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Google Currents

Jack Klein

Great, especially since the update, but Meh for the UI

I have used Currents since day one, mostly on my original 7" Galaxy Tab (still Froyo). The increased speed of the latest update has improved it tremendously.

And yes, it is very attractive, but there are things to complain about with the UI...

The average Android phone screen size in the "developed world" is almost certainly over 4", like my old 4.1" Galaxy S, not to mention my new Galaxy Note at 5.3" and my 7" tab. So Android apps, other than maybe games and video players, that always hide the notification/status bar with no option to show it are just plain rude.

The 2-dimensional gray UI controls may have a trendy look, but they are a disaster. There is absolutely no visual feedback when they're pressed. On older, single core processors (like my tab), it can take several seconds for the "pick a destination" window to show up when you press the "Share" gizmo. But there's no visual change or highlight on the widget, so you sit there looking at the screen waiting, wondering if you actually hit the thing, or just missed it this time. Extremely user unfriendly.

And then there's the "Share" windows itself. Currents is one of a number of apps that ignore the system settings and default sharing app, and pops up its own list. I've installed the excellent "Andmade Share" and set it as the default sharing app. Most (well-behaved) apps use it. Ill-behaved apps, including Currents, show their own shafe window with Andmade as just one of the choices.

When you're looking for available news feeds, and scrolling through the list available in a catagory, there's no scroll bar with thumb to give you any idea of the size of the list, or your relative position in it.

I use currents daily, but I'd like it much better if they'd smarten up the UI by addressing issues like this.

And why isn't there a feed available from The Register???

'Completely useless' Windows 3.1 hits Google's Android

Jack Klein

Fact Check, Please


"Windows 3.1 added support for long file names, virtual memory, and the ability to share devices."

-- Long file names. Nope.

-- Virtual memory, yes, but not new in this version.

-- "share devices"? Can't agree or disagree, as I don't understand what that's supposed to mean.

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

Jack Klein

The trouble is...

...that you Brits don't speak no good nitedstates.

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