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Adobe proposes open access to app stores

Rikke Helms

An interesting move...

For almost any other operator, the launch of an app store would be seen as a logical move and barely raise an eyebrow. But the fact that this is O2, and when taking into account the looming presence of iPhone and Apple’s App Store, it becomes much more interesting. It seems clear that, with the Litmus project, O2 is looking to create a kind of level playing field for its devices, and perhaps it has even been directly influenced by the success of iPhone’s developer community.

Whatever the reason, the introduction of any new initiative that encourages the growth of a developer community should be welcomed with open arms. One grumble though would be that so far, although Apple has offered plenty in the way of quirky consumer apps, it hasn’t done nearly enough to establish its credentials in the corporate space. O2 would be wise to remedy this failing and exploit the massive potential market out there for serious business app.



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