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Linux weaktops poised for death by smartphone


You seem pretty sure

...you have the market demographics nailed. With a sample size of one surely there must be some doubt in your mind? Or are you just so c*ck sure?

I've never had the slightest interest in a smartphone - ever. Screen is too half-arsed to be useful, keyboard (if even present) is unusable, phone is too big to be carried everywhere as a phone. In short, for something that needs to be small and pocketable 99% of the time it fails 'cause its too big, and the other 1% of the time when you want to use it as a computer, it fails too because the keyboard and screen are next to f*ing microscopic.

Counter that with a weaktop - too little grunt to tackle 5% (10,20 or even 30% - I'm feeling generous) of the heavier workloads, but good enough for more than most things. Small enough to throw in a small bag (lets face it, even most smartphones don't site as easily in a pocket as the manufacturer would like it to) and with a screen and keyboard just big enough to get the job done.

You mentioned something about pitching the same thing over and over again (I don't have the words in front now, Reg comment system conveniently "hides" them while posting - must be a feature) until acceptance grows - colour me stupid but I think that's the smartphone market you're talking about.

I for one find a weaktop actually useful (yes I have, and I use one). Am I a lone exception, or possibly one in a demographic that may help to expain the recent success in this area? WTF?



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