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Smut pop-up teacher case finally resolved with misdemeanor plea


She Was Wrongly Accused


As a security advisor, my personal opinion is that this case should of been against the school in question, not against the teacher. For a start, she was only a substitute, therefor she is not a PERMENANT member of the schools staff and therefor not completely trained and informed on the system(s) the school in question had running.

Spyware & Adware are malicious, hence why there are so many tools to stop them, but they are there to do the job they was programmed to do, which is get round these filters...hence why we call them malicious...if they saw a firewall, adware blocker, spyware blocker etc...and just stopped in their tracks they would be called friendly...and that is the exact opposite and therefor its just plain daft that a case could even be brought to trial, let-alone actually prosecute her AND revoke her teaching licence.

Can't these lawyers and prosecutors just stop and think for a moment rather than just thinking 'Oh my word, I am going to get paid so much for this, I don't care if she is innocent'.

Cases like this are exactly why we have murderers, rapists, peodophiles etc...walking our streets...because the law doesnt care about these people, all lawyers care about is money, and money alone...they will lie through their teeth and say someone is innocent if they offer them enough money even if there is outstanding evidence to the contrary...it could literally be something as major as a VIDEO+AUDIO Recording of the event taking place showing that person was there, but this evidence will be pushed aside for the right price.

I say re-instate her Licence, refund her the money she paid as a fine and give the lady some compensation and a VERY public appology! She did nothing wrong, the school did, and its their Principle, and their Tech Staff that should be in court for it as it was their fault this happened in the first place!

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