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Adobe embroiled in War of the Fed-Ex Kinko Button



“The company did not immediately respond to our requests for comment”

The oldest trick in the journalistic dirty tricks book ;-) – fire off a fax five minutes before publication. No response? – Then the company did not IMMEDIATELY respond... they did not, so nothing is wrong, and the reader assumes that the company is hiding something...

Not that I support Adobe in any way. This button deal is ridiculous. Stupid (read: average) users will think that the only way to print this document offsite is with FedEx.

An ideal solution would be a website that would list all the printing companies, with prices and types of services offered – e.g. wet prints, laser prints, booklet printing... the user would then choose from a list based on a postcode or whatever other criteria preferred.

Brit spooks: Yanks are frightful cowboys



To fight real criminals one cannot play by the liberal handbook of niceties, especially with fanatics, to whom the threat of possible prison terms are no threats at all. Torture is an absolute necessity, and, personally, I do not think that is it such a bad thing to torture a person who is planning to explode a bus with civilians. By torturing such a person vital intelligence on his associates and support networks may be uncovered, and further civilian casualties minimized. Even torturing a sister, of a successful suicide bomber may bring intelligence about the people who talked him into it. So you see, torture is a necessary evil, and it does not have to be electrocution or inserting matches underneath fingernails – “humane” chemical solutions exist, as well as sensory deprivation and psychotropic methods.

Having said that, a bag full of wires should under no circumstances constitute a prerequisite for torture. Clear, irrefutable evidence is needed that the person is so beyond the law that the law no longer applies to that person. Only then should all the detentions without trial and torture occur.

Fans left guessing over Samsung 'designer' phone


beyond South Korea

"Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed whether the handset will be rolled out beyond South Korea"

you can pre-order in Russia, I seen it on some mobile websites.

Does not help you though ;-)

Spammers dump images, switch to PDF files


multiple ways to obfuscate PDF files

It would not be that difficult to detect these, for one, this is a vector format with a small, raster graphic. Usually, when people embed raster graphics into PDFs they include full page scans, or, raster graphics as part of a presentation with text.

You can employ the same methods used to combat image attachment spam with the PDFs – just treat the PDF as another message, and have a look inside.

What will happen next, though, is that the spammers will learn postscript, and start obfuscating the content of the PDF files, the same way they done it before with HTML and plaintext emails. There are multiple ways to obfuscate PDF files, from encryption to multiple ways of braking up vector shapes to form text and graphics. Potentially, unless blocked completely – PDF has the potential of becoming THE choice format for spammers ;-(

Hitachi goes global with vein recognition biometric


colonic map

Impossible to forge? – “they” said that fingerprint scanners are foolproof... all you need is some semitransparent plastic, and you can recreate the results. Not that farfetched. Now, if it would also detect blood flow, that would make just that bit difficult...

P.S. all this new technologies remind me of a certain futurama episode, colonic map biometric scans anyone? ;-)

Taser markets electric cattleprod gun to the laydeez


Shock resistance

Having been shocked more than once, and even hospitalized once (as a child[!]) after failed experiments that involved electrical energy with a bit higher magnitude than what this puny device can master, I relish an opportunity to be attacked by one, laugh about it, and then see how the attracter will react to the shock of having this device administered, and activated as a suppository.

The return of the ransom-ware Trojan



@Dillon Pyron

Should the guy accidently stumble upon someone in the mafia, and, they will manage to track him down, then, instead of making him sleep with the fishes, they will give him a merc, and more long-legged “ladies” than he can shake a stick at, so that he will work for them.

That is, assuming that he can bring $10k per week, at the very least. If he cannot, then he will get to smell those fishes, and not from his bipedal friends.


difficult for police to get Visa etc.

Most of the writers of this kinds of viruses are Russian, and most Russian virus writers lack credit card processing facilities (a joke about a striper, a credit card, and a way to pay a tip springs to mind) THE only way I have encountered these people use to receive funds is web money (similar to paypal) with multiple compromised accounts used to route money to some old guy who knows nothing about the “business” or, more commonly western union money transfers. You only need a name to send the monies, and again, some unsuspecting old guy goes into any WU franchise to pick up the dough. Good luck tracing that.

