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Ryanair trades blows with 'idiot blogger'

D Midi

Idiot bloggers...idiot safety regulations for 'improbable things'

....and airplanes are not perfect...sometimes they fall out of the sky when trying to drive airfares lower.

I've only flown Ryanair once, and I can't imagine doing so again in the future with such an unprofessional attitude amongst staff. There must be unimaginable pressure to cause such venting, and that can't bode well for 'idiot' things like maintenance and Airworthiness Directives that only deal with 'improbable' things.

Seems HR at Ryanair has a policy of highering [sic] people with IQs to match their airfares.


Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers

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Utorrent authors killing 911 voip calls

This is the latest in the lamebrained efforts of programmers. It's easy to see the PR boon this will be for the throttling efforts...imagine the 1st time someone tries to dial 911 on the VOIP line and someone's pirating efforts stifles the call for help.

Also, it's this type of thing that leads to juries slapping $200,000 judgments on file sharers. The public is far more tolerant of gentleman thieves.



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