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.UK overseer Nominet abandons its own charitable foundation – and why this matters

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Re: Nominet benefits from stable annual revenue of £30m.

100% agree. What we need is for all Members to group together and protect OUR interests in Nominet.

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Re: Best Start-up Financial Advice -- Not unusual, unfortunately


The mobile phone as self-inflicted surveillance

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It wouldnt be so.........

bad if we in uk were Governed by a Government with morals and competence, but the fact is the Labour government dictators are FUCKING STUPID and when you look at likes of Hazel Bleary "dwarf" and David Milpede anyone with any savvy thinks to themselves "how the fuck do twats like this get to be in powee" .

Really there are not enough words to describe these people and thus I resort to 4 letters as it is how they make me feel. It perhaps might not be so bad if every time the taxpayer turns their backs these Labour thieves have their stinky hands in the till to pay for their "expenses".

Please, please ,please everyone can we all vote for a sensible moral party next time !!

Pink Floyd frontman backs McKinnon musical protest

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why are the US....

being allowed to extradite a UK citizen to face trial and a farcically long sentence in USA when in return the US gives us absolutely 0 (zero) ?. So many thing have been fucked up by the Labour Govt that words fail me but this really is a grossly unfair thing that is happening to McKinnon and it should be stopped. If he did wrong then he should be sentenced here in the UK, not shipped off to some far flung place to be sentenced to 70 years for simply embarrassing them.

Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power

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Read This !!

There is trouble down at DECC, the new Department for Energy and Climate Change, which is presided over by young Ed Miliband, brother of foreign secretary David.

As ever when Whitehall departments are split up and spliced together again in different formations so as to score political brownie points, there is a degree of chaos with officials still in different buildings and no doubt endless jockeying for position as to who should have the best jobs.

This time there is an added and much more serious dimension: nobody is sure whether DECC’s first aim should be to promote greenery or to keep the lights on. Apparently there is a battle between the environmental officials and the hard-headed energy people. The latter are led by the inestimable Willy Rickett, the man who privatised the electricity industry and who is described as having “a brain the size of the planet”.

“Willy will have explained to them that power is essential for the economy and windmills won’t provide enough of it – you need nuclear and fossil-fuelled power stations,” says one insider. “The trouble is these decisions should be taken by a heavyweight cabinet committee and not decided through internal arguments in one department.” Where of course, young Mr Miliband is caught in the middle.

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BERR's answer

This is the page that BERR referred to to answer the question how they are going to

fill the gap. Can anyone see the answer, I cannot;


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Time to get out of.....

Europe. I can see NOTHING at all that Europe has done for us and I think that we should now seriously consider getting out and staying as we were before, free from Europe.

It surely could not be worse ,and in fact may be much better.

For a start ,we should not be shutting down ANY power stations until Europe explains how

it is going to help the UK avoid such power shortages. Who is up for a demonstration

near Parliament ?

The good book: How to bet better online

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My boss.......

a long time ago, a Charles Ferraris who ran a Restaurant called the "Mad Hatter" , always said to

me that the only way to try and beat the Bookies was multiple bets, like Yankees, Super Yankees

etc ,as they hated multiple bets were they stand to gain little but stand to lose a lot. He is right. I did a £5 yankee ( 11 x £5 =£55) and got 3 winners and had about £6k running on last/4th

horse and that came 2nd a 1/2 length. If that had won at 5/1 back in 1979 they would have

been slaughtered. Best way, pick 4 horses and pay £11 for £1 Yankee and if you get 2 winners

you will at least recoup and if 3 then winning and 4 you can laugh all way to the Ban..... I mean matress.

Homosexuality does for UK blue duck population

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The Pope........

spoke out today ,he is also against gay Ducks (or was that "duckie") apparently.

Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning

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This Labour Government has got to

rank as the biggest bunch of self serving (i.e. serving themselves expenses from taxpayers money) arseholes that we have EVER had the displeasure to have in power. I do hope they all FOAD in 2010.

Rail workers get shirty with see-through blouses

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I would think

that business will increase 5 fold in this case,lol.

Man arrested in Indymedia animal extremism probe

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would be interested...

to know what grounds for arrest were in fact. Seems over the top and abuse of process. That Judge is an ass anyway.

Take a hammer to your hard drive, shrieks Which?

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yet ive got the best method...

give your hard drive to that NASA astronaut whose got "butter fingers" and tell her take a look

at your hard drive !. Bingo, lost in space.

Rebel Nominet director calls for the heads of Chairman and CEO

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Jim i'm on Board as well

Jim for sure I will vote with you on a resolution to get rid of Dilbert and Co. I think

myself that they are acting for BERR and have become busom buddies of

Mandelson's department so they can seek to get the Government involved.

What other PRIVATE company allows itself to be dictated to by the Government,

who are effectively seeking to be shadow directors through the back door.

I say call a vote of members and get rid of them both and soon as possible.

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