With staggering “red tape” in Russia, it is simpler to make your own polonium, than to open a bank account and receive funds from abroad (thanks to money laundering, tax inspectorate, anti-terrorism and other alphabet soup groups)

EU says roaming case is soooo last month



Whilst on a short holiday in Austria, I made a huge mistake of making a GPRS connection over Bluetooth, to check my emails. It took me about 20m to get about 50 emails, (48 junk, as usual) reply to two, and disconnect. Shortly after my return, I was greeted by a bill of £600 for data...

(And no, none of the emails contained attachments) well I called Vodafone with WTF query, they told me that it was quite possible that windows or my AV decided to download some updates in the background.

A cost of my holiday has tripled at the result ;-(

User panel says US should scrap GPS off switch


Triple system

I am kind of hoping for a triple system, American, European, Russian – with “modified” firmware that would use all three systems at the same time, negating “protection” methods of each system, just a little bit. Then it would give cm accuracy, with near-instantaneous position fixes. Eeh, the dreams.

Alas, I seen a report about the Russian system, let’s just say that the receiver has cathode display (yep, like in the fifties) – looks like a pair of brinks... though, it is most probably EMP resistant, and will survive a nuclear blast...

US gov demands Saudi-BAE documents


no need for hysteria

I do not see a problem myself.

Every country offer kickbacks on arms deals, France, Russia, China, etc. It is especially evident in “corrupt” nations like the Arabs and Nigerians, and has always been the case.

If UK would not offer kick backs, the Russians will – and guess who will get the contract.

There is absolutely no need for hysteria on the subject, this is “big business” and is the norm.

Netgear Storage Central Turbo SC101T network storage box


was the score subject to the provision of the review unit?

The fact is that everyone here agrees – 70% is TOOO generous, alter the score, to retain whatever bit of professional integrity you have left.

Or was the score subject to the provision of the review unit?


70% - you must be joking!

The fact that you did not perform speed test is absolutely appalling!

“Speed tests wouldn't yield meaningful information.”

When I bought the previous model of this device, I have expected it to offer transfer rates that are similar to NAS devices, but not in a million years did I expect the device to do 1.5-3MB/S! At this speed, it is only suitable as a backup medium that is seldom accessed

The difference in hard drives is completely irrelevant, one will do 40MB/S another will do 38MB/S – speed tests are meant for the transfer performance, and it is surprising to see this review missing the most important point!

Another huge issue is driver support – what use is a storage box that you cannot access over the network, from any OS, PDA’s or a media player connected to the TV.

70% - you must be joking!

Possession of extreme porn to become criminal offence


democratic country with freedoms

I remember that in the deeply evil and undemocratic Soviet Union, when the VCRs first started to appear, and people had movies like “blue lagoon”, they would get arrested, for the possession of pornography.

The neighbours (legal practice in Russia, neighbours are called to witness police searches) would be shown a section of the tape, and asked – is this pornography? – If the answer was yes (it always was) the possessor of pornography would go to trial, and then jail.

Now, this would never happen in a democratic country with freedoms... oh wait...

P.S. “likely to result in serious injury to the anus” – this is so going in the “about” section of my IM profile...

Press code bans snooping in wake of royal eavesdrop case



The code now makes it clear that editors are only responsible for content their journalists create and control, not material sent in by readers.>>

So what is to stop a newspaper paying off some private dick to stoop on some poor sod, but then submit the material as Joe blogs as “user” submitted content?

Defamation lawsuit seeks to unmask anonymous cowards


Link would be nice

A link would be nice, so we can see the comments made, if it was not removed...

Microsoft 'tweaks Vista' for Google desktop search goodness



And who is going to sue apple for closing down the iPhone to 3rd party developers?

This types of litigation are ridiculous, Microsoft made integrated “desktop search” – pursue other avenues of business. Guinness is not going to sue the consumer, because he decided to go with fosters. Or if the local government will outlaw street ice-cream vendors, they will think of a new way to make money, simple as that.

Opera tries to out-do the iPhone


ALL the phones

I like the claim (in the video) that opera runs right now, on all the phones in the world.

Now, English is not my first language, but, if I understood that phrase correctly, the opera software is either/or

1. Running on my phone (nope)

2. Will run on my “house phone” (they did not say mobile/cell phone)

3. Will run on my old Nokia 2110....

Red hair bullying cases could end up in court



An interesting side-note, that I am sure will piss everybody [read – read-heads] off, is...

What I found in my out-of-shear-boredom observation of humanity is that most red-heads I observe are in some way involved in crime.

