed me the most about this organization is the grass-root approach in mobilizing everyone to make this Earth a better place - one person at a time. Master Cheng Yen does not only expound Buddhist text, but also leads the volunteers ACTING out Buddhist text in our daily live.

Share with you my favorite saying from Dharma Master Cheng Yen:

"Let us not ask for good health, only clarity of mind.

Let us not seek for everything to go our way, only the courage and strength to persevere.

Let us not wish for lesser responsibilities, only the ability to shoulder more."

BTW, "Da Ai", Tzu Chi's TV station's name, means "Great Love" in Chinese.

Great love transcends religions, boundaries, ethnicities. Great love conquers all.



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