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What's in a name? Quite a bit when it's the most hated acronym of 2018

Ole Juul Silver badge

Google language

Once upon a time there was a difference between upper case and lower case, and even a space had significance. I guess those days are gone.

Just do IoT? We'd walk a mile in someone else's Nike smart sneakers, but they seem to be 'bricked'

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Re: Bricked?

I can see Nike stopping people in their tracks with a single command from command central. Just wait until NSA/cops get into this one. Also, "stop thief!" will be deprecated and replaced with an app.

Unearthed emails could be smoking gun in epic GDPR battle: Google, adtech giants 'know they break Euro privacy law'

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Re: Death to advertisers!

If that question mark is because you're asking. I'd say no, it's not sarcasm.

What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS

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"I remember"

I can't recall when I've seen so many posts beginning with "I remember"

Nice. :)

Oh Snapd! Gimme-root-now security bug lets miscreants sock it to your Ubuntu boxes

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Re: Who the hell uses Linux

"Linux keeps on showing it is very inept to run desktop software - showing that being low-cost but with almost no useful software doesn't bring you far."

I'm not surprised you post as AC. I have no comment on MS Windows, but would like to point out that millions of amateurs (and professionals) have absolutely no problem installing and using Linux as a desktop. Perhaps you should ask one of them for help.

Bloke thrown in the cooler for eight years after 3D-printing gun to dodge weapon ban

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This guy obviously wasn't going to let some silly court order stop him in his quest for jail time.

Why does that website take forever to load? Clues: Three syllables, starts with a J, rhymes with crock of sh...

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This is where The Register goes wrong in their web design. I just spent 8 seconds waiting for that. This happens frequently.

I encourage The Register to fix that problem.

Uncle Sam to its friends around the world: You can buy technology the easy way, or the Huawei

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very odd

Interesting how the US really doesn't believe in the idea of sovereignty.

Not heard owt bad about Huawei, says EU Commish infosec bod

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Re: may find themselves in a disadvantage in dealing with us

Yes, that's not a particularly veiled threat. Sounds kind of thuggish, actually.

I studied hard, I trained for years. Yay, now I'm an astronaut in space. Argggh, leukemia!

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How does this compare?

It would be interesting to compare this to some of the jobs here on earth. I wouldn't be surprised if some are worse off.

Apple: You can't sue us for slowing down your iPhones because you, er, invited us into, uh, your home... we can explain

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More like vampires?

That's funny, but frankly I just consider it more like a home invasion.

We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD

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Re: To be fair...

I'd be more worried about steam-ship operators taking advantage here.

Build the wall... around your DNS settings, US govt IT staff urged by Homeland Security amid domain hijackings

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Re: Brave New World

Never say never. Google Public DNS Server Traffic Hijacked Just sayin'.

Fake news? More like ache news. Grandma, grampa 'more likely' to share made-up articles during US election

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Where did they get these people?

One would think that the longer you live the wiser you get to being conned, though I'm guessing that different generations have different vulnerabilities too. It's been some years since I passed 65 but despite coming from an arts background, that doesn't mean that I'm not still learning things that are relevant to my life in 2019, including networking and computer security. Anybody can learn about the internet if they want to. Could it be that this particular sample is just not interested in things? Certainly the spreading of lies for political and ideological purposes in the press, and elsewhere, was prevalent 50 years ago - the same as it's always been.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Re: Civil servants are confused

Since it's the UK that's doing the walking, I don't know why they're not suggesting .shoes as a replacement.

Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail…

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No one likes a lying asshole

I'm not convinced that's universally true. Those traits seem to be quite popular in some circles.

Silent night, social fight: Is Instagram the new Facebook for pro-Trump Russian propagandists?

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Re: freedom and choice

I agree that most people don't have a clue, but I'm not convinced that I'm the one to judge or make their choices for them. I live in a country that has been flooded by US propaganda for decades and they spend lots of money on influencing our elections as well. This is not going to go away any quicker than advertising will. Democracy is still the best choice to my mind, and that means the only hope is that over time people will be able to take better responsibility for their own understanding of the situation. In the meanwhile, I don't think that censorship is a solution.

Ole Juul Silver badge

freedom and choice

I thought that in a democracy people were free to make up their own minds. If they're going to be influenced by propaganda then that's their choice to make.

Comparison sites cry foul over Google Shopping service

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dissenting opinion

"Not only do Google's users inevitably end up paying higher prices for products than they need to, they are often left completely unaware that comparison shopping services even exist,"

By itself, comparing prices is useless. I do a lot of online shopping and it's mostly from companies that I know to be reliable, and particularly ones that I know will actually send me the goods in a timely manner without hassle and (sometimes considerable) extra cost. Frankly, I think comparison sites just waste my time.

French president Macron insists new regulations needed to protect us all from Facebook's claws

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Re: "made it a little surprising"

Right on @Shadow Systems. It is from the outside that change must come. And the outside is us.

OK Google, why was your web traffic hijacked and routed through China, Russia today?

Ole Juul Silver badge

where are the logs?

I notice the article doesn't mention who did it. That suggests to me that there is no effective access control to these routers. Perhaps a partial solution would involve verifying and logging access.

