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Vintage IBM tape drive in Apollo moon dust rescue


@Daniel B

A number of years ago I transferred many C64 progs from my 1541 5 1/2" drive to my Performa 6360 via 2 phone lines and a good 'ol ATDT command (and others, among which I've forgotten now) on my C64's 28.8k modem.. I don't see why that still wouldn't still work, providing you have 2 phone lines (or tie up a friend's phone line), a modem on the C-64, a fax/modem on the PC and a lot of time to spare for the transfers to complete. ;) Obviously, emulators for both the PC & Mac are numerous..

A couple of years ago I felt nostalgic and pulled the whole setup out of storage and my floppies were still readable.. I don't remember having any errors, surprisingly.

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