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Calm down, dear: Woman claims sexism in tech journalism

Carsten Holmskov

Wow, I must say, after years of reading The Register, this gotta be the worst article, by far.

Sure, I get it's satire and I don't take it as sexism, it's just incredibly poorly written, with lame, half-done jokes, vast exaggerations and neither the humor to be funny nor the sarcasm to be serious.

Overall, what a disappointment from TheRegister, maybe insted of using very weak "satire" you should try to tackle the subject in a more real manner, or just leave it alone ?



World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Carsten Holmskov


Wow thats one curious review, on one hand I agree with the score, on the other hand I disagree with almost everything you said about it, except of course that Worgen > Goblin.

Lets see, where to start.....

Ok, people quitting due to level 85 insted of 90 being the cap.......uhh people reached 85 in 2 days, they would reach 90 in 4, you think the extra 5 levels would somehow mean that those quitting again this summer would not ??.

I don't care at all about the 5 insted of 10 levels, what dissapointed me was the (mostly) worthless new skills and the total lack of talent improvements.

Thats what makes your class fun, switching it up and trying new things, not having a 90 next to your name rather than an 85.

As said before, Goblins are a lame introduction, I agree and I would actually also rather have seen Pandarean and Worgen go to the horde, but such is life.

Next the zones, im curious as to how you start off complaining about Blizz promising underwater wow, and then you go to the normal land-zone rather than the underwater one, which (in my personal oppinion) is a thousand times more interesting than the "Been there, Done That" Hyjal zone, which has a few memorable experiences, but mostly is the same crap as always, without even a new atmosphere to enjoy.

Then the "Graphic Whore" in you complain about Deepholm, which to me and many I know is BY FAR the most beautiful and amazing of the new zones, incredible crystal formations, pillars than break and re-assemble, hidden underground caverns, Giants with glowing beards!, the most incredible crystal spiders and etc etc, mobs you never saw before, a zone unlike any other....

Then you get the good old Tanaris, I mean Uldum desert-zone and you go off like it's incredible......the quests are cool, Indiana rocks, but the zone itself ?, it's a giant desert.........

I'll not spoil the twilight Highlands or any of the other stuff for you, so i'll move on to the most strange part of your review........gear.

HOW THE H!!!! sorry how on earth can you be in your tier10 at level 85 ?, I had replaced all of mine at level 82, hell my guildies replaced Shadowmourne at level 82........the gear is a marginal improvement once you reach Deepholm, by the end of deepholme all of it is an improvement, even above the tier bonus, by the end of Uldum and level 83, everything from pre-cataclysm should have been replaced or you are doing something wrong.

I would like you to name a single player who has "90% of their tier 10 at 85" and then lets compare the stats of that person to anyone else who has replaced it, it's not even REMOTELY close or even discussion-worthy, greens at level 83 give better stats than tier10 heroic......

My only gear-gripe is that Normal instance gear is often more crap than the "end of quest-chain-blues" you get in so many of the zones.

All in all, a very strange review for me which seems to capture nothing of the changes in wow, seems to be primarly negative and yet gives a very high score.........


Reg hack tickled by Kent schoolgirl

Carsten Holmskov

Fame, Glory and what follows!

You go Lester, today a schoolgirl, tomorrow the entire Justin Bieber fanclub! (yes, both of them)

Recognition for the win :D


Steve Jobs death-grips iPhone 4 reality

Carsten Holmskov

Translation of the Danish Blog

Below a translation of the danish Blog without the Google Translate mumbo-jumbo.

Has the iPhone 4 been born with Antenna-Problems?

"Its enver been done before. And its really cool engineering." This is how Steve Jobs presented the new metal-frame on the new iPhone, when the phone was unveiled for the wondering world.

The frame works like the phones antenna.

But in reality, the principle behind the iPhone4 Antenna-system is far from new.

And it might possibly be so problematic that it will reduce the phones effeciency.

