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Apple opens Macbook front in iPhone jailbreak war

Marshall M.
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@Martin Fowler

"When the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, DS came out, was there uproar because you couldnt play other consoles games on your particular choice of console, no there wasn't. When you bought your particular choice of console were miffed when you got it home and realised that you couldnt play a wii game on a 360 - No."

That's because it's a hardware limitation. If the hardware made it capable to play several console games on a single console, why the f*** would anyone pay $200+ for a 360, $350+ for a PS3, AND $250+ for a Wii? EVERYONE and their Momma would be unlocking their system...and there isn't a damn thing Sony, MS, or Nintendo could say about it because the USER OWNS THE DEVICE. As a matter of fact, that's why we are called owners.

What were you smoking when you came up with this gem?

"So what if Apple dont want you to unlock your phone, i believe i'm right in saying (feel free to correct me as i know you will) it is illegal to unlock a phone during the life of a contract."


Sorry to dash your attempt at a logical argument here, but...well, sorry.

Marshall M.

@Matt Vann

"FWIW, my unlocked, pwnd iPhone 2G works perfectly well on my spanking new MacBook Pro 15", so I expect this is just a load of old tosh (and this is the same MacBook Pro that has performed flawlessly since the day I bought it, has no touchpad problems, not other problems, and is, FW400 or not, quite possibly the best laptop I have owned to date)."

Spanking new huh? And it has performed flawlessly since you bought it? So that means you've only given it a few days, maybe a week? The post just sounds contradictory and misleading.



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