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Apple more closed than Microsoft

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yes, yes, no

My only raised point to the perceived message of Apple of being 'more' closed is the apparent better way to go about it by Apple. I have 'Apple' friends and I have (slightly more.... base?) PC friends. This will never change and it is a great things, but to remain to point, let us look look at an example of open (and it needs to be, Safari) and closed (IE).

IE 8 is at our door and it is going to course a stink, as IE has always done at some level, except this time it is not with the W3C purists, but rather with the commoners who loaded up Studio Express and composed their pages in the eternal mantra of "follow the mass". This was a load that had to be relived sooner or later, alas it is coming at the MS crew (I am shedding buckets).

My point is yes, Apple are a LOT more proprietary than MS have ever been, but they do it with a certain intelligence and forethought that MS have seemed to lack. Am I a fool for 'branding' myself an Apple follower? Possibly, but having looked at the situation from a consumer perspective (and admittedly not so much a developer one) I am happy to invest a few years worth of computer usage capital in a platform that, if evil, is better at being evil than the rest.



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