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BNP membership list leaks online


A Lover of my Country - Jackie Jones

In reply to your comment Mr Fisher, i am not ashamed of anything and never will be, i have no reason whatsoever to feel like that, i love my life. Surely everyone should be patriotic of where they were born, i am. I trust that you are not patriotic? And if not, why not? All the political parties should be patriotic, but it is very hard to tell who really is.

The basis of me commenting in the first place was the actions of some bitter and twisted person putting the lives of all these people in danger. I really don't have a problem who supports which political party and why etc... each to their own and free speech and all that, after all this is a FREE COUNTRY, you should know that!

My opinion is the on the one who started this in the first place. I can't understand how someone can be so vindictive to someone else, i hope, in the long run, they find it was worth it.



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