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Championship Gaming Series runs out of quarters


this is why we can't have nice things.

I find it ironic that you have probably the exact opposite opinion towards something such as NFL or NBA. The problem with that the streams of a pro circuit for Major League Gaming (MLG www.mlgpro.com) had over four million live in just the 2008 season. You are making statements over a topic you are very unintelligent on and I recommend you do your homework before blogging about your stereotypical rant over something beyond your dim witted mind's grasp of something more important than you may believe. As for your comparison to chewing "Tin foil" is slightly less entertaining than watching a broadcast of competitive video gaming. The same could be said for people who competitively play football "It's basically throwing an oblong ball around and running away from the opposing team out of fear of getting a multitude of men on top of you." Yet you call that entertaining and involving talent when they are successful at outrunning someone? I'd say a touchdown is equivalent to a game winning kill when it's 49 to 49 kills tied on a pro game of halo that may decide who gets a check for a $100,000 tournament. As well as your insult towards people that play games competitively that they live in basements and eat poorly and don't go outside. That's just people like you that are uncultured in Major League Gaming, seeing as there is a minority of overweight gamers that are professional as you claimed the stereotype "Cheeto dusted" and that most of them are in great shape and they fly all over the world and go on vacations to places. And you claim everyone that plays video games lives in basements yet most professional gamers can afford nice houses, which odds are, you cannot. As for video games being of no skill to play with professionals, I would love to see you play a game against a professional gamer in Halo 3, and see just how many kills you get on him/her. My guess is 25 to –1; the -1 being you... Just a guess. And to let you know a rising MLG star, Tom “Tsquared” Taylor is now the icon for Dr. Pepper. His face will be on 175 million bottles of Dr. Pepper. No one cares though. (Howard, if you see this; i want extra credit... k, thx, bai.)



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