Dollar for dollar, crafting cryptocurrency sucks up 'more energy' than mining gold, copper, etc

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Re: as much, if not more, energy to mine

I live in an area where hand mining is still popular. Gold has been mined here for over 100 years and there are a few larger operations as well. So, I get to see how this business works, and it is clear that what they used to say in the old days when there was a much higher yield, is still true today: "for every dollar you take out of the ground, you put 10 dollars in." The fact of the matter is that most of the money involved is from investors who don't actually participate actively, and the money is all on the stock market. Most mines fail, and get reopened with new investors later until all the infrastructure is eventually paid for. I suggest that the numbers assumed in this article are likely out by a factor of ten to one.

It is fashionable to bash cryptocurrency for its energy use, and it does seem to be wasteful, but in reality it may well be that physical gold mining eats up more resources when you include the total financial costs.

We're Zuckers for a sequel: Brit MPs' battle to grill Facebook boss continues

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These guys are out to lunch

It's painfully obvious what's wrong with Facebook. Talking with Zuckerberg is neither going to reveal nor change anything.

50 ways to leave your lover, but four to sniff browser history

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Re: Look around the disk drive

"After removing Firefox I found over 1Gb of data stuffed into Mozilla and Firefox folders . . .

If you have Firefox folders you didn't remove Firefox. You probably just removed the executable.

You like HTTPS. We like HTTPS. Except when a quirk of TLS can smash someone's web privacy

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Re: Privacy

"What if the details that we are most worried about identifying us aren’t needed to identify us at all?"

I believe that is generally the case. You can identify me by my birth name, my Social Security Number, or my browsing footprint. From a privacy point of view, it really doesn't matter what you call me.

AI-powered IT security seems cool – until you clock miscreants wielding it too

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knowing when to stop

I see a problem with appropriate application of the technology in some cases. Actual output of systems can move in directions that are not desirable and this has been shown in its use in police work. Unravelling such a situation is not easy, if even possible.

Eat my shorts, watchdog tells every city mayor in the US – FCC approves $2bn 5G telco windfall

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"So what you're saying is that once again, an executive has no idea of what they're talking about."

Pai does know what he's talking about, but he is a liar so what he's saying is not important.

'This is insane!' FCC commissioner tears into colleagues over failure to stop robocalls

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Re: @Kernel

There is a cost to both incoming and outgoing calls. How the customer is billed will vary. Many providers offer services à la carte. No phone spammer is going to be using a residential plan.

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I use a blocker

Call me and a voice says press "number" to connect. The number can be as I set it, or a random one. This seems to do the trick.

Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help

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Re: Congratulations

This is a good step. Congratulations indeed.

You know all those movies you bought from Apple? Um, well, think different: You didn't

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It's a good idea to take things home with you when you buy them.

While I agree that Apple is being deceptive and deserves no respect in regard to their way of doing business, I still think that the gentleman in question is also being deceptive in his story. If I go to a store to buy something, I make sure to take it home with me. I don't leave it there and expect it to be there every time I want to go back and use it. The store could go out of business, for that matter. This gentleman is being naive if he thinks that the Apple store works differently from any brick and mortar store.

Personally, I won't have anything to do with Apple on any level. Hopefully this gentleman will adopt this same stance from now on.

Y'know what? VoIP can also be free from pesky regulation – US judges

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Re: then it becomes their only method of communication not by choice

The problem with cell phones is that there are a significant number of places where they don't work, and it is precisely those areas where either landline of VOIP becomes the primary voice service.

just sayin'.

Ole Juul Silver badge

Time slots vs packets.

POTS has been using multiplexing since the 1960s. I'm not convinced that that's significantly different from packet switching as it applies to this case.

Crypto gripes, election security, and mandatory cybersec school: Uncle Sam's cyber task force emits todo list for govt

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"And the first company to give in to the 3 letter agencies signs it's own death warrant, no-one will touch their products again."

That hasn't actually been the case in the past. Some people are concerned about this sort of thing and will act, but I don't think the majority of Facebook users would quit if they were spied upon. *coughcough*

PC shipments just rose, thanks to Windows 10

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And how many of those installations get wiped because the computer was purchased for the purpose of putting some other OS on it? OK, I admit that's perhaps not a lot, but I doubt they track that.

Google Chrome update to label HTTP-only sites insecure within WEEKS

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Re: If only it were that easy

@ Dave559 You seem to assume that only businesses use the internet. Lots of private people, hobbyists and even kids run servers and use the internet freely for enjoyment and general communications. Perhaps you're not a server guy (obviously) and perhaps you only use the net for corporate or business purposes, but please don't ignore the general public's right to basic internet freedoms.

"If the company which hosts your website doesn't already offer automated https certs via LetsEncrypt, get a new (and better) hosting company."

You're not talking about servers, you're talking about shared hosting. Not everybody buys that kind of package which is mostly (though not totally) aimed at beginners. Some of us prefer to run servers and enjoy the freedom of using the internet without paying somebody else to do the administration and telling us how to host a site. Perhaps the best way to explain it is to liken it to cooking at home. Some people like to just get the ingredients and cook for themselves whereas shared hosting is like eating at a restaurant.