In Russia, I can wager (and most probably win) that if you do some research about any red-head, father/brother/uncle of that person would have most probably been “inside”.

Australia, for example, has a very large proportion of read-heads, and do you remember how that country begun?

In UK, I find that although red-heads are spread across the community, I observe more of them in poorer communities, and in documentaries about unruly children, or neighbours from hell.

It must be said, however, that there are several different types of red-heads, The “real” gingers can be distinguished by white, pigmented skin, noticeable sharp chin, red lips, and blue/green eyes, with pink “soft skin” bits.

P.S. and about the actual article: When I had to fire a guy, it was a nightmare, I had to consult with lawyers, thankfully, their bill was covered by my trade industry organisation, but still. If I want to fire somebody, I do think that it should be that difficult. I will hire a guy to be a salesrep, and he then becomes “goth” or something along those lines, I want to fire him, without fearing tenth of thousands of pounds in fines and settlements!


Can let "voshkin" go unchallenged....

@Martin Benson

>it's generally correct to assume that if you see a ginger-haired female, she's promiscuous???

If you see the post from Sean Ryan, you will see that it is apparently not just Russians who believe red-heads to be promiscuous.

So there must be something to it ;-)

P.S. I do not know many Russians who do not like to partake in copious amounts of various spirits, and many Russians that I know have some ties to the organised crime...

So perhaps stereotypes do hold true (whilst on holiday, I did observe German-towel-on-sun-bed ritual)


Russians are not redheads

@Jonathan Richards

Russia is named after Rus’ (Latin characters cannot represent the sound) anyway, it is “blonde” not red-head. Original Russians are “golden haired” and that is reflected in the name.

Check your facts.


Not particularly British trait

>>The practice of picking on people with red hair is thought to be a particularly British trait.

This is not true. In Russia “ginger” people have it very tough. It is “widely” believed (and generally correctly) that ginger haired females are promiscuous, for example.

What surprised me, is that whilst there are very few ginger haired people in Russia (most of them are in poor, uneducated families) there are far far more of them in the UK, in all social groups, and I would have thought that the attitude towards them would be lax, considering that there are so many of them.

Tiscali locks down contracts after email disaster


Corporate behaviour

It has always amused me how the companies and the governments operate in UK.

The law abiding consumer/citizen has virtually no rights whatsoever, whilst the government and corporations can do what they want. This example is perfect, the company lies, and it will get away with it. The customer wants to move? – Nope, you cannot brake the contract..

What is even more annoying; show any amount of technical knowledge beyond the start button clicking, and you get accused of being a hacker, and “reported” to the police – as was the case with one of the ISP’s I had the misfortune of dealing with. Sometimes I am glad that the police could not care less.

And whilst I am on the subject of email servers, I run my own, that services small businesses.

9/10 support requests are “trying to send email to [insert name of a large company] and it does not get delivered” – running diagnostics, discovering that the servers for that company are not working, or not accepting attachments larger than 1 MB, reporting this to the client, and getting this response, “yes, but they are a large company, and you are a small fry, the problem must be with you”

US seeks to criminalize 'attempted' piracy


think outside of the sandbox

To Joe Cooper

Dear “Sir”,

Try to think outside of the sandbox – with every legislation passed, your country moves closer and closer to the scenario that I have described earlier. (I would not care, if it would not drag the UK in to the pit of mandated amount of toilet paper along the way)

PATRIOT act passed to fight the evil terrorists? – It was argued, rightfully so, that the authorities need more powers to investigate and prosecute terrorists. Can you argue against that? Not really, because if you do, you are supporting the terrorists. But hold on, the PATRIOT act legislation is now used to investigate everyone.... tax dodgers, foreign companies not even related to the US... all my financial transactions in EU are sent to the states... WHY? I have not even been to the US!!!

Serious investigative and legal framework is all well and good – after all, if you do not have anything to hide, why be afraid? But then, once “inescapable” system is in place, the governments start taking the piss, and invent ridiculous laws, because they are influenced by big business, and people have no choice but to obey. Today, it is “attempted copyright infringement” tomorrow; you are arrested at your local print shop, for attempting to photocopy an article from a newspaper.


prize for ‘attempt at chemistry’”

Reminds me of the quote from the Simpsons:

“Attempted murder? What a ridiculous charge, you do not give people prizes for ‘attempt at chemistry’”

Just supports my overwhelming desire not to even visit the united states of lunatics.