En of the leading experts, when it comes to mobile-antenna's, is Professor Gert Frølund Pedersen from Aalborg University's Institute for Electronic Systems.

He is leading an international research-team, that just the other day got a million-crown support from the "Højteknologifonden" (High-Tech Fund) for the development of a more effecient mobile-antenna, and har for many years studied the anetanna-technology on the cell-phone front.

Asked about Apples presentation of the iPhone4, he answered, that the construction of the antenna as part of the phones frame is old news that has been seen many times before.

Pretty much all mobile-antenna in the market uses the phones metal-parts as antenna.

But on the iPhone 4, it also looks like that this antenna constructions can give special problems, because part of the antenna will unavoiderbly make contact with the users hand.

"The printcard itself works as part of the antenna and the metalframe directs the signal to it. But that means that the user cannot avoid interferring with the antenna-system with his touch" says Gert Frølund Pedersen til ComON.

But can the designers not compensate for touch in the software, so that they negate the problem of even provide a benefit ?

"The human tissue will under any circumstances have a inhibiting effect on the antenna. The touch means, that a larger part of the antenna's energy will be turned into heat and is therefore lost. Thereby, the antenna will be less effecient at sending and receiving the radiosignal" says Gert Frølund Pedersen.

Scientists in Aalborg university has previously demonstrated, that the hand reduces the cell-phones antenna-effeciency in a large degree. The antenna-effect can be reduced with more than 90%, if you hold the cell-phone tightly where the antenna is placed.

But on top of that comes the electrical disturbances, which the physical contact between the tissue of the skin and the metal of the antenna will produce.

When Steve Jobs t he other day demonstrated an online-function on t he new phone, he could not at first manage to connect the wonder-machine to some of the present WiFi-Net. But was th e reason for the mess in the otherwise so controlled presentation caused by a badly designed antenna ?

"There are most likely other factors that can cause that you cannot get on in a place like this. But maybe the antenna has been a contributing factor. The machines that have the weakest signal, is of course thrown off first" says Gert Frølund Pedersen.

He points to, that a more effecient antenna-construction in a smartphone, would be a system with two different antenna, that could take over for one another, depending on where you were holding your hand.

Exactly such an antenna-model, that works optimal and energy-friendly in the futures advanced smartphones, the north-jutland team has set as their goal to develop.


Please excuse any spelling-errors I might have missed.


Apple MacBook mid-2010

Carsten Holmskov
Thumb Down

Biased Article

Right so lets start with the fact that im one of those "rabid pc fans", though not because it gets me better benchmarks, just because it's what I am most comfortable using and it supports the things I use the most.

Reading this article, due to me also being a technie and interested in all technology, one thing I come across is how annoying the writer of this article is, again and again you come across statements that, while not saying it outright tells you "If you don't think like me, you are an idiot", such as the whole "if you don't like flat easytype keyboards like this, you are just building up to RSI and are certainly an idiot".

In general this article smells more of Mac Pro-Bias than of any real review and more than that it smacks of "personal opinion" rather than any attempt to distance yourself and give an unbiased impression with looks from both sides of the fence.


Judge de-ASBOes yoof's low-slung kecks

Carsten Holmskov

Legislation impossible

As the judge so rightly says, judging against this would be a breach of the Human Rights Act, not to mention Freedom of Expression.

That said though, each generation have their own set of "Twat-a-like's" and while they do seem to grow progressively worse, at least it has one major advantage.

It makes it easier to identify the idiots.

Say you are a Employer, if I see a guy like that coming in for a job interview, the guy could be Einstein Reborn and I would rather hire the cockroaches that live in his shoes than him.

While some of you seem to identify it as a "Hey im a wanna-be-gay-prison-dude", I identify it more as a signal of "Hey-im-a-guy-with-no-future" type, you know the sort, those that will be serving me fries at MacD when he is 40 or washing my car.

Let people express themselves as they wish with their clothing and looks, as long as you don't go over the limit and start running around with your 3'rd leg in the open


Sacked Fujitsu boss threatens to sue

Carsten Holmskov


He should do as his name says.