Regarding moving to another hosting provider, people with dozens of sites aren't going to find moving all that easy. That said, hosting providers have a problem here too. No doubt they'll be able to do some fancy scripting to provide LetsEncrypt to each of their customers in some transparent way, but it's going to take a while for them to get it done.

Ole Juul Silver badge

Re: If only it were that easy

Easy is a matter of perspective. Some of us like to just put up a page or two on random servers for people to see something and it's not appropriate to be doing certs for everything like that. Not everybody has one server that has everything they do on it. Some people have lots of servers that are just part of their personal net environment. Why is it that there is always the assumption that a site is some big deal that's "developed" and lots of time and effort is spent on it? Frankly, working on assumption is not a wise perspective.

Things that make you go hmmm: Do crypto key servers violate GDPR?

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"An email address is unique to a person. "

No it is not. Many people can share a single address and there are some high profile instances of sharing. Just sayin'.

Google releases lite PC-snooper, 'cos full mobile management is hard

Ole Juul Silver badge

Don't know why but

It’s billed as a reporting tool,

just get's my back up. Especially coming from Google.

The cybercriminal's cash cow and the marketer's machine: Inside the mad sad bad web ad world

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Re: Big Fuss over Interent Ads

I'm not surprised that Proctor & Gamble found no impact from cutting internet ads. The whole ad business is no more than one of selling prayers, particularly on the internet. You either believe it works or you don't.

Script kiddie goes from 'Bitcoin Baron' to 'Lockup Lodger' after DDoSing 911 systems

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Re: Not quite a master hacker, but still needs a harsh-ish term

"No email, no online shopping, no job resource access, no school resources that require you to go online to retrieve/interact with, no tv set top box/Netflix/Hulu/AmazonPrime/etc, no Youtube nor Porntube, no Wiki, no online mapping for directions, no online translations, no Alexa/Curtana/Siri/etc, nothing that requires "the cloud"... "

Also, no phone. Since they took out much of the copper it's all VoIP even if it's not always obvious. So essentially he likely will have no 911 emergency capability either. That's harsh.

Rackspace starts renting its rack space

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Will they take Raspis?

Just had to ask.

Internet luminaries urge EU to kill off automated copyright filter proposal

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Where's the line?

The proposal would see all companies that "store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works" obliged to "prevent the availability… of works… identified by rightholders."

With the explosion of cheap servers available these days, a lot of people run things that are very similar to what the, so called, large companies are doing. At what point do I, as an individual, come under attack? Words like "large amounts" don't exactly define my limits in any legally useful way. It seems like these legislators are only able to see part of the internet. I don't personally make copyrighted material available other than my own, but a lot of people do.

Men are officially the worst… top-level domain

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If you get rid of some TLDs the people using them will just use other ones. Those people are not going to go away. It's probably better to have TLDs like .men so they don't pollute .com or other more common traditional ones.

Microsoft will ‘lose developers for a generation’ if it stuffs up GitHub, says future CEO

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So that's the first E.

The hits keep coming for Facebook: Web giant made 14m people's private posts public

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Facebook chief privacy officer

Chief apologiser officer might be closer.

Ole Juul Silver badge

Re: Anybody still have sympathy for those that use fb?

Not a lot. It's been like this from the beginning, but at this point it's more than obvious what's going on. There is one group I definitely don't have any sympathy for though, and that's the ones that think this is OK.

US govt mulls snatching back full control of the internet's domain name and IP address admin

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Re: internet freedom @Ole re: alternate root

@tip pc We were doing it like dn42 but by using an IPv6 VPN to our own servers it's possible to use the whole IPv4 address space. Of course this means that one cannot at that point access the ICANN IPv4 address space, but that's also one of the reasons for doing this - to create a whole separate world. This idea of a separate network is not unlike what people do with Tor. But yes, it is often very difficult for people to grasp that there can be different networks that are unable to communicate with one another. (What, no Facebook!) I think the difficult thing for them is that they can see no reason for them doing that themselves - which is fair enough.

Ole Juul Silver badge

Re: internet freedom @Ole re: alternate root

"It would be possible to use VPNs across the current Internet proper to tunnel a private address space, but you could not really call that an alternative Internet. At best, you would regard it as a parasitic network. relying on the thing you want to replace for it's existence."

Some of us have done that, and it does work. But yes, I'd have to agree that it does rely on the existing infrastructure and is somewhat parasitic. However it does manage to make ICANN totally irrelevant and it routes just fine. We did need the use of an IPv6 tunnel, but then we also ended up with a full duplicate IPv4 space of our own.

In any case I just wanted to point out that there are options worth playing with, at least for the small percentage of technical users. We're not completely out of ideas yet, and greater minds than mine no doubt have more suggestions, but being able to do these things represents some freedom.

Ole Juul Silver badge

internet freedom

We already have lots of options. There is nothing stopping you from using an alternate root, or tunnelling to a whole separate IP tree. The problem is getting consensus and finding ways to include the great masses - assuming that's part of your goal. We, as individuals can function quite well outside of the established system.

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