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Webcast quango: One-third of UK teachers are creationists

Andrew Fairhead

thinking straight!

Well, its really interesting to read some of the comments here! How come we are so ready to dismiss that God created the world?

None of us were there at the beginning,yet we seem so eager to have concluded that everything came about by any means other than acknowledging God did it. Why is that?

Lets look at things from another angle.

Having seen that The Bible and the existence of God has been all but banished from our schools (especially State), where does that leave us as a society today?

Can we honestly say that our society is healthier?

Sadly the rot has been going on for 3 or more generations.

Breakdown in society and Families is greater now.........

Indeed, not only has The Bible and acknowledgement of God been almost banished from opur schools, but certainly from the media, and most of those who carry any authority in society, including Teacher Training Colleges.

Some may conclude that The Bible is a restraining influence on life and thought. Well, may be it is, but in a good way...to keep us from harming ourselves and others.

However, it is also a very liberating book, as any serious reader of it would tell you.

And from one comment I saw, the person thought that morality is still possible without God.

That is true as far as conscience allows it, and of course conscience is put there by God.

Apart from God, there is no possibility of morality.

Who would set the standards....? Who has any right to administer whatever forms of morality were deemed to be suitable?

As soon as you apply man's rationale to our human condition, it falls down, and that is what is happening.

Far better to accept God's verdict and solution. Its the only safe way........ satisfying to us and honouring to God.

We leave God out of our thinking at our peril.

Andrew Fairhead

Andrew Fairhead


I read yesterday all the comments made here about the matter of creation in schools.

It is a sad reflection on our country that there should be such venom against the Teaching of Creation. After all, it is the record of The Bible.

It must be said that since we have all but managed to eliminate the Bible and Teaching of Christianity (NOT RE), from our schools as well as the media, we have not improved as a society.

Weigh up the crime and general behaviour of some children and young people (not always their fault, but their partents and teachers)....and its clear that somethinmg is badly missing.

Its not religion we need, but the genuine basis of Christian teaching and behaviour.

This may be why there is such vehement oposition to some 'faith' schools (of the Christian kind) from some people including sadly the Sec of State for schools.

If there is failure at the top, it will be repeated all the way down. Hence the standards of achievement, behaviour and general morality are so low, and we are debased as a country.

This is linked to the teaching of Creation (some variableness in this is accepted), because if we dirtch it, we are basically ditching the Bible and the God of The Bible.

Unfortunately, although those who espouse the ditching of Creation/God/The Bible think they are gaining freedom from being in subjugation, in actual fact the opposite is true. We are and have been sucked into a vortex of slavery to self and what we want or think is right. Thus no one has any 'right or authority' to say us nay.

Creation gets us started at the beginning of The Bible (Genesis=beginnings), and if we begin to follow things through, we'll see it makes a lot more sense than, the speculation of evolution or guessing about what may or may not have occured.

Surely its better to believe Someone who was there, and all the 100's of 'speculators' who were not!

In any event, true science will never duck true enquiry or be afraid to accept what is found, nor is true science against how The Bible describes things. The Bible is not a scientific text book, but nor is it UN scientific. Anyway, who created science..etc?

Andrew Fairhead

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