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Met ready to cough £150m to IT bods who'll help coppers go digital


Re: TFL?

I assume the TFL connection is British Transport Police, lots of bobbies on the Tube...

Will Yelp help 'Yahoo!' compete with Google? Search us...


@ Michael H Globally most reports say Google, Yahoo, Baidu in that order El Reg linked to the July '13 US ranking of Google, Bing, YAhoo.


Re: Tinplate toy search engine second!!!!

@MJI, yep globally, 3rd in the US market.


World's 3rd favourite?

LInks to comscore's US rankings.

Pub o' clock comes early for C&W biz customers silenced by titsup phones


Re: Email that I jut got from CW

@ thermionic

Where did we put those 1.4MB floppies?

1TB USB stick shoved into Swiss Army knife


Wrt the posters saying its weight will break USB ports, I've used the 64MB and the 2GB version of this, it's a pretty small knife, nowhere near heavy enough to damage a port on a normal laptop.

For flights, the stick does unclip if you're going hand luggage only, or need it in a flight with the knife in your check in luggage.

And the smaller capacity versions do have the unusable nail file, which does make a reasonable screwdriver for smalllhead screws.

Machine translation cracks 18th century occult cipher



Surely the Voynich manuscript is already understood:


Fujitsu UK workers vote to strike


re jeremy 3

I'm not sure I understand your post. The right to strike is somewhat blurrily defined in UK law, certainly the requirements on the unions to call strikes are well defined, exactly what the workers' right to strike is is not as clear.

What I don't understand is your implication that it is possible to write an outsourcing contract which precludes the right to strike. Assuming that there is a right to strike (as I say not as clearcut as it could be), then Fujitsu or any other outsourcer would have no right to sign a contract where they committed that their employees would not strike.

I would assume that the Ts & Cs for Govt. contracts would be no different in this to private sector clients.

NASA: Extraterrestrial sample holds ingredient for alien life


Watch out.

Amanfrommars, they're on to you. Watch out for DNA checks.

National Express to 'ban' trainspotting


Platform Tickets

About a year ago I needed to get to the platform at Leeds station (there's an information booth there). It was 20p for a platform ticket as I remember. Whether I like platform tickets or not, the TSSA are wrong, they exist on at least one of the stations on the NXEC route.

Google faces post-Fleetwood Mac comedown



You know there's something seriously wrong with the writing when amanfrommars translates part of the article, and the translation makes sense.!

LibDem cheeky boy rides to Segway's rescue


Greener than walking

Opik was on GMTV yesterday morning. He tried to claim that the Segway was greener than walking. Even a breakfast TV presenter has more clue than that and Garraway pulled him up on this, he waffled something about breathing more heavily when walking.

Bees on cocaine: The facts


Tabloid Headline

Cocaine scientists caught in sting operation.

Linux weaktops poised for death by smartphone


@ Jim 13:18

"I am a sysadmin and I am wearing an ironed shirt, Lynx deoderant and a rather nice pair of Loakes. "

So you're just wearing a shirt, a pair of loafers and deodorant, and this is meant to show that sysadmins have social skills? I can't wait for the update from dress down Friday .

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