Mind you, Every time US “cousins” invent some ridiculous legislation, Europe and the UK are not far behind.

I think I will immigrate to Iceland. Have you ever heard anything about Iceland? – Exactly.

Not that I want to keep warehouses of DVD’s that I will attempt to distribute, but living in a society were commercial interest outweigh sanity...

Soon, it will be illegal to make, distribute, and attempt to sell “generic” cola, have non-franchised fast food joints, as they will inevitably attempt to sell generic hamburgers, and, most wicked crime of all, attempted freedom of choice – when you will attempt to choose to collect & filter rainwater, rather than purchasing Dusani, or whatever that brand of tap water Coke sells in the states.

“Statisticians” [read – a moron with “education”] will work out that the average American family consumes 2.3 litres of water per day, with x families in the states, equals x Tons per year. When they will sell only y Tons, they will blame it all on evil pirates, and legislate to have nano-transmitters placed in the water. Then, they will scan the sewage, to detect “liquid” with low nano-transmitter ratio, hence identify the homes buying (or collecting) generic water.

Before long, it will be mandated that a person has to shop at a pre-approved retailer, buying pre-approved goods, at pre-determined quantities. – Want to use less toilet paper – tough! You must purchase one roll a week.

Owner of the toilet paper manufacturer needs more money for another yacht? – It will be “scientifically proven”, lobbied, and legislated that you need to use two rolls per week!

You know I am right!

Compost your shredded bank statements today


free news paper

I have seen a “recycling” track chuck all the rubbish, including all the carefully separated recycling by my idio... err green neighbours into one container.

Security takes precedent, how much possible damage can shredded statements make? Even if you have 20 credit cards, 5 mobile phone bills, and say 50 other pages of sensitive information a month, that is still less than that of a free news paper thrown into the rubbish bin in London.

India acts to unravel yoga patents


prior art

Who cares about prior art? – there is a huge archive of patents from Soviet Union – examples include Light Emitting Diodes patented in the twenties, to all sorts of technologies “invented” and patented 50 years later in the US and the EU.

Obviously the patent office could not be expected to study archives of every single country, especially previously closed Moscow archives, however, there should be a simple online appeal possess to invalidate issued patents based on reputable evidence of prior art that would not involve a team of expensive lawyers. Shame that this will never happen, as it would “harm the commercial interests of taxpaying companies”

Premium rate TV quizzes subject to new, strict rules


Moron tax.

These quizzes are nothing more than a moron tax...

“Win a [something] – just tell us who was the first person on the moon, was it A) Armstrong, B) a monkey or C) a Dalek” call 09 number, £1.5 a minute.

Ooh! I know the answer! I better call quick and win!!!

Now, people who call when they see this deserve to get ripped off.

Latest AACS crack 'beyond revocation'


key on t-shirt

key on t-shirts?

PGP was "published" this way in the states if my memory serves me right...

BlackBerry finds Outlook 2007 an upgrade too many


Come on people, do not be ridiculous!

Come on people, do not be ridiculous!

I have suffered for years from the ineptitude of mobile phone software programmers.

First there was no support for office 2000, then 2003, now 2007.

Everybody knows that Microsoft will release a new office product every few years, every developer worth any professionalism has MSDN subscription, that subscription entitles you to beta versions of upcoming products, and as much documentation as you could possibly ever need.

It makes me laugh, when big companies cannot provide support for current market-leader software, when, one-man “3rd world” developers support everything long before it hits the shelves.

Examples are numerous, - most amusing is Sage – most of their crap is not working with Vista. Apparently, speaking to Sage support, it came as a surprise to them...

Police charge stripogram cop impersonator



The law is there for the right reason.

I can just picture some eastern-European “neckless” gentlemen perpetrating some kind of confidence fraud, dressed as police offers – and when challenged, saying that they are in fact strippers, and proving it by dancing to the tune of “you can leave your hat on” – with the real officers saying “all right then” and driving off to arrest council tax dodgers.

Pentagon 'hacker' questions US cost claims



If only $1,500 machine would cost $2,500 - more likley $25,000 for "secure" "compliant" terminal. shower heads cost the gov. £1,000 and "renting" plants costs £250,000 and then they tell us that the taxes are needed for schools and hospitals... yes, read - kickbacks.


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