No Zoe or No Sue ;)


Transformers up for seven Razzies

Carsten Holmskov

Worst Critic of the Year Award goes to........Razzie Critics

It's odd, but these days things like Oscar's and Razzie awards have nothing to do with neither general audience or even the majority of people's dislike and likes.

Insted they are given out by snobs for whom a "good movie" is worthless crap thats so "high-and-mighty" it could be made into an Opera.

If you want to win an Oscar, make a long-winded movies in black-and-white, all shot in 1 room with the same actor playing all 11 roles and make it about the mental state of a cockroach, thats certain to garner great critical reviews and win several oscar's.

If you want to win a Razzie Award, make a movie that, while it's neither deep-thought or very artistic provides the exact thing people goes to see it for, mind-numb action, pretty pictures and fun.

These days, if you just want to chill out with a good movie, go check movies that won a Razzie or were not nominated for any Oscar's, chances are you will find many great movies there.

If you want to find some psykadelic crap like Golden Palms or "Dancer in the Dark", then go check who won Oscar's


McKinnon: The longest ever game of pass the parcel

Carsten Holmskov

Do the Crime, Do the Time

Im completely FOR the extradition of him.

I don't care what "medical grounds" he conjure's up as an excuse or what crap you have about him having "Suffered enough".

Did the Crime, now Do the Time.

He is a criminal, a hacker who could have caused severe issues and it does not matter if the US did not protect themselves sufficiently.

If a guy walks past your kid with a knife and slashes his face, should you be brought before the Judge to answer for "not protecting your kid" even though you were standing next to him at the time ?, should the guy not be punished because it took 8 years to get his case to trial due to legal mumbo-jumbo ?, did he "suffer enough" ?


El Reg's PARIS programme attracts high-flying sponsor

Carsten Holmskov

Small lady ?

For some reason, when I go on the Website link it shows a geeky guy with glasses.

Am I missing something here or did the "small lady" have a gender change ?


Desktops are seen as unimportant until...

Carsten Holmskov

Cost Savings by Updating

For us this has proven more a cases of individuals being willfully obtuse rather than difficult to explain, but here's what we will do in the most extreme cases.

We run an application/time comparison, giving them estimates how long time it takes to boot up new/old machines, the general application run-times and down-times on new and old hardware, we also show statistics on how as things grow older and have longer times between re-installs they become more and more cluttered.

We then often get the question "why not reinstall them more often" which is usually resolved by giving them an idea of the time and cost of a reinstallation, both for us and the user who will be without a pc for a given amount of time and then will need to possibly familiarise themselves with new versions or changes since the last reinstallation (we have a running updated image software which includes standard software packages and so on)

We then run a cost comparison to the cost of reinstalling an existing pc and purcashing and installing a new machine, then transferring data.

In most cases we only advice the exchange of a pc after 3 years where their costs have been depreciated, so they don't have a double-budget pr user on the pc side.

Last but not least we use all "old" pc's as stock for courses, training and temp borrowed out for all department, so even when a pc is replaced it's not completely without value.

This has meant for us that in 9 out of 10 cases when we come across old hardware that has an error that is not worth the time it would take to "solve", we get the ok to replace the machine without any trouble or discussions.

Usually only new bosses or bosses who's department have had a stop on spending.


Microsoft yanks preferred status from Daddy Gates' old firm

Carsten Holmskov

Microsoft finally working with itself ??

"Microsoft said it would continue to work with Microsoft.(sic)"

Im glad to hear this, it's about time that they start working with each other insted of fighting each other ;)

Unfortunately im sure it was just a spelling mistake *sigh*


Police probe Baby P text messages and websites

Carsten Holmskov

For those who want more info

If you are one of those (like me) who are not super familiar with this case, here is more info.

Read and understand why this calls for more than contempt.


(It does NOT contain the names of those responsible, just info about the case and what has happened)



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