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Pig plague and Twitter: The terrifying truth


How much panic can you get

if you pull in the Six degree of separation theory and say "You are only 6 people away from Swine Flu!!!!!!!!!!!"

Barclays heralds new wave of wallet-waving

Thumb Up

do they.....

get a big water flume installed at work so they can slide home and pay for things on the way?

If so, am sold!

Carphone Warehouse denies mass Linux Webbook recall



but I can understand why, I bought my webbook with Ubuntu and I have to say it wasn't the best setup I have ever seen. When you plug in the headphones the speakers would continue to play music, to get any kind of 3D rendering you need to hunt down the drivers.

Yes sure you could take the attitude "Well hunt for them and fix the problems" but you have to remember not everyone has an interest in computers they just use them because they have become pretty much a fact of life and if they forked out £240 for the laptop they want it to JUST WORK! (tm)

I think alot of people lose sight of this fact and just expect everyone else to know or want to know as much as they do.

If they were properly setup from the word go, with flashy compiz stuff(because lets be honest everyone loves eyecandy and if its on the webbook then WOW!). Then I bet there would be little returns

Well I love my Elonex Webbook but then I am just lucky I have a good network of friends who are gurus :P

and also this website: http://webbookblog.com/

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