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Agassi: free electric car, anyone?

Dave Millom


Hey Mr Phreaky,

it happens the power companies have a surplus of electricity available overnight, which -- surprise -- happens to be when most people *aren't* driving around. The baseload stations can't ramp up production for the day and shut down overnight, so at night they have a fair amount of overcapacity. In the UK, you can buy that night-time electricity at less than a third of the daytime price, and overnight charging actually makes the entire system (power station + distribution grid) more efficient by averaging out the load somewhat.


Ofcom's pilot starts seeing signs

Dave Millom

Sentinel ...

Please note proximity of this transmitter to Windscale/Sellafield reprocessing plant -- about 20 miles, or far enough away not to be affected by minor accidents, but well within blast range of any significant nuclear events.

So if the signal stops, the Centaurans will know not to head for the Lake District on their next visit.



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