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Telenor shuns IFPI's 'block Pirate Bay' demands


Eircom did not agree to anything of the sort.

Eircom in Ireland did not agree to block any website. What they stated was that they would not contest a court case if IRMA decide to take one. A court order will be required before any website is blocked by Eircom. Do not take this as supportive of Eircom - it's not - they are a shower of spineless bastards. But misinformation doesn't help when there are plenty of legitimate examples of their ineptitude.

Israeli Linux fan squeezes Windows refund out of Dell


Good work

Last year I bought a laptop with Vista on it - wiped it and installed Linux. I mailed Dell in Ireland and stated that "I was unable to buy the laptop on it without Microsoft Windows. I have rejected the license and formatted the machine and would now like to claim a refund for my unused copy of Windows". I got a mail back the next day telling me my refund would be credited to my card within 14 working days - which it duly was. No hassle at all.


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