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Still sending naked email? Get your protection here

George Sidman

Beyond PGP to Truly Private Email

If your Gramma can implement the PGP illustrated in this article, she must have gotten her computer science degree in the '70s. Not that we have anything against PGP, but their complicated and technical approach is way out of date.

If you want truly private email that Gramma and any doctor, lawyer or indian chief can use, out of the box, then look at WebLOQ. All password and key exchange is user transparent, machine generated and much safer. A central database delivers full HIPAA, SOX and GLB reporting. It runs on all popular platforms, and is today delivering highly secure privacy to health care, public safety, lawyers and others - with nothing new to learn.

Internet privacy is a hot topic. Encrypting the body of an email is only half a solution. Encrypting the headers - which WebLOQ does - halts malware and assures complete privacy. Getting all this on an easy-to-use platform that also runs on your smartphone is the new paradigm.

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