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HTC outs Jelly Bean running One X revamp

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Re: Does this mean...

My One X used to have the same signal dropping requiring a reboot (or airplane mode toggle) in order to connect to the network again problem. The update to Android 4.0.4 resolved it for me though.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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Shark Zone - 2.8 on IMDB. The combination of jumping out a helicopter into the sea 100 yards from the the beach, the talking underwater whilst having scuba gear clamped between teeth and no sign of any radio gear and then when the shark roared like a lion, all within the first 5 minutes means this must be a clear candidate for this award. I turned it off after this - no idea what the rest of the film was like!

Sky mulls PVR software rollback

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A/V spec drive upgrades are also affected

I upgraded my parent's Pace V2 box from a the measly 40GB drive supplied, to a 160GB drive. After doing a lot of reading beforehand, I deliberately made sure I bought a drive which was to the A/V spec, but it has still been affected by Sky's latest upgrade.

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